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‘I’m A Very Stable Genius,’ President Donald Trump Says As NATO Summit Ends | NBC News

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  1. Raven_Nicole's_ World says:


  2. Michael Thompson says:


  3. Mike Btrfld says:

    He's unpresidented

  4. L Cade says:

    I'm not standing next to him but I feel like hiding when I listen to the words popping out of his mouth!

  5. Big Wasabi says:

    Oh ok . Let’s just send these fools home and keep them banned from Europe . It’s not structurally safe either because of the added weight load and the ongoing insults that nobody has time for . Finland and Russia will deal with this complete fool delegation soon and I don’t see anybody wanting to have anything to talk with the US about in the future . It’s at a level
    So low you can have it . But again there is an extremist warning here and this is extremism so don’t underestimate the danger . Also this fat gross du is drugged up and boozed up and it’s unsafe to hav him enter any civilized democracy

  6. Ox Alek says:

    When you let deadbeats get away with it too long, it becomes an ‘entitlement’. Time to pay up.

  7. cstuff says:

    dotard still hasn't been told how NATO works…so sorry for an embarrassment like the dotard insulting our allies.

  8. tirpitz19 says:

    My horse stable is looking for its genius.

  9. Jimmy Key says:

    Best president ever.

  10. CarlVanDoren says:

    LOL, Trump still makes me laugh, nut wrong that!!!

  11. Eazy Street says:


  12. jerry Miller says:

    He says we pay for 90% of NATO. A 1 minute Google search tells you, that's another lie, we pay for 22% of NATO. Do you Trumpturds really think he's constantly lying to US for Our benefit?

  13. D Sanchez says:

    I am a very stable genius. What a weird accusation to make about yourself. No stable genius has ever said that ever.

  14. the north ! says:

    Think he had too much kokain…..

  15. The Dude says:

    Trump said his #1 goal overall is WORLD PEACE – NBC lost that one.

  16. Monkey The Guru says:


  17. Lloyd Clement says:

    The interesting part of this is that American taxpayers are now getting enlightenment on what happens with their tax dollars, and it isn't pretty.

  18. Jimmy Key says:

    Trump will finally fix this . About time .

  19. Francis Bacon says:

    The audio is very low

  20. Polarbear 123 says:

    He is such a joke.

  21. Nima A. says:

    Did you and don't do it again.. lol

  22. Azman Ibrahim says:

    I would have asked, "Which, or what stable, sir?"

  23. Valerie Paulsen says:

    Dear God. This yokel thinks he rules the world.

  24. Bill Barnden says:

    He's trolling the lefty msm and it's great to watch

  25. Incipit says:

    'I'm a very stable genius'

    I don't think he knows the difference between stable and stupid.

  26. PalmerEldritch666 says:

    Stable genius – good one Trump. good joke……Lickin Putin's piles will be the easiest of them all.

  27. Tina Shaarda says:

    I couldn’t love him more! ❤️🇺🇸🦅

  28. Rhinorawk X says:

    Very stable genius, his IQ is 130 so that is genius level IMHO

  29. TheKnightWho SaysNi says:

    Ah yes, the stable genius who's casino went broke, he went bankrupt (saved by his inheritance), and rubbish businessman. If he'd put his money in a savings account for the interest he'd have made more more than he has. That folks is a fact, look it up (unless you're one of those who don't do facts and truth).

  30. BundesRepublic Murica says:

    Stable genius or corrupt turd?

  31. Perry Callas says:

    Maybe he's a horse: https://youtu.be/anP6MLh9eEU

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