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Hypersonic weapons: US not ready for Russia and China threat – TomoNews

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  1. AssTitties says:


  2. Jack Burton on the Porkchop Express says:

    This is nothing new, and her comment about the u.s. striking first is just idiotic beyond belief

  3. It is me m8! says:

    hopefuly russia invades america


    If you call your latest weapon "Satan" does that not make you the baddies?

  5. NonzeroKnight68 Woods says:

    Looks the General has some orders to give about a hypersonic weapon and hypersonic weapon defenses

  6. Chris Nothing says:


  7. Amazon Prime says:

    If you noticed, no one has seen the actual new-aged-weapons Russia claims to have. They are all just animations of the weapons, more like cold war bluff.

  8. jd899 says:

    Isn't the US developing hypersonic weapons as well?

  9. R1_Rebe1 says:

    These are clear violations of the START treaties!

  10. KyberDragon ! says:

    Destroy a area the size of Texas, Oh Frick!

  11. Joe Quinn says:

    We say that we need to upgrade (not true) we are moor advanced

  12. Alex A says:

    Hey guys when you put the blue screen it didn't show then it showed

  13. err0r says:


  14. Clem Grakata says:

    Rail guns?

  15. james ohara says:

    If these bloodthirsty Warmongers believe they have a game changer then go for it!, use it or loose it!.

  16. DARK ENERGY says:

    Indians will be very jealous here…. lolll

  17. PUNK Scrafty says:

    I'm slowly realizing Tomo news is just slowly decensored old Japanese media that has kept me behind on world events for too long xD

  18. KitCat CandyPony says:

    It was nice knowing yall

  19. Sheryl Crusco says:

    I hope Russia and China DIE

  20. Anouck Van Den Berg says:

    Typical warmongering bully tactics with strike first. like I said many times america has been doing this from day one since the natives welcomed the settlers even helped them and they slaughter most of the population to take the land. you are a plague to world peace and the biggest hypocrites with your do as we say not as we do. Again bullies you are not the greatest and your not world police. You are the ones should be forced to denuclearize before you start ww3 .

  21. FutureOfAFox says:

    Russia wow

  22. Glenn Mulvey says:

    If this were true the use would still win because we are number one

  23. pyro tech303 says:


  24. John michael Mondejar says:

    There's no winner from the very beginning after the nuclear war or ww3 the radiation cover the whole world it's like killing themselves 😅😅😅😥😥😥

  25. Zeleniak says:

    HAHAHA SESTROY AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Buster-Pony says:

    here am i, waiting for war

  27. Earth-Chan says:

    Attacking Russia will end with Sealand

  28. Old Foot stool says:

    If you say unless they shoot it off in the few months I'm not going to be here

  29. green boy says:

    Obama made us weak

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