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Hume: Barbara Bush was person of ‘enormous character’

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  1. mikemoair says:

    bummer day for the Bush family

  2. Procommenter says:

    Barbara Bush took the kitten from the butcher. “You'll not butcher this kitten!” She exclaimed forcefully. The butcher looked at her with steely eyes. “I will kill that kitten and drink its blood!” He said. “Hold on there a minute!” George Bush hollered. “My wife will kill you if I tell her to.” Barbara lifted her leg to scratch where it was itchy when Jeb walked in. “What's going on?” Jeb asked. “This butcher thinks that he can butcher kittens in front of me!” Barbara explained. “That's not right!” Jeb whimpered. Barbara took Jeb's manly hand. “Son,” she whispered, “your father and I have always been deeply in love with each other a lot.” Jeb looked Barbara directly in her eyes. “I know, Mother, but I have the hots for wetback women.”

  3. Pisstrooper pan shaker says:

    The Bush's are scum . Gtfoh.

  4. its me says:

    she was married to a scum bag…….all those years…..what does that say?………

  5. Joe Annroy says:

    BB was a dude

  6. Joe Annroy says:

    Tucker the Shmucker!!

  7. Allan Halldorson says:

    No matter how good a person is, they lose all their blessings when they accept the satanic choice on earth. She will be judged accordingly like all evil is.

  8. YoYo32071 says:

    That was one ugly ass demon woman..

  9. Samuel Stag says:

    if she had enormous character she should have divorced a WAR CRIMINAL.
    both her husband and son laid down the conditions for total CHAOS in the middle east
    and the death and displacement of millions…
    We should all now forget who she was connected to and cry crocodile tear???
    As Jesus said "Let the dead bury their own dead"
    let the NEO CON GLOBALISTS bury their own
    and cry those crocodile tears for her..
    I have figure out a long time ago that this life is RIGGED by the most powerful
    and see that manifested again and again with all the lemmings pouring out their condolences
    for a woman who supported men that destroyed the lives of millions!

  10. Ian macdonald says:

    This is one thing that people with different political viewpoints can agree on. The Bushes suck. Fox News love these contemptible elitist people and regular people don't.

  11. Ian macdonald says:

    My favourite Hume sound bite is where he says Barbara Bush could never get enough of George H Bush. She was insatiable. Hume is quite the little Bushaphile.

  12. Judy S. says:

    She was like The Queen Mother, Elizabeth. Lived almost as long.

  13. Judy S. says:

    Reading some of these comments. below. Malice is unlimited.

  14. unknown661 says:

    fuck this dead bitch, one less elite trash

  15. Free 1 says:

    ELITE DEVIL!!!👹👹👹

  16. Cha Cann says:

    They keep referring to this mf as "she" and "her". We all know the MF is a MAN!!!

  17. Cheryl Schultz says:

    I hope all will be revealed and nothing left out. So much said on the child abuse has been stated. If true give it light otherwise let peace prevail.

  18. scrumsey says:

    Look at all the Leftist Hate. Glad not to be in your Party, or on your side.

  19. Claudia K says:

    Good lord, what a joke; you cannot make it so, Brit, by saying it. Babs was an enabler of her hubby's sexual assaults and pedophilia we can only speculate re whether it his sons and granddaughters); stood by him though he was a dastardly NWO liar and war criminal; stood by him when he learned that Shrub was planning to down a plane to kill his daddy and George W found did not take the plane (not telling Shrub, meaning the plane crashed anyway and killed all; and participated in assassinating Pres. Kennedy and likely many others. How many people died so that she could have their harvested organs in order to reach 92? And then there was Barbara's famous (willed ignorant rich B and lacking any empathy)thinking after the geoengineered Katrin and suffering of all those too poor to leave who were huddled and suffering in "centers" that took them in after the disaster, i.e., "Barbara Bush Calls Evacuees Better Off," NYT, Sept.. 7, 2005

  20. sajid akram says:

    Her rapist senile husband was just caught molesting women from his chair. They claimed he's senile. This witch wanted her other monster son to be president too. So that means she agrees with her terrorist families war crimes. Shell be linking for mercy right this moment

  21. Tommy Gunz says:

    she knows who killed jfk

  22. MR K says:

    My first thought was, her POWER came from SATAN, or God? Seriously! Old dirty money can buy cheap tricks of strength but REAL strength is in a person who fears God like Melania!

  23. Lightkeeper says:

    I cannot believe these stupid journalists are praising this woman. What is wrong with these people?

  24. E Kop says:

    E N F O R C E R

  25. peter van says:

    "enormous character", maybe, but not of good character.
    This is the woman who said on Good Morning America, March 18, 2003 (Day before the Iraq invasion): "Why should we hear about body bags and death? I mean, it's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind, on something like that?"
    Does that sound like a beautiful mind or a good character?

  26. C.M. A.G. says:

    R.I.P. Mrs Bush

    Let's all send emails to Fresno State asking them to fire the disgusting professor!
    Email the President: [email protected]

  27. Rev. J. Roger Allen says:

    I love the entire Bush family. They are decent and civilized people. Unlike most of the people making comments here.

  28. Melissa Denbo says:

    Wow there are come vile and evil people in this comment section. May God have mercy on your souls.

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