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Huge Win For Trump As North Korea Keeps Its Promises

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  1. Top of top says:

    The whole Korean. Leadership should be taken out and replaced.

  2. Ristar85 says:

    dont worry, America can be counted on to break every promise, contract and treaty.

  3. Tez Talks Truth says:

    Jason!! Great broadcast. This station is by far the most centered there is. You tell it like it is, left or right. Great reporting!!!

  4. Laurence Friedman says:

    Yeah and I will continue to comment that this is all part of a much larger plan. From Trump's decision to run for president to 'rocket man' comments to the edging closer to the full exposure of the deep state and his recent criticism of the federal reserve. You can criticise Trump for particular steps that he takes all you like, but if you cannot see the bigger picture, you're missing out on the most incredible story in the history of the US – no that's not an exaggeration. Believe what you want, but there is no longer any doubt that there is an international takedown of the NWO agenda.

  5. dricroc p says:

    Great job!

  6. xMOSEScb says:

    Jesus Christ, Jason. Wash your fuckin face.

  7. people power says:

    I'm a trump supporter and I have always found your channels reporting balanced

  8. DTuned says:

    Promises kept but when will we break our promises and screw this up?

  9. DTuned says:

    MSM just itching for another war. Oh well, on to Iran

  10. Wikardo Kado says:

    Fuck MSNBC! Ive seen one person who went North Korea and recorded everything. Its has very beautiful sight.

  11. Max Racini says:

    It's a shame Jason. that you blurted out that you are in no way a Trump supporter a few videos ago. Big mistake when you are selling the independent news broadcaster card without bias. Perceptions are everything and maintaining a neutral position, and not broadcasting your personal political bias, as a broadcaster, would have maintained your unbiased reporting credibility. Why do you have to mention this? are you frightened to put off possible liberal supporters. Who you support or don't is irrelevant.

  12. holdmybeer says:

    I want that "Politics Is Not A Team Sport" shirt. maybe on payday ๐Ÿ˜€ I just got a new job and will finally be out of extreme poverty.

  13. Roc Roc says:

    Great job!

  14. Xtremedia01 says:

    Trump need to reciprocate with removing some sanctions to build trust and belief because Kim recently told his people in a rather pessimistic way that the road ahead would be tough. And is doubting the US would stick to its deal.

  15. m9 345 says:

    i think trump played this whole thing really well. he showed kim respect and kim must know if he break his promise he will surely be decimated.

  16. Sane Independent says:

    If you are a liberal and you care about the environment you don't want these war games either.

  17. ElijahJohn888 says:

    the Clintons are living proof that u can get away with
    murder or should i say MULTIPLE MURDERS @ LEASE
    UNTIL THEY FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THE LIVING & TRUE FOR JUDGMENT ๐Ÿ™‚ ~Maranatha~ the Clintons are living proof that u can get away with
    murder or should i say MULTIPLE MURDERS @ LEASE

  18. Strum Soldier says:

    Keep up the great work, don't ever change.

  19. SlumberMachine says:

    Thanks for the honest reporting. It's not about left right, it's about good vs evil.

  20. Monstruo Bohemio says:

    Bring peace with Iran, now we talking,

  21. jeannephilipp says:

    It's called diplomacy… and Kim Jong Un is much smarter than a DemoKKKrat… PEACE IS GOOD… and we don't want innocent civilians being killed… the war on ISIS is unfortunately different… they use Guerilla tactics and innocent civilians as shields… collateral damage is inevitable…

  22. Roger Theil says:

    Give peace a chance, amiright liberals?

  23. Soupbones says:

    And Im no Trump supporter either, but he is attempting the same thing with Russia. Russia has been made the arch enemy of the USA for decades, but right now China is sneaking up behind everyone to try and dominate then world. Is Trump making peace with Russia so they can help them stave off China? Who are circling the western world like a hungry shark, buying up real estate and giving smaller governments huge cash loans which in the the future they will come back and claim on? We are change, have a look what is happening in the South Pacific Islands with China giving those island nations millions to build infrastructure. Millions these nations simply will never be able to pay back.

  24. Jason Waite says:

    Trump didn't "win this", North Korea was already deregulating, as the business community and black market was already thriving. What was having amongst the country, had NOTHING to do w/the Statist Kim Jung Ill cronies and co. Listen to Jim Rogers, billionaire "adventure Capitalist" for another view point on this situation. Nevertheless, I still love your coverage We Are Change!

  25. ั€ัƒััะบะธะน says:

    It amazes me that WeAreChange have been around for what, 15 years now? And your audio is still shit. Sort it out FFS

  26. Sean Murphy says:

    This changes literally nothing? Wtf wrc….wr need real news not this bullshit

  27. Goldfrog's Smart Phones Shop says:

    Hopefully their souls will witness the end of the war in peace, soon.

  28. stangeriam says:

    such a people fall for any of the mainstream narratives is mind boggling

  29. Joe Public says:

    Thank-you guys. I'm not sure if it's my perception or your reporting, (poss. both) but either way the balance in your reports & uploads have improved dramatically since my last critical comment of 2 wks ago.

    Now when you do a positive Trump piece I can see it as that & when there's a mixed bag report (cos Trump is a mixed bag) it is handled pretty even handedly these days. Well done to you both & thank-you again.

  30. Joe Public says:

    Can you believe these people.? If you shared a border with a country who held annual 'beach-head landings' with an allied invasion force collaboration of your nearest neighbour & the world's only remaining military superpower & you as the leader of your country didn't see those actions as provocative, then you probably won't see the internal coup coming either.

    Man how stupid is their audience.???

  31. Joe Public says:

    I'm loving your work again Jason.! That is the Jason I remember from the Loose Change days shining through. Good good man.!

  32. Squirrelmaster88 says:

    How's reunification of the peninsula gonna happen now though if North Korea isn't a run-away state held captive by a family, but a recognized state by a super power. Not like Kim's gonna step down or become and elected president of a united Korea. I thought our official position was that N.Korea was held hostage, that there was simply a 'Korea' and this family with an army messing that up. Is N.Korea gonna later become a trading partner and get a seat at the UN, NATO, ect. That'd be great but, do they or don't they have concentration camps?

  33. branden burks says:

    I commend both leaders for working towards peace with each other but I think it would be incredibly foolish for North Korea to denuclearize. Never trust the United States. NEVER EVER make a deal with the United States and expect the United States to honor their word.

  34. choosetolivefree says:

    I guess you guys went from setting an example by confronting those in power over their lies and corruption to becoming a basic news site. Too bad. I think that confrontation formula was one of the best examples you could set. We definitely need more Americans off their asses and in the faces of corrupt politicians

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