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HIV in Canada: Why haven’t we beaten HIV/AIDS?

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  1. Evan Sales says:

    Why haven't we cured HPV? HSV? Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis? Why do people still get any STI's?

  2. Dunning Kruger says:

    Because there is more money in you and I being sick.

  3. Jamar Murphy says:

    Canada needs to do more.

  4. Teo Tagle says:

    First can u stop human for having sex? 2nd can they wear condom? 3rd hiv/AIDS doesnt bother this people until they get em’. I know some people online are even looking for them to have hiv. Unbelievable but its true. Its very contradicting to most people should they hook up and potentially get hiv or stay home safe? They can have sex and use condom but they dont like it. Theres alot of things to avoid it now that we are knowledgeable enough compare to 90s. Its the question of do they want to protect vs. unprotected sex. They have an option. But did they choose the option? Why its growing?

  5. Drastick 3 6 9 says:

    It was created by the government they already know how to shut down your immune system when they do surgery it's the same thing as the HIV aids virus case closed it's been proven people just need to wake up and do their own research

  6. Alexander Wesner says:

    It was designed to kill..why would they want to change that…yes it was made by us.

  7. Alexander Wesner says:

    All part of a uegenics program bill gates….al ģore Soros on and all say too many people on the planet so look no cure and vaccines for all babies….hmmmmm

  8. Sandra Nelson says:

    Education, education, education. In the lower grades of school. Knowledge is the best weapon, the earlier the better. Anyone can get HIV or another STD through ignorance. If parents can't talk about it, there should be public info available that can be given to preteens. This is not a religious or morals issue, it's about health and safety. Would you let your child be driven around without a seatbelt? No, because that's stupid. Letting your child go into the world without knowing how their body works is stupid too.

  9. F C says:

    Very good Journalism. Keep it up…….

  10. Fuzzy Camel says:

    The current pharmaceutical oligopoly overseeing the rationing of healthcare can't cure anything, they can't cure a simple cold. Break your back? You get a chair with wheels for the rest of your life. Talk to any MBA in the drug industry, they'll tell you flat out curing disease is a BAD business model. More money in 'treatments'. So, the market is flooded with all sorts of treatments to mask the symptoms the body has as it dies. So much is wrong with this HIV CBC piece.

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