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Health Ranger / Natural News Accountability Report

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  1. Truly says:

    I only buy from Health Ranger! They are the best products I have ever come across!💓

  2. Vicky Villeneuve says:

    You are back? When were you released from social media prison?
    Glad to see you again. Hope this is you.

  3. Mona Lisa says:

    Please develop and provide a reasonably priced soil test for glyphosate and other harmful chemicals.
    At present, a glyphosate soil test is approximately $200.

  4. chad sputnik says:

    Maybe look into testing orgonite?

  5. Mark Madlock says:

    do ya thang mike . KC YASHARAHLA has ur back. we are starting a program to teach the homeless to produce food in our own communities. MOST HIGH bless u

  6. Little Blessings says:

    Hi Mark, just wondering your thoughts on 5g WiFi. I use it i n my home

  7. Chinesehealthfitnes1 says:

    Thanks Mike! You're continuing to do awesome work. I'm glad to be/been one of your independent writers for natural news. Can't wait till gets up and running.

    Thanks again for all the great things your doing with honor and integrity that's all too rare in this world today!

  8. Willypod Nonsense says:


  9. Revolver Sam says:

    I didn't realize this channel was back! Yay 🙂

  10. barry chadd says:

    Running ads during the casts didn't work out?

  11. Kathleen Fuller says:

    I look forward to a new platform. May God Bless your work. I would be interested in learning a work around for the following: I don't even want to use Google anything anymore. I went to make an online purchase and the second I clicked on "purchase" I got a text and a box popped up on my laptop saying if I wanted to use my card ending in ** to get the code from the text I just received. I have always been careful not to allow Google to automatically use any of my information; I don't know how they pulled that off. The next day, I received texts asking me to write a review about the place I just left; there were three that day. On top of that, Gas Buddy app. was letting me know how many miles I had driven. All of this in less than 24 hours. I uninstalled Gas Buddy, but not sure how to get away from Google on my phones. I have an Android and an iPhone, and I plan to get an old-fashioned map. Any ideas on how to keep my privacy would be appreciated and I am sure I am not the only one that would like help in this area.

  12. Laahchwath Rhonda says:

    Thanks for this wonderful report it's great may God bless and keep you in his care always, keep up the great work 😊🙏✌🏽👍

  13. gerald esparza says:

    Thank you Mike. How about lol Seriously, you are an important news source. 👍

  14. Theresa Ellis says:

    Thank You for tranparent and honest oversight..your hard work is appreciate

  15. Theresa Ellis says:

    this real dot video is going to be amazing for true news and info finally breaking the mold that will no longer bind us…

  16. Bill Rader says:

    Enjoy your thoughts brother.

  17. Shane w says:

    Do you have any plans to start selling beetroot powder?

  18. WatchingMyLifeFlashB says:

    As usual, YouTube says 18 comments, yet shows none.

  19. Albert Frederick says:


  20. Dagoose Krishna says:

    DAMN! Mike is is SO dedicated to freedom, he’s dropped $1Million so far into REAL.VIDEO. SALUTATIONS Health Ranger!

  21. Pablo Descartes says:

    Why am I unable to read comments on my android? I'll try pc, just seems odd w/ all ytubs previous censorship bs.

  22. oldirtyshinobi says:

    Fuggn LEGEND, thanks for all your work brotha!

  23. Mei Collins says:

    with your connections, working along with other channels with your beliefs would go a long way stop the poisoning of this planet. I couldn't say more. but they would put a stop my comments as been done be for.

  24. Ericka Alexander says:

    Can you make something for pool maintenance that is safe and not clorox? Ty

  25. Hoky Poky says:

    OMG – THX for what you're doing, sounds like, because of your efforts, dedication, time, $$$ and heart etc., we the people will stand a much better chance of winning the coup and restoring the Republic!

    Day by day the censorship on the other platform is getting more onerous. I'm at the point where, at the end of the day I realize the majority of my time has been taken up in trying to access my trusted sites, and with Current content. It seems like what keeps coming up is years old stuff w/ today's date on it.

    I was at least partially awake, into healthy food and natural medicine by the late 1980's so I'm not worried about me or those like me but people who are new to the things going on today must have easy access to real news and information.

    The internet is the new Gutenberg Press – thank God it became available just in time! Don't ya just love it when a plan comes together!
    God Bless you and yours Mike!

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