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Harith Augustus shooting body camera footage

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  1. Donut Operator says:

    Reports are stating that he did have an FOID card, which DOES NOT allow you to conceal carry:

  2. The American Patriot says:

    Wow, look at that, full on belt with holster and spare magazine. Wow.

  3. Veldtian1 says:

    What the fuck was that egomaniac thinking; 'I'ma gonna lay ya'all out juss lemme git ma…'

  4. Nathaniel Shelnutt says:

    Why can't I read comments?

  5. Visinedrip ็ says:

    remember that it is always a smart move to pull a firearm out on officers of the law

  6. JUGoWATER says:

    R A C I S T


  7. Jack o says:

    "Protesters" aka (Rioters) And he clearly was clawing at that gun. End of story.

  8. Joe Fish says:

    He was clearly going for his gun. Not that matters to the rioting 'we want free shit' crowd. Facts dont matter.

  9. David Martin says:

    Does nobody care that he was blatantly j-walking? How many cars are damaged every year by people springing into traffic from between parked cars.

  10. BaronRogoff1 says:

    Wow, those shooting statistics tell me these protesters aren't very good at math.

  11. fuiwfnb nufjehnfojui says:

    I can already hear the arguments that go on about how with so many officers they didn't just overpower him or some stupid shit like he was trying to fix his waistband. I would like to see them sit there and not do shit while he attempts to pull a weapon. CONCLUSIONS PEOPLE, learn to hold off on making them until you have all the evidence.

  12. JH Fowler says:

    He went for the gun and got the Officers attention! RIP Moron.

  13. US Airborne says:

    What is the outromusic

  14. bk138 ST says:

    If you run from the cops and reach for your gun you're going to have a bad time

  15. John Wanderin says:

    I resisted, I reached, I was shot…

    How do you say that in Latin?

  16. Minnesota Guy says:

    Another piece of trash was taken out.

  17. M Luka says:

    Oh my god, I hope the police car wasn't hit

  18. Yeezys’ R’Gay says:

    Sad that a black man’s biggest threat is another black man. Let’s be honest that’s why he had it on him, not white police.

  19. James Gall says:

    As an Illinois resident with a CCL, I am upset that the BLM protesters are trying to justify this kid carrying that gun, saying he was "licensed to have it" – like our FOID and CCL are somehow the same thing. Even if he did have a CCL, he would've needed a separate license to carry from the city, and even that wouldn't have exempted him from the consequences of drawing his weapon (or trying to) on police. Good riddance to another POS causing trouble in our city.

  20. James Gall says:

    It says in bold red text at the bottom of our FOID's "Caution: This card does NOT permit the bearer to UNLAWFULLY carry or use firearms. This does not authorize the carrying of a concealed weapon." And it pisses me off that (as usual) the BLM activists are crying foul and saying this kid was wrongfully shot because he had a license. Except – he didn't. And they know he didn't. But as usual they're trying to twist the truth in anyway possible to make this into what they WANT IT TO BE, which is a racist police force executing an innocent black boy. Getting really tired of this level of dishonesty.

  21. Jay Johnson says:

    The black lives matter people can go to hell he deserved it.

  22. John Tee says:

    Great job by those officers

  23. Ryan OCal says:

    1517 people have been shot and killed in Chicago alone? That's crazy. Protesting the police isn't going to help, they need more police in that city.

  24. King Dread says:


  25. Michael quataert says:

    Wow he had a pretty nice set up an actual holster and an extra mag.

  26. Famine2k says:

    If you try and draw on an already drawn gun… You are going to have a bad day.

  27. ohy says:

    I dont get why people dont comply. Guy had his firearms license apparently yet wasnt allowed to carry. If he complied said yeah hes carrying and gun and let the cops do what they gotta do sure he might be in some reasonable trouble for it, but he wouldnt be dead. He definitely tried to draw his gun but the holster was connected to his loose pants and so when he tried to pull the gun up and out it just pulled his pants and holster up with it and didnt come out.

  28. Drew Baglin says:

    Hey what we really need to be focusing on is that he had a proper holster and mag pouches.

  29. Chris says:

    Holy crap the F are people protesting about, dude was kitted out like Rambo and readying up for a 360 no-scope on 4 police officers. What the actual do you even expect, sympathy? Should the police officers have let him take a few shots first to be good sports about it? Was it unfair that they shot him instead of politely asking him to decline from shooting them? Anyone defending this is a downright idiot. There's nothing to defend here.

  30. Marco Anaya says:

    Smoked him like a cheap cigar.

  31. Clown rock'n'roll says:


  32. The Clutch Nation says:

    Clean shot

  33. sRm says:

    Can't say he dindu nuffin … he was clearly reaching for the pistol.

  34. NintendoGuy5 says:

    Officer notices bulge OwO what's thi- GUN, GUN, GUN!

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