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Hannity: Setting the record straight about Michael Cohen

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  1. Phead128 says:

    Hannity claims to have asked Cohen for "real estate advice". A smart man like Hannity should ask a lawyer that specializes in real estate. Cohen specializes in paying hush money to mistresses and protect rich immoral people.

  2. Gottenhimfella says:

    Hannity "sets the record straight" Yeah, he's as straight as a drunken one-armed trannie pole-dancing on a corkscrew in the sleeziest lounge of a converted top-heavy Russian ex- icebreaker in Bering Strait, beam onto a 12m swell. If that.

  3. William Dixon says:

    Hannity sucks, plain and simple as that. Distorts the truth with lies. A good spokesman for uneducated people.

  4. EyFmS says:

    Wow american politics are so much fun :D. Hello from Canada!

  5. Woody Woodlstein says:

    Sean lives off of welfare.

  6. Woody Woodlstein says:

    As if we didn’t already know Sean was a slime ball. Now the whole story is coming out. He’s a welfare queen.

  7. R2D2 SL says:

    Fuc** hipocrits

  8. T Tana says:

    Sean Hannity is awesome !! 🙂

  9. JAZ 530 says:

    None of what you showed indicated that the "mainstream" media was wildly speculating about anything. You're an idiot and the sooner you get off the air, the sooner Fox News can try and repair their image as a legitimate news source.

  10. Paul Mooney says:

    He should have disclosed his interests in this matter, end of story.

  11. Trent Timoy says:

    This snake pit skank-HO had no connection to Cohen YET he defended his nasty whore ass Every single night on that pathetic show. so sad

  12. sjmcgra says:

    Well that wasnt annoying af Hannity Hannity Hannity ok sean they said your name alot there i wonder why

  13. I O says:

    The edit of all the news outlets repeating "Sean Hannity" was not good. Who strung that together, and gave it the go ahead? That's something you would see on a show for children, not a news site….

  14. Zebrom says:

    fire this POS

  15. twain103 says:

    A WHOLE 1:15 of newspeople mouthing your name?PLEASE.Hannity went on a tirade about Mueller & his witch hunt,NEVER saying : OH,BY THE WAY I'M ONE OF COHEN'S CLIENTS. I guess theres NO paper work tying you to Michael Cohen?WHERE are the cries of:FAKE NEWS?

  16. Joel Vorensky says:

    Sean take a 12 step program. When are you going to get it? Get real Sean! It's not the media Sean. It's you!

  17. William Dixon says:

    Any news should be REAL and only report the facts, Hannity is guilty is mixing facts with false hoods. Having a very weak Democrat try to defend their views.
    get Burnie Sanders or Eliz Warren on and then you:ll see a debate

  18. Jackie Turner says:

    There sure is a lot of people here that are either lefty loonies or just want 15 minutes of fame. If I don't like a show I just change the channel. I've never seen this much name calling since the 3rd grade in the playground. Lol

  19. Penn Naame says:

    I want to see him get hate effed by Max Hardcore lol. That would be newsworthy. Big empty ass headed fool. Wow.

  20. 100 Mil says:

    You got exposed bruh. deal with the consequences.

  21. jonathan hurley says:

    Off subject but….why has there been no interest in Clinton and HER Russian ties which interfered GREATLY with the election. Also, my God the Russians gave her $145,000,000! I am beyond confused. I think $145,000,000 would be enough to sway a money-grabber like Hillary…and her opinion,yes?

  22. David Bowen says:

    Okay can even one of you explain why Sean Hannity having Cohen as a lawyer matters? Why it actually matters? Does Cohen legally practice law with a license? Yes? Okay so it is legal to have him represent you, got it.

    Does sharing a lawyer with Trump necessarily mean evil shady things are afoot? No, not necessarily? Okay.

    Does Cohen's representation necessarily mean there's shady coverups and unethical dealings going on willy nilly? No, not necessarily?

    You see where I am going with this. So what's this all about then?

  23. 12newbeginning says:

    Hannity, you are and have always been full of shit. You are a part of the media you idiot.

  24. Mr Strange says:

    Why does Michael Cohen look like droopy? What’s wrong with his face? Is he on drugs? Is he on the spectrum? Why does trump keep picking these dumb lawyers(Giuliani and Cohen)?! Trump needs to stop picking weak idiots! REMEMBER BETA CHUB SEAN SPICER?! WORST PRESS SECRETARY EVER! Glad Sarah sanders replaced him! Trump needs to learn how to pick better quality people! If he did, most of his preventable scandals would be nothing. Trump either knows who he’s picking and wants the media to freak out, or he’s dumb and picks dumb clowns that blab too much on tv or Is sloppy with payments(Cohen). Damn! I want trump to succeed, but he keeps hurting himself. I want trump to be strong and clean in that the crazy libtards and media won’t be able to credibly attack him. But he keeps giving them reason and options to attack.

  25. Joseph Kappas says:

    There’s been all kinds of wild speculation of you having your tongue so far up the trump Administration’s butt hole

  26. What Next says:

    Trump is a disgusting pile of crap.

  27. Secretary Bird says:

    It's very clear folks: Hannity and Trump had a 3some with Stormy Daniels !

  28. Randy Doak says:

    Sorry, Hannity. History is littered with non-entities like yourself who ended sucking up to the wrong people. You'll get what's coming to you for keeping your audience in ignorance.

  29. The Beyonder says:

    He is a fake and a traitor, now we know why he always hated the muller investigation.

  30. Mike's Nature Journal says:

    Why won't Hannity have Michael Avenatti on his show and clear up what is going on?i

  31. M S says:

    You'd have to be a stupid fool to believe anything slanthead says

  32. Plato Emerson says:

    Michael Cohen is a horrible person, but not as bad as the rapist in the White House.

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