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Gutfeld on Peter Fonda’s anti-Trump tweets

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  1. Paul Meier says:

    Time to throw Peter Fonda to the very Pedophiles he wants to Barron into and make sure that they are also cannibals. Guys is time to find some liquid gold and dip Juan into it because he is all ready a Gold plated idiot

  2. susan scott says:

    Sounds like Peter is having pedo dreams. An Juan is ridiculous, if this had been said about Obama's kids he would be talking out of the other side of his mouth.

  3. M. van der Scheer says:

    I still wonder if Juan really is a left wing lunatic, incapable of either self awareness or critical thinking, or that he's just payed to act like one.

  4. Ian Stradian says:

    They had to put a new Tachometer on Henry Fonda’s grave,,,
    The old one exploded.

  5. AlfredoBodega says:

    Uh Juan – Trump didn't create this policy. The hypocritical didn't get hysterical when it was
    in effect under the last two presidents. That's because like everything else, it's all about Trump.

  6. Aleada Siragusa says:

    Peter Fonda sounds like a pedophile, who would even think this way & say this?

  7. TS RealTexan says:

    Once again if they accuse us of doing it they’ve already done it that means they’re professionals at it including rape sodomyand every other damn thing you can think of. Sick fucks

  8. Mike Marcott says:

    Why can't we take the Fonda's and send them back to Vietnam where they belong

  9. Mike Marcott says:

    Throw him in jail

  10. Diane Singerline says:

    His sister Jane should have been arrested for treason years ago, so anti- America runs in the Fonda family. (genetic)

  11. alex hess says:

    Trump 2020 !!!!!

  12. James Brice says:

    Juan has turned into a black Goebbels

  13. Bruce Thompson says:

    He's from the Hollywood crowd so it's an every day thing out there.

  14. James Brice says:

    All this time I thought Jane was the asshole and Peter was cool. What a letdown!

  15. britton3377 says:

    Fonda is dating deniro now

  16. ttraceytlt123 says:

    He's a pedophile and needs to rot in prison !

  17. Stephen Lim says:

    Henry Fonda preys on children. He was many times a pedophile and should be locked up to rot in jail.

  18. Steve Nicholson says:

    The Liberals and Democrats have run out of "airspeed, altitude and ideas",……breaking the first rule every pilot learns. P.S. I live on an airfield,..95% of pilots are moderate conservatives,….. because batshit triggered, delusional, hysterical pilots do not survive long

  19. Samuel Hodges says:

    So, Fonda has dreams of pedophilia? Sick! Maybe he is a pedophile.

  20. SuperMarbelle says:

    Trump did not make these rules. They were made way before Trump.

  21. Roseline Chevalier says:

    I still wonder why Juan the swamp creature is still there. I dont watch your show b/c i cant stand his non senses

  22. Claudine Ann Schultz says:

    Peter is a big boy, AND his apology is not enough, he was wrong & knew better. Juan you just made my
    mind a bout you, you are nearly as bad as Fonda to say anyone was enjoying any part of this story is ignorant. Throw Juan off the show, he earned it. He so bias, he should be replaced. I'm so done with people who won't be fair.

  23. Chris Scovitch says:

    Peter, you should be mellow after becoming an ICON with the making of. "Easy Rider" Stay Cool !

  24. revacohen says:

    Is this what has-beens do? Bash conservatives in the hopes their careers will be revived?

  25. Robert M says:

    Just when you think Hollywood can't get any worse Peter Fonda threatens the Presidents 12 year old son with incarceration and rape. The Secret Service will be having more than a few words with Mr Fonda.

  26. Dave K says:

    Sounds like Peter is a PEDO!!!

  27. Tony C. says:

    "Do to others as you would have them do to you." Does this sound familiar to you Peter Fonda? Does this mean you advocate these actions being "done to you" simply because you want to be treated equally? I think not! You and the rest of your friends AKA the HELLywood demons want preferential treatment. You don't want others to have a way to protect themselves, but you demand to be allowed to protect yourself. You and your HELLywood brethren have armed security guards that carry guns and you want to disarm the rest of us who can't afford to hire armed guards. Your apology is not accepted because we ALL know you are only doing so due to the negative impact it will have for you. I hope your actions cost you even more in protection and you have to keep carrying that high cost until the day you die. If what you said IS any indication of who your master is, then when you die all your money and notoriety will not help you one bit. You will leave your fortune to people that I hope are capable to use it better than you ever were. Enjoy your ill gotten fame for as long as you can because one day soon you will have to answer for everything you've done. Live it up for as long as you can because what you have in store for you is worse than you can possibly imagine. Praise The Lord and Godspeed to you all – Daniel 12:1!!

  28. Jim Sallie says:

    The left is nothing more than a mouthpiece and an extension of isis. They are American terrorists.

  29. Steagol says:

    It's not just the comment that's revolting. This piece of shit tells us how to live our lives. A bunch of pedophiles, rapists, murderers, thieves and frauds are telling us that we're awful people if we don't support their political views. Our thoughts & actions are policed by vermin that have no place in civilization.

  30. Marco Ziervogel says:

    Peter Fondler is …Sick like most Democrats and Liberals

  31. USA Conservative Movement says:

    Individuals like Fonda and De Niro show a total lack of respect for the oval office. There are proper ways to show your disapproval instead of lowering oneself and acting like some animal. If someone on the right did the same thing towards Obama they would be labelled as racist and intolerant. The left shows no class. Trump won get over it!

  32. Des says:

    Get rid of Juan His idiocy is bringing Fox's ratings down. I love The 5 but have to turn it off when Juan starts spouting the same crap on CNN.

  33. Calvin Brady says:

    So it's ok to have an opinion against Obama but not against Trump? Fox is the most whop-sided news outlet on the planet.

  34. Madam Marvelous says:

    If they REALLY Cared about Children, (they don't) they would care about the AMERICAN CHILDREN who have been murdered by illegal aliens. 5 of the children I am talking about were killed in an area that I used to live in, (cottonwood Minnesota) when a drunk illegal rammed into a school bus and there have been many MORE American children who have been violently assaulted & murdered by illegals as well.

  35. Ginger Anderson says:

    Gee I bet the VAST number of pedophiles are liberals!

  36. Steven Cohen says:

    Fox—PLEASE fire that truth twisting Juan. He, like most liberals keeps twisting the truth and changing the subject. Notice how many times he says
    “But” negates the preceding sentence. ‘He said something bad BUT he stands for good ideas’

  37. Art Michael says:

    Great piece 👍 But can you PLEASSSE get rid of “Juan” ?

  38. David Jarrell says:

    Hey Juan, you need to go over to
    "The View" you and Whoopi cushion need each other!

  39. Salavat Khan says:

    The Fonda family are a clan of communist traitors. First there was Hanoi-Jane and now pedo-Pete.

  40. Ra L says:

    …. fonda..jail. the
    … DIRTBAG….

  41. Wheat and no Cults says:

    So, why is the top ceo of america not making sure Fonda is prosecuted?

  42. Cindy Jones says:

    I love Greg Gutfeld. What I would love to say but don't have the words.

  43. Christian CdeB says:

    Peter Fondu, what a piece of shit!

  44. Lyn Utermark says:

    Peter Fonda exposed himself by threatening a child with pedophiles…

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