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Gunman’s Girlfriend Arrives To U.S. From Philippines | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Amanda Anderson says:

    Imagine going home to this. Must be a horror story for her and the family.

  2. Aether Realm says:

    When I listen to this bs, I hear this

  3. Richard Flores says:

    Its all speculation. Nobody knows nothing yet. Just dont get brainwashed by the media because its "fake news" and dont believe YouTube because people get paid to mix up a video using CGI and posting it on here for ratings.

  4. Azntim9 says:

    False flag operation

  5. Reverend Galerivs says:

    OMG .. she requested wheelchiar to produce sympathies …. guy bought 50 rifles in 1 year…. and she did not notice it….. WTF

  6. Donald Trucker88 says:

    He wanted to be Remembered he wanted people to know his name then again I heard he was a snitch for fbi

  7. c says:

    People wanna blame it on the white blame it on the black blame it on the Muslim everybody wanna blame him blame her just blame it on the muthafucka killin everyone

  8. o myself says:


  9. Francis Fernandez says:

    The killer is dead now white people will find a way to blame other color shame on you!

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  11. Forhad Reza says:

    ? If a shooter is Christian/Buddhist/Hindu ,than it was an accident. but if he Muslim, than he will be terrorist. ? is it right for justice??? ?

  12. Victor Nnah says:

    Ecr Xb.

  13. TheOtherMike says:

    Gunman’s Girlfriend Arrives To U.S. From Philippines. Gunman’s Girlfriend Arrives in U.S. From Philippines.

  14. Michael Glenn says:

    He bought 33 guns in a month that's not an alarm!

  15. Angel Lee says:

    most of serious killer gunman don't have a Mental health problem.
    but generic in many times.

  16. Alpha1 Omega2 says:

    Stop interviewing her sisters in Australia. They wouldn't have a clue what their sister knew. Only the sister, herself, knows what why in in the home she lived in with the mentally deranged killer.

  17. Matthew Jay Evans says:

    ISIS and Al Qaeda did it. There I said it.

  18. heilig Geist says:


  19. BL says:

    When a statement is made by lawyers it automatically feels ingenuine

  20. karen webb says:

    You can look into his eyes and see somethings wasn't right all she saw was $$$signs!


    She is taking full advantage of the first class treatment food hotel like a vacation for her she did not shoot no one

  22. Ken Tan says:

    No motive hes just pure evil

  23. Gabriel G says:

    This is so awesome! people dying because of a white mad man. Lol!

  24. carforumwanker says:

    Hope she demanded First class travel. top lawyer . five star hotel. And a PR company to handle any paid interviews she wants to give to the media .She could earn hundreds of thousands

  25. IAM says:

    Hand…A kindergarten would Knw staged HOAX from real

  26. IAM says:

    Menma..Pity yourself for stay asleep wayyyy after your alarm and snooze buttons tried waking you cuz you don't even K nw how much they LAUGH at you for being that capsided…and you think your not stock with your birth certificate either? this day ppl still can't find anything other than the general narrative of FAKE TV psyop done to mass public.they will do anything..Hey black Friday is coming day after thanksgiving and most will stand around wanting in lines for hours and here in crowds bitting each other for some crap in a store that is hilarious, so keep STAYING ASLEEP OR EAKE UP..YOUR CHOICE PPL..ITS A HOAXXXXX

  27. MeLanie P. says:

    They should investigate how he got away with bringing 23 rifles before his motive. I mean, the hotel could have stopped it from happening.

  28. eCat Store says:

    this woman has nothing to do with this massacre

  29. Black star Ford says:

    Are their cameras in the hotel

  30. green meadow says:

    mental health + gun control=lesser casualties

  31. Mary says:

    Yeah right Marilou knows nothing. hahaha

  32. trex kiro says:

    People always looking for huge reasons, Can't it be that he's just bored thats why he did that?

  33. Mamma Bear says:

    Where did she go afterwards and how can you come to that judgment that quick?

  34. Jeff Richards says:

    More lies from the media !
    How did Paddock get to Planet Hollywood then to Hooters then to New York New York then to Tropicana and the Bellagio ?
    100% proof of multiple shooters in Las Vegas.
    It was a Terrorist attack.

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