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GROSS !! EU experts agree to relax Fukushima-made rice restrictions

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  1. John L Bales says:

    Thank you Dana for all your hard work. The planet thanks you too.

  2. John L Bales says:

    Lord watch over you Dana.

  3. John L Bales says:

    Dana, I think it really sucks you are going alone. I mean, you'll have folks praying for you, I know. Wish I could be your bodyguard. I know you don't know me from Adam and I understand your position. Who can you trust? All the best to you. P.S. I'm in a land locked state, so a true "landlubber."

  4. Ame3thyst3 says:

    HI DANA!! I have missed you. I hope and pray you get the donations to document he BC CANADA Coastlines two years after the Fukushima Nuclear Extinction Level Event. I cannot wait to see the footage. That equipment is top-notch, what you need.
    And now you'e got the DRONE!! Thank you for your bravery Dana. Your heart's in the right place. "YOU ARE LEGEND DANA!!"
    Endless Gratitude, and Admiration As Always,
    Love, Debi

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