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Graphic torture video from Russian jail goes viral, 6 detained

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  1. andykorso says:

    This convict have instantly won 3 oskars, support from Amnesty Intl, OSCE, HRW, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera + White Helmets and have been promoted to new candidate to fight with Putin's regime.
    When they rape childs you're not so promt :).

  2. БОМЖ says:

    Я гей.

  3. Chris Edwards says:

    It's funny how every single reply to a Russian post is "America does stuff tho". Why no other country in the world. Where's China does it too. No its always the USA as if that's some sort of defence.

  4. No More Nuclear says:

    Good job Trump!!!

  5. No More Nuclear says:

    Imagine if they may have water boarded him!

  6. Nutsy says:

    In russia, we go in gulag for vacation and massage

  7. Angel Terrero says:

    I like the Russian alpha male violence. They just need something to do they are obviously bored to death.

  8. Wolf Man says:

    Welcome to Putin's Russia!

  9. James Adams says:

    execute the tortures easy. and if the inmate committed murder or rape he should be killed as well. execution by firing squad not by hippy injections or something

  10. Iraj Poladchang says:

    This things happen every day in Americans jail , I never ever seen anyone being punished or being fired .that is Nazi fascist system running by evil ..

  11. jeannephilipp says:

    Can we send DumbRats there?

  12. G.D. Abir says:

    Thats cute compared to Water Boarding 🙂

  13. BcA - Biciclind cu Axel says:

    Barbaric cretins ! Thank God there is a NATO to protect us from this animals !

  14. snow blue says:

    V shameful…no matter what prisoners dignity should not be violated.

  15. snow blue says:

    Russia shouldnt become like usa.

  16. 5haman says:


  17. ChameleonThe13 says:

    So much for RT being "Russian propaganda"…!

  18. Denis Belfort says:

    In United States mad dogs biting prisoners. In Russia staff giving to you a nice warm massage

  19. Skrooge Lantay says:

    Only in Russia. Thanks to Putin

  20. Salam Ahmed says:

    F**king cowards. I wish all the violators end up in a prison where they will be beaten like in the video.

  21. Andrey Semenchenko says:

    The prison or the army, this kind of inhumane treatment has been going on forever, everyone in russia knows this. That's why we left.

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