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Gadget to keep women safe wins $1m XPrize – BBC News

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  1. ComedyClubE SERIES says:


  2. 7charlierox says:

    Those porn junkies can't keep it in their pants….Ladies get the scissors.

  3. Péter Kiss says:

    The gadgets you don't need if you live in Eastern Europe 😉

  4. Førgotten My keys for ma house says:

    Sexist much…

  5. N O says:

    Or they could work out and stop being weak for free

  6. BBCfakenews says:

    This only reflects the market demand for such gadgets in one of the world's most lucrative retail markets – Europe. Such gadgets are now needed by the vast majority of female EU citizens, because their governments have imported a (politically selective) rape culture from the Islamic world. We all know that the target group for abuse are non-Muslim women. While we should all be appalled at what our society has been reduced to, it seems the BBC think this state of affairs is something worthy of celebration.

  7. beryale x says:

    To money false alarm will be triggered

  8. James Smith says:

    British Hero – Tommy Robinson.

  9. Nora AlMeida says:

    *All the males in the comment section who say that most of the victims who get murdered are males. (As a comeback to what one commenter mentioned about the fact that 95% of murders are done by males) should then keep in mind this: so all of the sexist, misogynist males should be sexist towards their own gender, since clearly, it’s their own gender that is 95% more likely to kill them and assault them. Even when a woman does assault a guy, you can almost be sure the guy can continue to live his life after he gets away from her; while many women tried to get away from the maniac, lowlife of an abusive male they’ve known, and the pathetic absuive male stalked her, assaulted her in a seriously harmful and traumatizing way and every 16 hours a woman in the USA is killed by an intimate partner. Point is: since the female sex is the sex that you’re likely to be safe from, be thankful for the females’ presence since it is not threatening to you 95% of the time; while the male gender (your own gender, since i am directing this comment only to sexist males) is the one you have to be wary from 95% of the time. Isn’t it shameful that your sex is so abusive? If you have self-respect, you would admit that it is shameful.) Thankfully, there are actual men out there who are aware of how seriously abusive the male gender is, and actively make sure to be humane because they have the mental capacity to have the dignity and self-repsect not to abuse or be threatening to anyone, male or female. I often see sexist remarks from pathetic males on this particular channel; it’s really shameful for the male sex how repulsive many males are (the sexist males are the repulsive ones)

  10. Nora AlMeida says:

    It’s remarkable that some people decided to take action and try to provide a way to help those whose right to safety is being attacked. And the fact that there are some guys who have the logic and self-respect to understand that the right to feel safe is essential for all living beings participating in this is truly amazing and much appreciated.

  11. The Crusader says:

    blame the EU dictatorship for bringing in Islamic third world rapists

  12. The Crusader says:

    Those girls could have used it when Jimmy Saville or those pedophille Muslims gangs where out preying on children…… eh BBC.

  13. Kaiden Artura says:

    This thing is as good as useless. People get attacked in public and no one wants to get involved!

  14. jeff milligan says:

    How the hell is this not for men too, especially in consideration of the fact that men are the primary victims of street violence.

  15. Barry Soetoro says:

    These are the sort of gadgets you need in 3rd world countries. Oh Wait……

  16. KEVIN HESKETH says:

    Television executives with scientists use szcophrenia weapon on a man for years.Its not a skit they just get angry that their target isn't covered in cuts and scars.That what the psychopaths wanted.They wanted a crushed mental case in a mental hospital with their szcophrenia weapon their years of psychological attacks.Violent action and confrontation but did they get that?No!Dimp television.A skit,your a bully and a torturer.Legal Acton.Don't watch don't like.There is no television programmes as I won't allow any more exploration and legal action if need to keep you away will be the end result.The arrogant television executives go to hell.

  17. Salty Snacks says:

    Like how there is so many people complaining about this being sexist, tho no one is stopping men from using these devises. It's not like if you use one of these as a man, it won't work. As a man you won't get an error telling you "sorry u male".
    If you need one, no matter your sex, get one! Don't fuss.

  18. Kristin _ says:

    Yas huntey

  19. Deniera says:

    Wow, the comment section here sure makes me want to vomit.

  20. eric lovelace says:

    The Ministry of truth pulling no punches as per usual. Up next: Watching paint dry may cause extreme boredom.

  21. Anuradha Aravind says:

    Violence against women in public places is intolerable in India,in buses, while walking in the street, you tend to get physically abused, attacked, eve teased, it's a menace, don't know what drives men to commit such acts, now all the more a nuisance because of smartphones, people do click pictures of you without your consent and can spread disinformation and slander you.

    Smartphones are a nuisance, with access to pornographic content, men are always on a lookout for potential unsuspecting victims, everywhere. Women need to be more careful, alert and try to avoid confrontations, most of the time they are the silent sufferers.

    They also need to dress appropriately, refrain from attention grabbing exercises it's better to be safe than sorry. Personal safety is paramount at all times never ever compromise with it.

  22. InternetExplorers says:

    good stuff

  23. YoungKuk Yeon says:



  24. Monad Wisdom says:

    How does it work? Does it give off a pork product spray in the face of the assailant?

  25. eric lovelace says:

    Free rape alarms included with every 1000 rape-u-gees mass imported into the West. Welcome to the idiocy called the NWO.

  26. Phillip W says:

    LoL really. Here in america the emergency alert is AK AR smith and wesson. This device should work as good as those anti rape bracelets they had in Sweden. Note to ladies most of you vote leftist thats why you dont get defended because you stab your native men in the back call them worthless and raise their taxes. Put it this way I could be armed AK in hand and catch Mohammed raping a british leftist liberal trendy woman. I would simply tell Mohammed dont worry I am not going to shoot you continue your thing and as he continued to pump her out I would simply interview her hey mam seems like open borders leads to open legs care to comment. I would then tell Mohammed finish the job if she lives I will come back and shoot you.

  27. leapsplashafrog says:

    What about the gadget that protects men ? How about some fathers rights ? How about acknowledging that it’s men that are at most risk ?

    Pathetic pc tool which will cause offence to men who are really the ones at risk

  28. Jason Ray says:

    Hang the rapists that's the only way to make sure no criminals will commit crimes again.

  29. Greg Jones says:

    0:44 "In India 79% of women have been victims of harassment or violence in public"
    More disregard of men and boys by the BBC.
    Men and boys are victims of harassment and violence by women too.

    Two different things are being statistically added together with no indication of the proportion of either! – It's like saying "79% of people have tripped up or been pushed over" – both are bad things to happen but only the latter is violence. The true figures might be 78% have tripped up, 21% have never tripped up or been pushed over and only 1% have been pushed over.

    What kind of harassment? Someone asking you out for a date 10 times when you said "No" the first time or an ugly man smiling at you once? The former is harassment, the latter is not.

  30. Im islam says:


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  31. inkitatus1 says:

    isn't it the state's & justice systems job to protect it's citizens, regardless of gender, not some gadget???
    if punishment for sex crimes was more severe, eg castration,longer sentences etc surely that would reduce attacks in the first place….

  32. Benjamin Taheny says:

    You JACKASSES have DESTROYED the DEVICE we had for keeping women safe – a BORDER.

  33. Hadi says:

    Why should it be for women only? Idiots!

  34. Rodicurus Church says:

    I applaud this device, but it doesn't work in Muslim no go areas where police are free to go, and there are only muslim men witnesses

  35. Blaze WhiteHorseRider says:

    CREATING TECHNOLOGY WILL OPENS ANOTHER DEEPER PROBLEMS, you just wait and see! The solution is teach and educate people to be loving and caring. These devices are just preventions, not solutions. Go back and sleep! Nothing new, but worse is to come.

  36. Juan Felipe Proaño says:

    and the winner is the fishy smell knickers it is said to repel men at about 5-10 m range, odour seems to be harmless to other females. Men's side effect resemble to high fever like symptoms including vomiting and confusion.

  37. Sea Skimmer says:

    Didn't seem over joyed at getting a million.

  38. John Eli says:

    The feminists are drooling over this. They want to buy it and fondle it and feel special

  39. New Goliard says:

    They should try it out on Bill Cosby ……if it works we gotta winner

  40. Yama Kazoo says:

    Oh I thought it was a 9mm

  41. Mihir Patel says:

    Indian women might need this.

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