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Fullmetal Alchemist Season 3 Episodes 5 – 8 Review & Reaction | AfterBuzz TV

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  1. SnowyWolborg says:

    Olivier is one of my favorite characters. Her personality is very fitting for someone who's defending the border from a hostile country. Also, she's not the sort to care about femininity. She's a general and a soldier before she's a woman.

    Even though Miles actually respected Ed for talking back to him, his comparison of Resembool being attacked during the war is really comparing a road crack to a gaping sinkhole. Resembool is a nowhere country village. The Amestrian military forcefully annexed Ishval, attempted to commit genocide on them, and is still occupying their land.

  2. Antiquity says:

    great production. reaction videos is where it's at to grow your channel.

  3. Shawna Oliver says:

    I'm new to Anime but Jaimi seriously makes me want to get into it! 😊😊

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