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Free For All / Sick Day- Anime Podcast

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  1. Kazeshi says:

    I'm watching Boku no Hero s3 weekly purely because I've already read the manga. I know what arc/s they're going to be animating and I recommend that you should just wait til it's all out to binge.

  2. Jozé Zapata says:

    Dannie so you're gonna watch MHA just because of peer presion? You already give it 2 chances!
    How about you just…. not, and when people ask just say you did and change the subject really fast. XD

  3. Kevin Garcia says:

    Where's the Patreon?

  4. Kevin Garcia says:

    How the hell is Som Slow and Smart at the same time?🤔
    He cracks jokes on the fly so I know he's not Slow
    Maybe he moves like a sloth or something

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