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Former Russian spy living in UK critically ill after exposure to substance in Wiltshire | ITV News

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  1. the king of pes and dls Paulo josefu says:


  2. stephen mallinson says:

    He must know something still that someone doesn't want us knowing

  3. Stuart Parkinson says:

    Could have been a spray inhaled, leaving no trace

  4. Stuart Parkinson says:

    Does anyone have any belief in our police? If that’s who they are.

  5. Ange Waters says:

    No boundary around the playground? Wtf?

  6. TGLANESRA says:

    Funny how people take these news reports as factual and become armchair detectives. Like 99% of stuff on news n papers ain't total BS

  7. Jimbo Jones says:

    Unfortunately we know too much about today's news media and their connection to the CIA /MI6 to just blindly believe this story. That being said, it's no different than America's treatment of their political dissidents. Manning, Snowden, Seth Rich.

  8. Kim Paulins says:


  9. DavyBoy007 says:

    Russkie justice

  10. OIdiesCentral says:

    I'm glad,the Russians have special poisons for these lowlive traitors to kill them slowly and painfully.

  11. elise maes says:

    Production northwest passion prospect summer personality alliance than gallery fear.

  12. gerd smith says:

    Get the peoppganda in right away kid play park

  13. Cloie Leyland says:

    No spy's just spice all homeless dying of it but they say it's pneumonia to keep the figures down

  14. Terry Ernest says:

    That's a lie " their both in critical condition " the daughter just tweeted … talk about jumping to conclusion πŸ™‚

  15. Howard Selby says:

    Just round the corner from Porton Down, handy for this type of thing?

  16. Trippy Boi says:


  17. Mark Roberts says:

    Today on radio I heard a British minister saying this is an act of war.πŸ€”πŸ˜.???????????.

  18. Jamey Mikels says:

    Notice how the Media ignores the connection to the Clinton funded dossier by Christopher Steele and this poisoning….. the Clintons have left a trail of bodies around the world!

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