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FIU students back on campus after bridge collapse

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  1. Synnox says:

    Florida will stand strong

  2. Gridlock Gamer says:

    Who designed it? That's where the real story is.

  3. Sam Fyrestarter says:

    Prosecute MCM…..Feminazis Kill…Bunch Of Stupid Women Killed Innocents For A "Pretty" Bridge

  4. North Truth says:

    Ban assault bridges….

  5. Alvarezpl says:

    Cancerous feminism is killing people.

  6. jabbabbabba says:

    Just move on people. The older folks were right 20 years ago. We have a generation of lightweights that can't handle much. They need safe spaces and teddy bears. Heaven forbid when we have a war, economic melt down, or their internet goes out for a day.

  7. Jester Avrgjoe says:

    WE NEED MORE GUN CONTROL NOW!!! Oh wait, sorry😟.

  8. StinkFingerr says:

    Dumb Fluff piece.

  9. StinkFingerr says:

    Anybody else getting sick of all this Boo-Hoo news coverage?

  10. John G says:

    these children don't give a shit lol they will bully each other until they make one another commit suicide!..they cry and wallow in the drama because they think it makes them look "cool and edgy" like their celebrities they worship

  11. God of War says:


  12. Jeff Semon says:


  13. Janka Janssen says:

    No march? No Bernie Sanders?

  14. Mr. White says:

    Maybe don't hire a company just because it meets its diversity quota.

  15. WidefieldColorado says:

    Bunch of faggots in this state!! Everyone needs a safe place waaaaa.

  16. Shay Houk says:

    The "VICTIM" Generation! Listen, if you weren't injured, you are NOT a victim! Shit happens and you move on!

  17. Queer Anarchist Punk says:

    Naturally Donald was all talk, no action on repairing/rebuilding America's infrastructure.
    That blood is on his hands.

  18. P. Hamilton says:

    Lesson learned; Never trust Leftist Millenials to build anything…but…they are very good at tearing things down.

  19. pieter lucas maria lemmens says:

    Build walls not bridges.

  20. Sebastien Roux says:

    It's messed up because preventing harm should be the primary priority and obviously in this case money was the primary priority. But at the same time people shouldn't pretend to be perfect, there are a number of things that limited the resources that go into a bridge that is not always within the architect and engineer's power to change. In many corporations people are forced to work with less than minimum resources. Tragic events will continue to happen until the entire country decides to value the people over the money.

  21. Ned-669 says:

    Dear youtube. Your advertising is wasting my time…

  22. Chuck Fina says:

    And the feminists blame Trump.

  23. Tim Kasey says:

    I am a former Safety Coordinator for a construction company and have a Public Safety YouTube channel and I have a clue as to the root cause of this tragedy:

    The only news headline inclusive of the root cause of this tragedy should read:

    "Sexism & Racism Over Competence"

    This was first brought to my attention by a posting made under one of the videos, and I can't find any evidence to the contrary. We have enough evidence to prove that both the University and construction company have been involved in unfair hiring/promoting practices where white males are excluded. Pull up some YouTube videos and count the number of white males you see. The ratio of non white males to white males is something like 9:1. I'm not sure of the managment but if its somewhere near 98% non white males then I've proven my case here.

  24. Ako says:

    shouldnt they be protesting bridges now?

  25. Ako says:

    made in china

  26. chriscolonamg says:

    American people wake up its time to sue sue sue the Democratic Party Share πŸ˜‘πŸ™πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· Sue sue sue

  27. I N V I C T U S 11 says:

    R.I.P Alexa.

  28. David L says:

    Who the hell go to FIU ( Fi and Fu) university? If people ask me which school I am going, I respond FU, then I got slammed (Fi).

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