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Fitton: ‘Anti-Trump’ Russia Probe Designed to Distract From Hillary’s Crimes & FBI-DOJ ‘Cover-Up’

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  1. Ken Snow says:

    This will become important once someone is actually arrested.

  2. JUSTACHIPN says:

    I'VE BEEN SAYING THIS OVER A YEAR !!! >>> 'Anti-Trump' Russia Probe Designed to Distract From Hillary's Crimes & FBI-DOJ 'Cover-Up' !!!

  3. kerry the truth says:

    our FBI CIA DOJ are no longer credible law agencies…at least at the top…Obama needs to hang for what hes done to this country…our kids have and are being brainwashed…BEAT DOWN A LIBERAL TEACHER TODAY..

  4. kerry the truth says:

    apparently crime pays well in law enforcement.! no accountability 0. zip zilch nothing. stop following the law they dont is the message they are sending..

  5. sir robert says:

    where is session

  6. A7ty34g says:

    You restore confidence to the FBI, CIA and DOJ by holding
    those accountable and by prosecuting Obama, Clinton, Lynch
    Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr and their ilk to
    the fullest extent of the law. The evidence is overwhelming.

  7. venuerocker says:

    They actually think all their little games are going to save their dumb asses from going to prison. Guess again, morons.

  8. KnightInShiningASMR says:

    Fox,can you upload this video on your main youtube channel?

  9. SARAH Connors says:

    Trump, Hillary, Obama, Bush ALL ARE HEAVILY FLAWED, ALL OF THEM. They are a safe place, where anyone can belong, where you don't have to be ashamed of any basic human nature…no matter how flawed. THEY ALL SERVE EVIL.
    Trump cannot drop fast enough to serve the MOST EVIL, ROTHSCHILD/ROCKEFELLER"S.
    They PRETEND to be Christian, THEY ALL PRETEND…especially Trump who EMULATES the 7 Deadly Sins. WAKE UP BOTH SIDES ARE BEING PLAYED…while the bankers drums the war drums.

  10. King K says:

    Bring Hitlery in and waterboard that beoitch

  11. Teabag U2 says:


  12. DJ Harrington says:

    How much longer are we going to 'TALK' about the crimes from the Obama administration and how soon are we going to start holding them accountable

  13. Chad Chailer says:


  14. Robin Weber says:

    Nobody buys this crap do they. Crimes aren't invented to distract from other crimes. All crimes are investigated and prosecuted if there's evidence. You can't distract us with Hillary, away from Trumps crimes. This is a cheap trick for stupid people

  15. hbo says:

    It has been about protecting Hillary…..jeez…I have been saying this from day one

  16. Why Not says:


  17. Cloud9 says:

    YOU ALL have it wrong. Protecting Hillary (Rothschild Puppet) is about Protecting Obama, a traitorous CIA plant (but WHO ordered the planting?). Protecting Obama is about protecting the Puppet Masters. THAT'S why they're protecting Hillary, no matter WHO has to be thrown under the bus or 187'd, … PROTECT THE PUPPET MASTERS FROM EXPOSURE AT "ALL COSTS"!! Do NOT let the sleeping sheeple wake up and SEE (understand).

  18. Anel Carapia says:

    I keep forgetting how many presidents got vetoed before trump doing minor crimes 🤔

  19. Bobbie Harper says:

    We knew all along that this was the case, and finally someone comes forth and says so. Questions after questions and time, and money wasted of the American tax dollars wasted. That's how millions and millions feel about it. By the time this is all over will anyone care about it? Perhaps, who really knows but the individuals themselves.

  20. Daniel James says:

    Remove Jeff Sessions and prosecute him. He's completely useless.

  21. TheNoobzoid says:

    Or trump is just guilty as fuck

  22. the rooster says:

    See you people won't believe fact. I'm an hvac mechanic. Tin knocker for you slow people. What are you genius? I await your reply.

  23. wandering spirit says:

    Where was the FBI informant in the Hillary campaign? The Russia connections with the MILLIONS of $$$
    that flowed from Russian entities to the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton and the Podesta Brothers is obvious.
    Not to mention the $12 mill that flowed from the DNC thru Perkins Cole to pay for the fake Russian dossier
    that used Russian sources.Not ONE PENNY flowed from Russian to Trump or anyone form his campaign.

  24. Ratpatrol Renegade says:

    Tom Fitton and his organization are American Heroes.

  25. g bridgman says:

    It's incomprehensible that the democrats still think there is any legitimacy in Mueller's so called "investigation."

  26. g bridgman says:

    What's the relevance? There should be no statute of limitations on crimes as heinous as these.

  27. berni oakes says:

    Comey the fixer…..IG report if a white wash will be ripped apart, and if prosecutions are not forthcoming there will an uproar.

  28. Hallands Menved says:

    Stop scratching at the surface and talking in circles. Anyone with a brain can figure the enormous scope of corruption within the IC necessary to keep the current cloud of nonsense in the air.

    And then think about the horrendous child abuse with connections all the way up and the clout necessary to keep a lid on all the raids on paedophiles going down now all over America – and the rest of the world for that matter.

    No! A complete investigation of all wrongdoings of the FBI, probably started under Mueller, the goon now entrusted with being special counsel in an investigation (expensive as never seen before) running on fumes and wet vapor. A man better suited in orange while held accountable for his and Comey's corruption of the bureau.

    This is all so obvious. Why is JW the only ones stating this on air? Will all representatives in senate and congress have to be replaced to achieve justice?

  29. Jon Heckendorf says:

    Russia probe designed to distract from Hillary's crimes & FBI, DOJ, et al. …
    Really??!! Everyone knows this as fact and it is still working on America.
    Americans are the dumbest and stupidest people in the world.
    If Trump does not win his agenda, I hope All Americans lose everything. That would be funny.
    I will be the one laughing at you when you are lined up next to a ditch waiting for the executioner.

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