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Finland Is Natural Choice for Trump-Putin Meeting

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  1. Begone Enterprises says:

    Trump is no fool. He knows that a continued post cold war with Russia doesn't help anyone. By displacing the Crimea fiasco and coming to a firm understanding on any other land grabs, a new relationship can be a boon to the US and other allied countries.
    The use of factional politics could derail a unique opportunity by a specially qualified and talented president.

  2. JudasGoat says:

    Trump is getting ready to get his flabby ass pounded by his top boss, Putie Pie. Donald shits when he cums

  3. AJtheAggravated says:

    Am I the only one who couldn't understand the mayor?

  4. Finnish Norwegian Viking says:

    I saw Trump's air plane.

  5. Sonnys Gaming says:

    Putin is making sure Trumps is still loyal to his agenda

  6. Parker Smith says:

    Ignorance is bliss is a lie. The left for the most part is completely ignorant on the facts and they aren’t in a bliss state. They are going bat shit crazy.

  7. papa jhon says:

    Finland? The country that embraced the ussr?

  8. bee4pc goldrule says:

    Good choice for a summit …….MAGA-MRGA

  9. AlexHector says:


  10. JOVEY NOOB says:

    dear god please guide these two most good president in the history of mankind. i love these two greatest leaders in the history of the world. god bless president donald trump and putin. god bless america and russia

  11. Herb Wandrei says:

    The people of Finland are known to be sheep they will follow anything anywhere

  12. karvanoppa fani says:

    Like that rally english xd

  13. shrek 2 says:


  14. GALACTIC RlG says:


  15. Harja Talonen says:


  16. Shasta Mount says:

    There is nothing to lose if we have a good relationship with Russia 🇷🇺.. if NATO be obsolete so be it .. we can save trillions of dollars 💵

  17. greg zanow says:

    mdb has aids from his mother

  18. Alesia Koch says:

    But did you guys see the smirk on Putin's face! He's laughing at President Trump! And did you check out how Trump was unable to articulate his answers the reporters asked him? Pathetic.

  19. pandagirl71 pandacorn says:

    Think Donald trump

  20. clonK says:

    Trump 2020 & Nobel Peace Prize.

  21. johnny llooddte says:

    when someone acts out of character, theres a BIG reason for it.. russia has been a major player in the start of the last 2 world wars.. grow up snowflakes.. i wouldnt care if trchump gets 100 hotels out of this… blah blah blah. .whatever it takes to stop ww3 and a BILLION deaths…morons..whats it worth to you…and i dont even like trchump…

    diplomacy thru strength.. trchump just forced nato and the eu and others to spend another trillion in defense against putie and china and the eastern alliances of ww1 and ww2 to prevent ww3..idiots…
    ahaha yall loved putin when communist odumma went there.. voice of communist broadcasting news communist post ahahah…
    amazing.. even trchump supporters are turning on him.. yall are all too stupid to realize the importance of NOT starting ww3.. amazing..ahaha anutttther nutter communist odumma putin russian troll.. youre an idiot… a show of force in puties backyard of the black sea is treason,, righttt.?????..sad .. when communist odumma went,, the press loved it.. lets see.. trchump sanctioned china for a trillion.. who has been spending a trillion dollars on MILITARY against the west.. russia and iran have made an alliance with china.. russia has been meddling in politics worldwide.. putin has sanctioned assassinations worldwide and in britain and a dozen other countries including usa. russia and china have provided NK with 1000 nuke scientists to scare the west.. putie himself has personally killed and tortured thousands in his career..
    trchump has forced the eu and nato to spend another trillion against russia..and trchump hasnt said anything nasty to or about russia.. which is very unlike him.. duhhhhh. hes trying not to go to war..idiots

    when a bombastic narcissist like trchump says nice things about another, obviously rogue nation.. its a serious deal..its called rhetotic.. every politician does it.. and then cusses the other guy out behind closed doors.. get over it cupcakes..
    trchump is trying to mend fences and prevent ww3 with the east..
    yall dont understand how serious this is and how fragile.. were inches from ww3 and a billion deaths… and i dont even like trchump..yall are idiots

  22. Shasta Mount says:

    The Left needs to understand:-
    1. There is no Russia collusion.
    2.Syria chemical attacks were false flag
    3. Democrats support illegals to destabilize the country, they can survive only if you have a chaotic country.
    4. Democrats wants to convert US into socialist country(Big government)
    5. Trump is a patriot.
    6. The current generation has been socially engineered to parrot the media.
    I can go on and on.. but the left needs to start thinking outside the box, right now they are in complete denial, if more intelligent people are awake the better for the future of USA .. if not world will move forward leaving USA behind ..

  23. John Lammi says:

    since this video can be seen in Russia and is funded by the US, does it constitute interference in Russian politics?

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