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FBI, DOJ Knew Clintons Funded Anti Trump Russia Dossier, Hid It

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  1. Juliet Jowett says:

    Hid it? Oh – no – helped to compile it is more like it …

  2. Debra Willis says:

    Well, that makes those in the FBI who knew are just as guilty as the Clinton's. Hillery said, when they go low, we go high .well, just another lie on her part. Cause that's pretty low when you do something like that to try to win. Prosecute all involved. The public is tired of lies.

  3. Eagle Vision says:

    The Day of the Rope for traitors.

  4. OG GAMING. says:

    He is my president keep up the good work. Continue to pray for our president.

  5. Judith Boltz says:

    The FBI and DOJ are just as guilty as the Clintons

  6. Steve Baish says:

    Is it really too much to ask or even expect, Transparency & Justice ? with Equal Justice Under The Law ?

  7. D Y says:

    PROJECT FULSOME…. LOOK FOR.. OBUMMER N SUSAN RICE memo to foreign country to spy… i saw it!!! Black n white. Ordered by the piece of shit obummer august 26th 2016

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