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  1. Ketsa Official says:

    Maybe they didn't have to shoot him but he disarmed an officer. A tazer would have worked here I think

  2. Ryan says:

    These guys clearly do not know the laws of self defense! Once that dude took away the cops baton and swung, they were justified in shooting! Let's use logic please!

  3. D D says:

    All you pussy liberals think it's justified to shoot this man 10 times close range? The police should have just stayed in his general area since he wasn't in a vehicle until more backup arrived or it would have been smart to wait for a K9 unit to arrive as well. But shooting him 10 times is not justified. I live in the same city this happened and the two officers involved won't be having a job much longer.

  4. teejaynumber13 says:

    Good. Another dangerous criminal off the streets.

  5. Solum 107 says:

    Nigger got what it deserved.

  6. kreeperfrm559 says:

    I knew him he got into coke and Crystal….at least one shot to the leg would of worked to not kill him

  7. vonsmitty1313 says:

    Play nigger games,win nigger prizes,I guess. Good riddance to bad rubbish…

  8. DP Dutcher says:

    Fucking gang bangers calling cops murderers,lol. when cops say stop, stop.

  9. jimmy says:

    Good shooting officer! Saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  10. Roman Sanchez says:

    Good job police man

  11. Edward Ayala says:

    Fuck the Pac man 💯🔫🔫

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