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Fareed: On Syria, Trump morphs into Obama

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  1. Beard Bro says:

    CNN fake news!

  2. Lady Death says:

    Don't EVER compare trump to Obama…trump is a pussy ass bitch and Obama is a real man and president

  3. Tennessee Jed says:

    It was yet another false flag people, WAKE UP!

  4. VictoryOfThePeople says:

    Fareed is a charlatan.

  5. Brandon says:

    Pot bus news

  6. Seraphim Light Bearer says:

    Shut the fuck up

  7. R P says:

    Fake news all day everyday

  8. R P says:

    TRUMP 2020

  9. Frank Flash says:

    This guy looks evil

  10. Captain America says:

    Lol I don't think so. Trump hasn't given are tax money to Iran and I don't think Trump is a gun runner like Obama, remember he sent weapons to Mexico that landed in the cartels hands.

  11. samdon815 says:

    CNN and FOX are two sides of the coin of biased "news". CNN works to destroy Trump's presidency and FOX works to advance it. CNNTIFA works nicely and when I think of one for FOX, I will use it. Objectivity is what should be sought.

  12. Rad Hawaii says:

    Banks and oil= war.

  13. Tammy Patry says:

    And you're Muslim ass is a fucken reptilian

  14. Johnny Buck says:

    Trump will never be like that weak faggot obumer thank goodness for that

  15. Yousir Cantknow says:

    Deport Fahreed.

  16. Entirely Indifferent says:

    Doublespeak is alive and well.

  17. BIG A says:

    Fareed zakaria has a Pakistani father who instilled strict orthodox Pakistani Islam in the house hold. Fareeds father was involved in Muslim political group in India and Pakistan. Fareed zakaria is a sharia law promoter. He would like nothing more but to bring down the U.S

  18. Jose G. says:

    Oh… since CNN agrees with trump it must be bad idea.

  19. Blessed are The cheese makers says:

    Hey Fareed…can you turn into a six pack and an ultra light?

  20. Bison Days says:


  21. Raymond says:

    Trump morphs into Obama?…..
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    The Counterfeit News Network has totally lost it!!

  22. C R says:

    Didn't know that people still listen to this clown then again CNN doesn't really have an audience

  23. Guest Guest says:

    Trump had the courage to launch airstrikes on Syria. Obama did not. However, both have no clear strategy on Syria.

  24. Brain says:

    Trump is idiotic. Trump is a hypocrite. Trump is incompetent…………………..

  25. Pat and Hugh says:

    Fareed is a wonderful reporter.

  26. Ринат Батыршин says:

    что-ж они делают. Они люди или биороботы?

  27. The Truth About Life says:

    One more word from this guy and I’m going suicidal. What a depressing amnesia this channel is.

  28. Francisco Lopez says:

    Your reporting is wrong. Assad did not gas his own people. Here’s a reporter who’s been in Syria. Your just part of the establishment used to report incorrect news to brain wash the American people. If you have any type of integrity you would respond to this reply Fareed. Before you build enough integrity and respond to my reply, please click on the video and get informed

  29. Iris Enamorado says:

    This is not a journalist. This is a simple agent serving the purpose of USA expansionism.

  30. Michael Murphy says:

    fareed,you are a war mongering piece of shit,and your news network is a joke,no one with common sense even watches CNN,maybe if you guys did actual journalism,and cut out the propaganda,you might get back some viewers.Stop lying about Syria,there was no chemical attack by the Assad govt.Why don't you report on Israel's killing of journalists,and unarmed women and children in Gaza?

  31. Ares Guerrero says:

    In April 2017?

  32. Matt Orfalea says:

    2:15 is he insulting them for not getting more involved in Syria??

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