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Fake News Goes Viral After Las Vegas Shooting

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  1. Mats Jönsson says:

    If TYT, for some reason, has taken it upon themselves to be the advocates for TRUE News, as opposed to FAKE News,
    and this is an attempt to set the record straight. That´s beyond laughable.
    TYT – Truthseeking, unbiased, objective analyzes and journalism?
    Not even close.

  2. Philip Erdman says:

    No one was shot you morons (TYT). It was all a joke and was obviously fake.

  3. Philip Erdman says:

    Who is this old fat f*ck guy that keeps blabbing? He needs to go to the gym and shut up. The girl looks like she has a dried up turd stuck in her *ss.

  4. Hanna3 says:

    tyt racist trashy show.

  5. Ritzy Ritz says:

    It's like an alt right troll stampede below!

  6. Enlightened Prophets says:


  7. Beesnchickens says:

    who is claiming to have personal firsthand knowledge that a shooting took place at vegas? that paddock was the shooter? that anyone was shot by paddock? is it too much to ask who is claiming such things?

  8. Beesnchickens says:

    could it be the ones calling oneselves young turks are presenting heresy as if it were fact?

  9. J'Mac ! says:

    Oops…cant stand this guy!

  10. Karen Peterson says:


  11. Million Million says:

    4chan is for fart huffin, basement dwelling, bums. Everyone knows that.

  12. Edi GG says:

    Ana, your stupidity is showing. Think you can make a better search algorithm go ahead. You will lose just like Bing, Yahoo and all the others. How do you want google to fix their algorithm? Hire a department to watch the internet so that you dont get triggered? Go Santorum yourself.

  13. Darlene Ashcroft says:

    TYT = Corporate sellouts. Their 15 minutes is almost up. Las Vegas was a poorly executed hoax with noo credible evidence of casualties or injuries. These people (TYT) are not journalists…….they are propagandists.

  14. UnnTHPS says:

    dont blame it on all 4chan
    blame it on /pol/ alright
    its like blaming a whole minority for actions of one person, and that's wrong, right?

  15. King Douchebag says:

    "Oh that's so funny 4chan, hahahaha so when authorities uh the cops are trying to find the right guy hey let's waste their time maybe the guy could murder more people while we're having fun on 4chan, that's so funny." THE GUY IS DEAD, SUPPOSEDLY SHOT HIMSELF THE COPS ARE ABSOLUTELY SEARCHING FOR HIM ON GOOGLE. YOU (gladly not my friend) ARE A TRUE INSPIRATION TO THE PEOPLE AND A GREAT THINKER (Heavy sarcasm in case it was wasted on you)

  16. Katherine Goddard says:

    Free speech people will disappear if you let the government have any say in it at all. Omg that would actually cause more problems in the end
    If the big network station's wouldnt LIE and wouldnt spend 75percent of the time bashing our President this wouldnt be a problem would it
    Nope cause then people just might start trusting them again. They brought this on themselves. You never ever have heard and seen so much negative feedback or just total lies as you do now about the President and that is so wrong and it causes problems in the end. Are they paid by someone that makes this happen, i dont know but it didnt happen to Obama or before him and on and on..
    I dont understand why people think its ok to keep doing this. This is the President and you dont have to like him but you should RESPECT him. In 4 yrs vote for someone else. Until then GROW THE HELL UP AND ACT LIKE YOU HAVE SOME MORALS AND WERE TAUGHT SOME MANNERS.

  17. Galamoth66 says:

    The fat Brown buffalo and the hook-nosed bitch strike again

  18. Blake Gale says:

    The young turds is fake news

  19. onjapanewer says:

    The video for proof of bodies is on liveleak. Focus on the second shooter
    liveleak d o t c o m / view?i=5b9_1507114045

  20. nomorebs1957 says:

    Thumb down.

  21. S. Labouisse says:

    'Young Jerks' is the very home of fake news as it continues to promote the Sandy Hook 'school shooting' and the Boston Marathon 'bombing' lies. How a-h like Cenk Uygur sleep at night is beyond me.

  22. LendMeYourHand says:

    YT need to figure out where they stand. 4chan is a shit show, but if you like to read and dig for knowledge, 4chan can produce solutions, life hacks, etc. Much like Reddit. So if you can dig thru the nonsense and have patience, you will find Rosetta stone. You wanna know how to get Google to work for you, use it more often, it forms to your intellect by compiling your preference. Thats why you cant use someone elses google because their history is brain dead.

  23. LendMeYourHand says:

    One of the biggest factors of the LV footage can only be recognized by sound production knowledge. Those who have studio time, produced music and audio files. These are the people who have credentials to outline the blatant anomolies that most wont recognize from lack of experience. If you take 7 videos leading to the main street you will realize all videos produce the same audio file in timeline regardless of distance from the stage. This can only be performed when projected thru a speaker. A bullet hitting the pavement in the audience is not relative in sound to what someone hears in the parking area. Sound travels bends, bounces, etc. You can observe a bend in pitch when you hear a car passing you on the road. This was not the case in several recordings. You can also observe that the sound is squelching audio closest to the stage from overload, whilst a video of people partying at Mandalay proves the sound is NOT coming from the hotel. The taxi footage has dubbed dialog as we can hear the beginning of the video produces reverb typical of a microphone to close to a speaker, but this is where someone with audio editing or dj equipment are well aware that troubleshooting the issue of multiple microphone inputs is an audio codex issue from stereo mix and the driver must be downloaded as it does not come installed as standard. This however isnt realized until after listening to the recording and concluding the microphone is picking up feedback from the speakers. So the taxi recording is a dead give away of after product dubbed sound generated on a pc or laptop. Yet too stupid to download the codex and lack of audio editing.

  24. Kelly Thornburg says:

    I've been periodically checking in on TYT over the years in the hopes that, being liberal, I'd find an ounce of truth to what they say. Instead I always find that they are an embarrassment to the left. They are offensive, name calling bigots. If you like watching people trash the right, name calling & spew bullshit propaganda kind of hypocrisy then this channel is for you. For me these people have no credibility, their mouths are trashy. And liberals need to take the high ground rather than acting as bad or worse than the people that they are trashing. These are the kind of people that push people away from the left-and believe me people are leaving in droves. Propaganda through and through. Wake up left. Do your own real research. Don't be spoon fed this BS.

  25. Kelly Thornburg says:

    Judging by the comments below it looks like most see TYT for what they are, a left wing load of fake BS "news".

  26. Kelly Thornburg says:

    Seriously!??? is there really anyone here who can take what they say seriously?! ????? If so, I guess you're a zombie already. ?????

  27. Racial Love says:

    The "mass shooting" itself is Jewish fake news at its most egregious. (Except for 9-11, and the "gas chambers" hoax.) But Jews always project and accuse others of doing precisely what the Jew does.

  28. Ratraccoon says:

    Problem is that if most of MSM (excluding Fox News of course) wasn't both biased liberal and sell outs to the Deep State (see Operation Mockingbird) and multinational corporations (unfortunately Fox News has this problem big time) people would be less prone to believing 4chan trolls.

    Looking at this now all evidence seems to point to an FBI sting operation gone wrong. hence the cover up.

  29. WakeUpNow says:

    This channel is false information.

  30. The Imaginary Gallery says:

    Definitions: Anything claimed to be FAKE NEWS by a mainstream source=REAL NEWS. Anything purported to be REAL news by mainstream=FAKE NEWS.

  31. Derek Bollino says:

    Liberals have blamed anyone who voted for trump or maybe didn’t support Hilary a racist so this whole thing is hypocritical you dumb asswhole

  32. Richard Pratt says:

    Rules 1 and 2.

  33. Tomás Gleeson says:

    Thus far I've seen little to support that this actually happened other than folk telling me it did and forcing a narrative that a particular dude is responsible. I don't get off on seeing injured or dead people but in a time where camera phones are omnipresent I have seen NOTHING online that even hints at 50 dead not to mind 500 injured. Is public gullibility being tested here?

  34. Turk 1 says:

    This is fake news of fake news.

  35. DEMO says:

    This is actually fake news. He's describing everything about the left wing but saying right wing instead

  36. Jerold Knox says:

    TYT support one sided news. Read what marxism says about women. Then see what feminism says about women.

  37. Rock Reed says:

    By reading the comments here ,more people are realizing the young turds are Liberal bull shit artists. My job is done.

  38. homerfire232 says:

    90% of ALL mass shootings are done by left wing liberals…facts don't lie.

  39. polara01 says:

    Cenk & Anna, why don't you guys talk about False flags you know that these things are happening and they are done to confuse, distract and terrorize the public and then they talk about how the information is coming over the Internet and how the mainstream media and the deep State need to control it but let's talk about evidence of false flags and expose the people behind it isn't that a smarter thing to focus on because that will unravel the entire playbook…Sandy Hook, Orlando and to a degree Las Vegas…oh, let's not forget 9/11 and also the fake moon landings…if you guys aren't hip to all this than you are truly lost sheep. Peace

  40. S Granger says:

    Lol Cenk wanted to curse so bad.

  41. Harvey Smith says:

    Oh I had no idea cops used Google to find killers!

  42. NurFACEGAMES says:

    I wouldn't call 100k views "going viral" but keep trying.

  43. Nancy Olson says:

    Whatever the fat old Turks say is always BS. What a sadsack bag of carp this guy is Ugh. Beyond annoying!!!!! I was hoping this might be a truth channel. Silly me ! If it was it would be taken off you tube. This guy is the biggest air bag I've evedheard. Even that little punk female is arrogant and stupid sounding too.

  44. The Lying Facts says:

    Has anyone see any cctv footage from inside the hotel of the gunner? How did that guy go unnoticed with all those bags full of guns? If anyone knows pls let me know! Thanks!

  45. Sane Progressive says:

    Turks are NOTHING but a sell out operative of establishment power. Shove it Ana. Glad to see at least a third dislikes, people are waking up to you.

  46. John B says:

    I am trying to overlook this is a Jewish channel. However the LV shooting was a hoax and Steven Paddock is still alive and they used a new weapon called Hypersonic sound (HSS) to create the gunfire. Nobody died or injured and Steven Paddock can appear in court to defend any legal proceedings against him. The shooting was a psyop to make money for the Jews involved like Soros and Murren together with a second amendment false flag. CNN reported Steven Paddock as a mass murderer by shooting at the rt 91 Harvest Festival on 9/29/17 before the event.

  47. Jim Funkhouser says:

    Facts, not fairy tales, are driving this story.

  48. Rick James says:

    TYT= MSM

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