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Faces of Greed: Jeff Bezos

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  1. Hyper Sonic says:

    Amazon is un-American with it's anti-competitive tactics
    Google shows Amazon Fire Stick and has for many years and will continue to do so because they believe in American values
    Amazon does NOT show Google Chromecast and it hasn't for many years due to pure monopolistic greed

    You want to support American competitiveness? Stick with Google. Google shopping will let you comparison shop amongst all distributors (including Amazon.) Support American competition and use something like for cheap delivery.

    Just look at all the stores Google Express supports, now that's the American competitive way!
    Don't let would be monopolies take over and thus ruin the online retail sector.

  2. Paul Balestier says:

    The American Dream .what a hard working man .had an idea and turned it into billions and now everyone is complaining even the people that buy from Amazon lmao .

  3. hudsontoo1212 says:

    Fuck Jeff Bezos. What a demon

  4. James Spiller says:

    Yes, he can. The problem is that he’s refusing to. Everyone hates Bezos, and Amazon immediately after working at one of the facilities, and seeing the piss poor working conditions. He should not be so proud of the working conditions at all. It’s getting people killed. I no longer drink the water in the Ric2 facility, as my friends have gotten sick from drinking that water.

  5. Pouya Parseyan says:

    Is Jeff Bazos just evil?
    The incentive structure is corrupt and for sure, he is a beneficiary. But isn't that self-deception if we deny that there's something remarkable about Jeff Bazos and his achievements? He did not start rich, it is hard to deny that he has created value for society in a way most people CAN NOT DO! I use Amazon because often times they do offer better service (they would not be successful otherwise).

    Fix the incentives rather than vilifying people who create value. The game is rigged if you are already rich, but portraying entrepreneurs as evil can be dangerous! He did not start so rich!

  6. Its Reason says:

    i got milked by Amazon and thrown away like a used towel

  7. edgarcayce2.0 says:

    Apparently, if you're fortunate enough to make it to the very very top of the pyramid, they cut out your heart and soul. Or more likely, Bezos never had those to begin with.

  8. Frances Joan Jenson says:


  9. AkJonny1965 says:

    Done with Amazon. Shopping locally.

  10. tugaric says:

    As long as the poor fight stay uneducated and sedated with all those idiotic shows and they re pointless consumerism. The rich will keep winning and it s not even they re fault. You, me , us are allowing it, just for this illusion of comfort…

  11. C C says:

    Bernie Sanders is a divider and a very deluded man. His mantra about "free" college, healthcare etc is not only dangerous but makes promises Bernie knows is a big fat lie. Nothing in life is free and the government screws up everything it touches. Bernie should be ashamed of himself for pushing the false narrative of socialism. but sadly he's just another shameless lying politician.
    I dont like the left wing politics of Jeff Bezos but success in this country should be applauded and not disparaged!

  12. John Deere says:

    $28,466 a year? That is sad. This is terrible pay these days.

    See people, this is how the rich get filthy rich. By enslaving people, killing people, stealing from people, taking advantage of people & being all out selfish and greedy.

    Scum of the earth.

    There is a reason that it is said that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

    Amazon should increase their prices just a bit, so they are competitive and give other businesses a chance & they should pay their employees more money. They would still make good profits. This isn't right. This should be eating away at his conscience if he was a good man.

  13. Klaus Klaus says:

    Well, taxes go mostly in politicians pockets, directly or not. So, the guy asks himself the legitimate question: why should I pay tax? After all only the sheep pays real taxes waiting the f….g politicians to improve the situation. Laughable …

  14. AZWisdom Vision says:

    You are absolutely joulous..

  15. d w says:

    This is a shit channel…

  16. Serge Bisson says:

    I do not shop on Amazon. Period.

  17. Paul Adams says:

    Its open war on democracy!

  18. Colleen M says:

    Richest man but ugliest man. Inside and out.

  19. Colleen M says:

    Bezos has 25 bathrooms in one home. His employees have to wear a diaper on their shift.

  20. Nathan Baker says:

    I wasn't burnt out while working for Amazon I was doing very good the reason I was late go was because my boss wanted to get rid of me because everyone likes me more than him

  21. Pickle Rick says:

    So much jealousy in the comments LOL

  22. Nelson Gonzalez says:

    Proud of the wages and working conditions? Ok Jeff, let’s see you work a month in a typical Amazon warehouse and see what happens .

  23. Alejandro Cabrera says:

    Marx was right!

  24. Bernand B says:

    if you give each amazon employee an equal share of Bezos' money, each would get about 170,000 dollars.

  25. Nicholas Littlejohn says:

    Instead of AC for workers, he keeps an ambulance on standby! 🚑


  26. Metal Coasters says:

    may he die a slow and painful death, and every money loving pig on this earth too.

  27. goo6 says:

    use ebay. prices are cheaper, there is a better selection, and you are buying from real people! you can also sell your old stuff on ebay and get money. more people should realize how useful ebay is.

  28. Timothy W says:

    Jesus Christ, do you actually know what his wealth comes from? Stocks, you moron, stocks! They're not real wealth! He can't buy a piece of land worth 130 billion without crippling his entire company! It's not like he has 130 billion dollars in cash lying around his basement.

    If he starts selling too many stocks to get the ACTUAL money, his company is going to collapse.

    If person A is relatively well-off, has one car and a two-bedroom house, and he has a good amount of shares in his own company (let's call it company X), and company X has a worth of 100 million, then he's rich. If person B has three sports cars, a mansion with its own swimming pool, and eats at gourmet restaurants, then it's obvious he's richer than person A. However, apparently person A is now richer than person B, if you count stocks as legitimate wealth.

  29. KNO says:

    I truly think Bezos isn't a bad person. Greed is a disease and he needs an objective intervention. It's scary to think what he would've been like if he didn't have a wife to keep him in check.

  30. Heraldo Medrano says:

    Chip labor.

  31. Heraldo Medrano says:

    Just another greedy American.

  32. Heraldo Medrano says:

    They steel from the poor to give to the rich.

  33. Heraldo Medrano says:

    America land of legal thefts and crooks.

  34. Maxim C. says:

    Bullshit. Bankers have much more pieces of paper (aka "money") than him, in fact they own countries, their Governments, their national debuts, and so forth, not just money.

  35. NOBEL DJ says:

    lets make amazon bankrupt and fire all of his employees

  36. Maxim C. says:

    By the way, maybe no mistake – Amazon / Bezos plays by Capitalist rules… Looks like having so much money is unfair? It is. It's Capitalism at work…

    And our beloved Governments could impede this unfairness. But they don't. Why? Because in a Capitalist society the richest capitalists are ones that make the rules, not Governments.

    That's why you should not think that we should rely on politicians for changing this shitty socio-economic organization. We should just ignore them politicians and their little political games, and instead focuse on solving our basic problems ourselves (that's what needs to be done, we just have to figure out how to organize ourselves, while relying on ourselves, and we can definitely figure that out, we just need to focus on that first, forget political theater, etc.)

  37. Gladiator Man says:

    Working conditions are disgusting. He is disgusting when he says he is proud of the working conditions. What an absolute and utter scumbag piece of shit.

  38. Geo Polos says:

    The funny thing is Bernies tax policies wouldn't effect bezos, it would effect small businesses, and bezos would just get more wealthy.

  39. those horriblewhiteppl says:

    Bezos is awesome!! Love that guy. Fuck all you pussy whiners who are too lazy to make your own money so you need to complain about a guy who created something that works efficiently and makes tons of cash. Then to have the biggest leech on earth Bernie Sanders talk shit is hilarious. I think I'll order something from Amazon right now lol.

  40. those horriblewhiteppl says:

    Why do I have a leeches videos showing up in my feed? Suck a dick Bernie and get a real job instead of wanting to take money away from those who create something that is effective and efficient you socialist cockbite.

  41. TheAsianGunster says:

    People are dumb. He does not work a W2 job. He doesn't have to pay tax. Omg get educated on taxes people.

  42. Aktien Hess says:

    Just buy amazon stocks…

  43. prisoneroftech says:

    The difference between what he earns in a day to what the Amazon employee earns in a year is huge. Getting extremely rich should not have to come at the expense of someone else's life.

  44. Judith Baxter says:

    What a low life- how does Bezos sleep at night? Why would he not want to pay taxes when he has so much??

  45. KevDew518 says:

    Nobody forces anybody to work at Amazon, this video is ridiculous. Making the working conditions sound like complete hell, when in reality there are 1,000's of other jobs with much more physical and mental labor with workers that don't complain at all. Construction mostly, dairy farmers, etc…

  46. arian villagran says:

    He earned it and he should be able to do whateva he wants with his money

  47. Tim Cox says:

    Do you expect the employers get the same amount of money?

  48. Tim Cox says:

    Demonizing entrepreneurs is a loser tactic. Don’t be a hater.

  49. Stephen B says:

    It's a funny thought to think that Amazon employees pay more taxes as a whole then the organisation that there working for .

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