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Exposure To Even a Small Amount Of Light During Sleep Is Linked To Depression, Study Says | TIME

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  1. Eve Annetska says:

    Night lights are depressing children across the nation

  2. Mr Bond says:

    What bullshit is this?!?!?

  3. it's me Joolz says:

    TY TIME! Speaking from experience, I know this is a fact.

  4. Andy M says:

    Depends where you're from. You evolve for thousands of years from a certain environment. Myself from a very dark country in winter extremely long days in summer. I do however get a better sleep in total darkness of course.

  5. Jason Garrison says:

    The Japanese have a significant problem with depression and suicide. I do not believe this study to be very accurate.

  6. Daughter of Ares says:

    But dim lighting has also been proven to lighten mood and offer energy because of its ambience

  7. Brian H says:

    Id say its more along the lines of being more stressful when you're eyes are instinctively sensing the light even with your eyes closed

  8. Lord Night says:

    Dim light is actually quite soothing at night.

  9. Isac says:

    Maybe it is because having a light around in ancient times meant you had a person on the look out and you didnt feel very safe sleeping because you had to be ready iif a predetor were to come around. Sleeping in a totally dark room indicates subcounsiously that you are in a safe environment. A far fetched thought

  10. Vysair says:

    Fake News, I have been sleeping under full light for 3 years and nothing happen. I never even get depress in my whole life.

    (Country: Malaysia)

  11. Cody Biancuzzo says:

    This is dumb

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