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Ex-Trump Campaign Official Speaks Out After Admitting Russian Meeting | Hardball | MSNBC

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  1. Kazuyo Leue says:

    He met with Roger, he says. So not a phone call? This Russian guy met with Roger during the lunch break?

  2. San Diego says:

    how could anyone forget their FIRST & supposed ONLY meeting with a Russian, just 2 years ago ??? that would be a once in a lifetime event, no frikin way he just "forgot" that.

    Caputo has been whining to everyone over the past several months, about how he did nothing wrong, and how unfair this investigation has been to him, and how his lawyer bills are making his family go broke, etc.

    boo frikin hoo Cavuto. when you lay with dogs, you get fleas.

  3. Kim Thomas says:

    That's Hardball…Great Job, Chris! He Thought He Was Going Overtalk You Like He Did Katy Tur. You Shut Him Down….Keep it Up!

  4. lanmola says:

    this is the weakest attempt to try to get in front of a negative story yet

  5. Therese Murphy says:

    Bloody Liar his expression says I'm Guilty. You are a traitor you need to be in jail creep.

  6. Linda Brooks says:

    Caputo and Stone both thought they wouldn't be caught.But when Mueller ask them the same question and they know Mueller they would be signing a death wish.

  7. Andres Virgen says:

    I was about to believe you, but I suddenly remembered EVERYONE working for Trump has LIED Non stop for the last 2 years! ZERO Credibility!

  8. quietman356 123455 says:

    Mr. Greenberg. The same Mr.Greenberg whom the FBI uses as an operative from time to time. lt figures.

  9. kozmic zian says:


  10. Mary Fontenelle says:

    They are such liars, they are running scared because Manafort went to jail.

  11. douglas steel says:

    He's the best journalist anchor you've got, excellent

  12. Chidiebere Ndukwu says:

    "…pants on fire"

  13. bflo1000 says:

    More lies from GOP scum.

  14. jd2616 says:

    At 4:44 CHRIS SAYS “so BOTH you guys forgot it all”. that is rich…..The special counsel has all these liars shook up, man I love to see white collar criminals squirm….HEHEHEHEHE

  15. Paul Walsh says:

    Put everybody under lie detectors and then add that to the mistruths and "corrections" made and then decide if they lied on their FBI foreign contact security forms and put them all away like they would for any ordinary citizen.
    … and let them joke about Russian dressing in the prison cafeteria.
    PS I know that lie detectors aren't reliable and can give false positive reactions due to stress of interrogation, but if you're not lying or trying to hide a truth you have no reason for stress.

  16. ftlpunk says:

    Man… I watch msnbc practically every day, and Chris Mathews usually doesnt let stuff get by him, but in this ONE instance, I think the other guy may have had a point. If someone is working for the FBI for nearly two decades and then that same person tries to offer Roger Stone, someone who is very close to Trump and a campaign official, dirt on his opponent, that seems like the FBI might have been fishing for collusion, like a political sting operation. Trying to catch them in the act. If Roger Stone said no like those texts suggest, than that would mean in this ONE INSTANCE, there was no collusion. But thats one scenario, and its Roger Stone, who is a lot smarter than Trump.

  17. Ru shan says:

    Your a lier,, don't matter how many years he was a agent. Your a lier!!

  18. Ru shan says:

    U know he a informant now.. you didn't know that then. Your a lier..

  19. winky phillips says:

    Another Star in the Trump Cesspool.

  20. Suzy W says:

    Republicans lie to hide lies to conceal lies to hide lies cause they told their trainer they done their reps #simple #whatalotofbullshit #traitors #lockhimup

  21. elcgmail says:

    Translation… I lied to congress, but when Mueller the professional investigator not working to protect Trump & Co asked, I knew they would already know the truth & I couldn't outright lie ugh

  22. shamus gardner says:

    The ROOF the ROOF the ROOF is on 🔥

  23. ChucksterOLove says:


  24. Jon dow says:


  25. Bertha Warren says:

    You lied.

  26. K B says:

    Such Fuckn Liars!

  27. Heykayde says:

    Surprise, surprise.

  28. Bobby Taylor says:

    Funny they keep saying we didn't speak to Russians but when it's leaked then it's" Oh now i remember i forgot" Crooks

  29. craig spowart says:

    What a slum bag. Deserves all he is going to get.

  30. madboyreadynow28 says:


  31. linda ware says:

    They have made a campaign on lies and fake news .. everything is a conspiracy against them.. great tactic . It has been working and many are still supporters

  32. mrekbass says:

    Now they are just telling different lies!

  33. What Next says:

    I looked at his website, pretty much everything on it has long been debunked. Its more crackpottery.

  34. Linda Kennedy says:

    Memory Loss Seems To Be A Quality The Trump Family Values! !!!…

  35. Maaike R says:

    He just tried to hide it but found out Mueller knew so he "remembered".So now he is trying to attack the FBI. What a weasel.It doesn't matter IF it was an informant…its still a crime.

  36. John Greene says:

    Its law and order. Your lie to FBI… are charged. If found guitly. You go to jail.

  37. Pamela B says:

    What a liar.

  38. Francis Sanchez says:

    His lips are moving , he’s lying throw the bum in jail and his children too, and then wait for him to flip in a NEW YORK MINUTE…

  39. Frans Dav says:

    I think chris must have been progressed through his school standards. There is no logic to be found in this old man.

  40. Nizzey215 says:

    This guy… we both robbed the bank and we both forgot how much money we stole from the bank…until u showed it to me..then I reminded my boy and he was like yea that sounds about right.. smh

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