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Ex-Navy sailor pardoned by Trump plans to sue Obama

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  1. Truthd Craford says:

    We should be afraid when a man can't get investigated because of public views

  2. Tony D says:

    sue the two faced scum bags, get on it, he is a smart guy , he is going to make them wish they never seen him

  3. artsynova says:

    The photos were prohibited? If so, why those same pictures are being showed to the world on TV now, aren't those pics NOT secret anymore?

  4. Large Vessel says:

    the views on fox news videos compare to their competition

  5. Sharp Shooter says:

    I’d like to sue them all from backstabbing America and make it look like they’re innocent victims which they are not STRAIGHT UP…

  6. rebecca sargissian says:

    We’re joining him pursuit of Obama sounds righteous

  7. michaelsmiley15 says:

    I don't see anything coming from this guy's lawsuit he clearly has grounds he was robbed of a career because he took a few photographs and emails and photographs are different but the punishment was clearly not the same and he's free accepted his punishment and we all know that she got away with all kinds of stuff
    She has got the free pass She's Got Away scott-free they haven't been able to stop her even doing promotional tours and selling books and making money off of what she has clearly done which was violation of National Security she should be in prison today

  8. James Pollo says:

    When it comes to intent, Clinton never intended to share these emails where this guy did intend to show classified information to people who weren’t authorized.


    SAY NO TO 666 MARK

  10. JONATHAN MARKS says:


  11. Wanda Roderick says:

    Good America is behind you young man thank you for your services beat the hell out of Obama

  12. Wanda Roderick says:

    Man of Hillary didn't know certain things was classified she ain't got no damn business being president and goes to show her stupidity thank God she's not in there she needs to be in prison long time ago rotting

  13. Charles Lloyd says:

    Let me guess. Out of the three whom took pictures this guy was the only Caucasian. Of course he could have avoided federal prosecution if he proclaimed himself a woman that only identifies as a man.

  14. gajjthein says:

    I hope and wish he wins and gets back the time he lost from his family.

  15. joe mama69 says:

    Lol.. NOTHING to see hear people !! 😆 oh.. the GULLIBLE trump sheep. 😁.

  16. InTheNameOfJustice says:

    Good luck Kristian Saucier.

  17. Walt Gibbs says:

    The only thing the american people can wake up and see is more crimes being commited by the governemt and police and courts then the actual criminals in our country. Its sad we get arrested for the same kinds of things they get away with daily and they get away with alot worse then kjust that esoecially the obamas and the clintons and they all need to be convicted to the fullest for the crimes against humanity and our country or the laws bneed to be as lenient with everyone not just the rich and powerful thats bullshit the rich and powerful will be begging the poor and reched for their help when the shit hits the fan cause theyvare all cowards that hide behind their money and the oprotection that our country clearly gives to the rich and powerful ( obamas and the clintons to name a few) . it is bullshit and needs to be dealt with with the harshest penalties given out

  18. Venomite GD says:

    shows confidential photos in news

  19. R P says:

    Hope he wins

  20. SPIRIT DOT says:

    Fake news! Sue obama!? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..good luck!!

  21. Victor Carbajal says:

    Hey Trace sue the s*** out of the Obama's administration f*** them up bro 👍

  22. Memory of the Stars says:

    why everybody calls her "Clit-On" just asking.

  23. Blue Wing says:

    Yep i agree with you. Hillary should be punished and so should comey. They are not anyone special to get special privileges. You keep fighting. Maybe it will make a difference one day. Good luck.

  24. Frank Bevins says:

    Why are they showing those pictures on the news for everyone to see

  25. The Jason says:

    Hear;Hear shipmate…

  26. Shadoku Exia says:

    screw trump

  27. Elias Saba says:

    The Clinton’s have killed several people that have tried the same heroic deed, he will show up dead by some weird way with a shady circumstance

  28. David Davies says:

    so you show these 6 pictures that is restricted you are mother fuker should go to jail include that motherfuker that who knew better you sign a paper a contract before you go in submarines he knew f**** better

  29. Manko Kennewick says:

    Hillary is a spy

  30. Trams Am says:

    Thank God for Trump.

  31. Nathaniel Healey says:

    This is just a maneuver to justify not perusing Hillary Clinton as the criminal she is. It sets a bad precedent.

  32. freddy ybarra says:

    Semperrrr fiiiiiii devil dog 😂😂😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  33. Tony Tune says:

    Amazing how Fox will defend a traitor , when it suits them.

  34. Idol Hanz says:

    No case. Executive privledge. President can't use unlawful command influence and cant get involved in the case other then a pardon ex post facto.

  35. Mike Rice says:

    Lock all them up Comey, Hillary, Loretta Lynch, Uma Aberdeen the queen of the Muslim Brotherhood they're all domestic terrorists in my opinion

  36. magan says:

    Hows that lawsuit going for ya?

  37. magan says:

    About the same as all those women Trump was going to sue. Ha,ha,ha!

  38. Vickey Efremidis says:

    Totally confused here … he took the pictures and Destoyed them ! So whose pictures did they just show ? I hope you do use them … thank you for your service … stay safe 🇺🇸🙏🏼🇺🇸

  39. Ladyfinger Zenab says:

    Double standard aka hypocrisy aka Hilary

  40. Ladyfinger Zenab says:

    Obama only like freeloaders because it’s not coming from his million $ bank account

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