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Ex-Nairobi Street boy Rescuer on the nature of their relationship

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  1. evance okoth says:


  2. Monnie Noniot says:

    Wanja is heaven sent

  3. Stacey Mayar says:

    God bless you for your kind heart ❤️. It’s so hard to get people like you wanja. What a woman! What a story! Wow!

  4. J.O.O says:

    This one was just looking for a husband…Mwanaume ni yule yule…Hata umpeleke rehab, akipona atatafuta tu wanawake wengine

  5. Suz Last says:

    Young woman you're one in a million Most High will lead beyond for what you have done and that young man is blessed too.

  6. Daizyleen Wanndung'u says:

    wanja u r am amzng lady God blss u

  7. Margy Nyaks says:

    God bless you wanja

  8. Benard Omondi says:

    Wanja is an angel

  9. Thoya Rashid says:

    She is an angle from God

  10. Angle Fhatz says:

    May our Almighty God bless you wanja long life in Jesus name

  11. Jemma Karwitha says:

    may God bless u

  12. Soni Murigi says:

    May God bless you wanja

  13. Teresia Kimari says:

    May God bless u for saving a life Wanja..

  14. Esther Wangui says:

    May God bless her

  15. Halima Jason says:

    God bless you so much wanjai


    Only God can made the prize for you❤🙏

  17. Banqlyne Dewper says:

    This journalist is very unprofessional. Asking the same question ten times

  18. Elizabeth Joseph says:

    God Bless you Wanja..tenda wema nenda zako utalipwa na mungu..He will bless u

  19. George 254 says:

    Oh, God bless you Wanja

  20. Brenda Vaa Feb says:

    May God bless you lady

  21. African Proud says:

    God bless you beautiful lady.

  22. Sherry shazala says:

    Ur are a God send for real, more blessings grl.

  23. guka munene says:

    All i can tell you sister is GOD BLESS YOU


    God bless you👉

  25. Vero M says:

    Wanja nakupeda bure

  26. Mbeni Mutiso says:

    i know the guy,actually i thot he was mad,God bless u

  27. Gitonga Kelvin says:

    Issa scam people, wake up. Dude ain't from the streets.

  28. Ann Mbogo says:

    God will reward you

  29. JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

    Hi great page ☺ Keep it up!

  30. jumanji T-rex says:

    yap she groomed a husband,,,,come on

  31. Jesus Is Lord says:

    This is so touching.
    I met Wanja in church Citam Parklands 2 yrs back and she has a heart to serve.

    That's God's love in u sister.
    Keep keeping on…

  32. peter kiprop says:

    God bless you sister

  33. shantel shanty says:

    Some giving negative comments hmmmm God Will bless you young lady👏👏👊

  34. Teresia Waithera says:

    God bless you girl

  35. Oletitptip Sm says:

    Big heart this lady !!!

  36. meggy Gitau says:

    Such a kind and a beautiful heart! God bless you and up lift you in everything you do! you are really an Angel.

  37. mercy Mum Telvin says:

    God bless you Wanja..

  38. Ayak Bior says:

    God bless you and your generation Wanja

  39. Zaine Milan says:

    God bless you Wanja

  40. Liliane Keny says:

    God bless you Wanja…such an amazing lady

  41. Esther Wanja says:

    You are an angel namresake, may your pockets never dry

  42. Marie Uwase says:

    God bless you for everything you did to that mam

  43. Gladwell Nyawira Munge says:

    What a wonderful lady faith wanja you have golden heart and God will continue to enlarge your territories

  44. Karolynah Meridah says:

    God bless you abundantly dear

  45. Rudo Ringo says:

    Heaven sent, may God extend ur territory. Surely there is a reward for that. Long live

  46. Eunice Gachuru says:

    Matthew 5 : 7
    Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
    Wanja, God will reward you….

  47. kate kanini says:

    Wanja….should you decide to run for presidency, you have my vote. God bless you.

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