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Electric vehicles getting charge from the road; UK to ban new petrol and diesel cars – Compilation

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  1. Jonathan Scruggs says:


  2. therockinchriscomp says:

    electric cars are not affordable and driverless busses are just a way to take away more jobs!

  3. The_Crazy_ Crustacean says:

    Didn’t get notified tf

  4. Ruben Vargas Gomez says:

    9:30 please stop showing old news

  5. All Kindzzz says:

    I don’t remember subscribing to this channel, this video just popped up in my subscriptions

  6. Matteccles says:

    V12s will be a myth by the time I could possibly afford one

  7. hypostatis says:


  8. MeanManSlayer says:

    Whoever believes the first clip will work also believes solar roadways would work… But hey look how trash is solar roadways

  9. Errors Guy says:

    Banned in UK:
    Kitchen knives
    Common household tools
    Calling the cops
    Defense from violence
    And now new cars

    Coming Banning soon, video games and fiction novels!

  10. Sandra Caraballo says:

    What is this fzero

  11. Mark Angel says:

    Will the next fast and furious be all electric xD

  12. Quibblish says:

    Uh regenerative braking?


    you guys are awesome keep it up i also subbed and turned on notIfactions

  14. squirrel says:

    We should all start using more electric cars, we only have 100 years left of oil. Time to change.

  15. rflberg says:

    How will they bill you for the electricity use from the road?

  16. Dogemaster1982666 says:

    In 10 days I will turn 10

  17. Jadens Squad says:

    Wow I'm The 3500th Person To See This!

  18. Mamothdinolover 112 says:


  19. Manu San says:

    Why do you blur your own "Tomo News" logo? It's because you designed a new one and don't want to use the older one?

  20. Eli Charlton says:

    Actually the Theresa’s may demanded electric cars and self driving cars by 2020 not 2040
    Also I k ow that electric road…. can I charge my iPhone X from it?? 😂

  21. SnowySkies says:

    china should ban gas and diesel

  22. Night Howla says:

    vechiles can be made so u never have 2 stop and recharge or reful stop being such noobs guys fuckings lol

  23. Miłosz Recław says:

    Why you don t making polish film??

  24. Dawny murzyn says:

    Add something to poland to mo news channel !!!!!

  25. Caden Saunders says:

    What happens if lighting hit a dead/out of battery electric car?

  26. More YC says:

    Next time say palistine

  27. Horny Pervert says:

    You are fake news

  28. AnimeT0getherEU says:

    Don't the roads interfere with other devices?

  29. CycoDragon 24 says:

    Rip soon to be extinct deisle trucks.

  30. Timingegg 772 says:

    I need more electric cars

  31. Yanet Gonzalez says:

    This is the future

  32. David Bradley says:

    They could fit an interactive meter in the vehicle. Similar had to be done in the late 1980s when Cable tv was introduced.
    First could be motorways as this would mean long distance followed by trunk roads because if there is for example a 150 mile range you would need it here.
    A roads would follow, then B roads, then whatever is needed most.

  33. HatefulChannel says:

    I will charge my phone and laptop

  34. BIG 747-400 says:

    Volvo is banning the production of fuel combustion vehicles starting for the 2019 model year due to the pollution currently in China. Fuel combustion vehicles are also being banned from France and India by 2040.

  35. brian stuart says:

    that would be a good one but it wouldn't work in the United States because the rip-off stealing c******** on Capitol Hill can't take care of the roads right now to begin with and they let him collapse and just tear your rate for the past 60 years so that wouldn't work in this country too many f**** thieves on Capitol Hill but I bet you'd work good and places that are run good like Sweden Norway oh yeah them countries would benefit greatly because they manage their s*** real well

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