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Economic Collapse Weekly Report Aug 17/09

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  1. GoatHollow says:

    No blight in my yard so far, except I'm having some fungal problems in my squash. Don't suspect potato blight, because the spuds, and tomatoes are doing fine. Should be digging the taters this week.

  2. PeakedEarth says:

    My question is What Else is on the bills on touch constantly – lets check for virus and bio-chems instead of drugs that are innate when touched. Lets try to keep the public safe… and you are right, what a waste of money checking for drugs on currency when millions are without work and more starving worldwide.

  3. BLynchCAN says:

    Just ate some of our garden taters tonight and the tomatoes are coming in just as good.

  4. bozeman14 says:

    you are a very insightful young man – your analysis is appreciated.

  5. Homestead Acres says:

    well thankyou its also a gift to give it to people who Appreciate it as well

  6. Homestead Acres says:

    Yeh lol i was thinking of doing a top 10 list of things they should study

  7. Zorn101 says:

    I dont like your opener. You need nice down home out door opener. I will make you if you get ride of that question mark and and the music. The reason no one likes fox news is because they use stuff like that in there openers.

    any way peace
    Thanks for the update.

  8. moke4all says:

    yes opener is to long and loud

  9. MrsDilligaf says:

    They don't need to do a study on it – just ask any Customs agent. Nearly all cash as is contaminated with drugs.

  10. jocknomore says:

    Always enjoy your vlogs, brings a moment of peace to me. Thanks!

  11. maxinatlanta says:

    Nice background noise. Thank You

  12. Zguitar1 says:

    "That's the difference between Homesteadacres and FOX/CNN", Apparently , You don't watch Glenn Beck ; )

  13. Homestead Acres says:

    yeh lol i was refering to my wee one saying hi behind the window

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