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Draymond Green: We would say no to Trump White House again

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  1. Pam M says:

    Trump 2020. Take your money and use it to help fellow black Americans. Your opinion of Trump doesn't matter

  2. Xochi Pilli says:

    Mcafee 2020!!!

  3. Jones Designz says:

    Please don't go….all the Teams out their that act like this and that they disrespect our Nation. Then they don't deserve to even be a Professional player because their actions isn't very professional.

  4. garciadelacadena says:


  5. Sleeping Forest says:

    I wish they would go to the White House and try and help bridge this gap instead of widening it.

  6. hase qaet says:

    Lj ain't the king

  7. hase qaet says:

    Kings are undefeated

  8. Lunar Reflex says:

    This shit is actually comedic lmao stick to kickin balls homie

  9. Rukus13 says:

    ok WAIT… (2:00)
    so in other words, Millionaire Green here is NOT for the following.
    1. more jobs (lowest unemployment rate ever)
    2. less Food Stamp usage
    3. Growing Economy
    4. trying to make peace with world leaders
    5. giving US it's own energy supply
    6. remove ICE
    7….. WINNNING & so on.

  10. Tboss Cali says:


  11. Josh says:

    When are people going to learn that using a platform just to have a voice only gets you so far. If you are invited to the White House to speak to the President of the United States for heavens sake go and have a conversation with him in an effort to try to create that change you wish to see. You don't have to agree with Trump's politics to do this.

  12. Sean Huesman says:

    Dudes actually a good president besides his use of the media.just look at his accomplishments, litterally go Google his accomplishments in office I'll wait……so y'all are back? What's ur opinion

  13. Cian Reyes says:

    Its the Corrupt News Network. (CNN) what else would you expect.

  14. Happier and with your mouth open says:

    Wait CNN promoting anti-Trump garbage? Crazy 🙄

  15. Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso says:

    Chris Sinaloa Cumhoe. Fake news bukakke.

  16. Trajan Heydrich says:

    CNN is so desperate for him say something REALLY bad about Trump but other than that, this is one well spoken ni🅱️🅱️a.

  17. litewurks says:

    I feel like Cuomo genuinely likes talking to different people. Good for him.

  18. Patrick says:

    Draymond is my dude. Wish him continued success and peace and prosperity down in the Bay Area. The dude can hoop.

  19. Patrick says:

    This guy is very smart on and off the court. Look for him to coach, General Manage and maybe own his own team after he retires. Don't sleep on Draymond .

  20. T Br says:

    Its crazy because all you trump poor supporters think trump give a fuck about you which he doesn't haha laugh on you poor mf

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