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Double-decker bus crashes in rural Hong Kong

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  1. Leave my guns alone Vile Libtards! says:

    Just goes on the record that Asian people are horrible drivers. TRUE FACT!

  2. tea42 says:

    In Hong Kong…. communist China …and they have "Ambulance" in English on their bunker gear?

  3. F8oK8 says:

    So sorry for the loss of life. Condolences to the people involved.

  4. hongkongsmartboy says:

    Most dead troll are of aging (5x – 6x) house racing bettors!

  5. Simiral Entertainment says:

    Every lost human soul is the wrong thing, we somehow still live among the non-right things ..

  6. Swiper Fox says:

    Just an old joke…
    The reason why it crashed is that… THERE'S NO DRIVER UPSTAIRS.

  7. Rin Chan says:

    The incident was because everyone kept complaining the busses were always late so the driver took a quick speed and while turning crashed. He immediately after crashing left the scene and started texting without trying to help out the hurt passengers. He is now being sued.

  8. Ana Ana says:

    Ya Allah prey to hongkong

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