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“Don’t lie” to U.S. border guards about pot use: Bill Blair

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  1. The Canadian American says:

    Just don’t do it

  2. Lori says:

    Tell Border Security that you smoke pot!! I think not! Blair trying to inconvenience people even more by getting us stopped at the border?? Our Government has not worked any "Royal Assent" pass with the Americans and to tell us to admit to Cannabis use will be an automatic search. Liberals wont even give pardons out to Canadians for past offenses and now its ok to admit to smoking pot at an international border?!? Insanity!! until the government can show absolute PROOF that we wont be detained, searched or treated as a criminal, probably best to keep your smoking habit to yourself. Biggest Prohibitionist around in charge of legalizing the plant he has fought against for decades. Dont believe a word he says. This Liberal Cannabis Act is so sketchy they should have left it to the black market to organize things.

  3. True Wolf says:

    “People should always tell the truth”
    Your hilarious Bill Blair-
    What’s your “stake” with the legal weed? – tell the truth ?!? Organized Crime will THRIVE like it did with the gambling. You know this. Why hide it ?

  4. Susan Manderson says:

    Shut up and go away

  5. Susan Manderson says:

    There's no need to tell anyone about your privacy.

  6. Johnny Nonuts says:

    so sick of hearing about pot and how drug use is being normalized. this is a former smoker of 20 years who finally woke up to the negative effect pot was having on my life.

    sobriety is the best thing guys. dont dull your life and minds with this drug if you don't need it for true medical purpose

  7. Susan Manderson says:

    What a liar. Trudeau is really nothing but an elitist little ponce with no interest in being a leader. All he wants to do is to get onto a higher level of wealthy connections. Being rich is what matters to him. Nothing else. Blair is a huge hypocrite. Hope he's voted out.

  8. Speed Phreak says:

    CTV , do some fact checking before making yourself look rediculous with questions that aren't even fact.. morons… stop creating drama, the vast majority of canadians are for this.

  9. Kip William says:

    This very flawed Liberal legislation is based on a corporate agenda that will enrich a chosen few, however the current black illegal market will survive & thrive since most homeowners will end up growing their own weed. We will see a backlash against government because so many dispensaries have been shut down to make way for wealthy corporations to control everything. Failure to offer an immediate pardon to the millions that have a criminal record shows a lack of fairness & compassion.

  10. Keith McIntyre says:

    Why would you admit to smoking pot if you have no criminal record…..pretty stupid advice from an ex-cop.

  11. Eusunt Dac says:

    No, don't listen to a former cop. If You have no convictions from the past just say You don't do drugs. That ends the questions. If You say You did, You will be pulled aside, questioned for endless hours and in the end You can be barred from entering the United States. Just don't listen to this guy. He's awful.

  12. sorrybadbeat says:

    The reporter would like to keep locking people up while we fine tune the system because quote "that's what we've been doing for generations". That is some brilliant logic right there. Don't free the slaves now, we need to make sure they have jobs, can read, have a good education system in place, I mean we have had slaves for 100s of years so I think waiting longer won't be a big deal. Yeah, won't be a big deal for you because you don't smoke marijuana you numb skull.

  13. Mark Green says:

    Give it one more year to sort out all these issues and make it legal on July 1, 2019. In the meantime, stop busting people for growing, selling and possessing marijuana under the traditional system. Bill Blair says that these are "criminals" under the traditional system but they're only criminals because of the stupid law in the first place. If marijuana had always been legal, they would be called successful entrepreneurs and businessmen.

  14. NorthernGamer says:

    Basically two idiots going at each other. One thinks that we have to wait 6 more months to legalize it, and the other wants somebody crossing the border from Canada into the US to tell border security that they smoked the plant and get sent back because you smoked a medicine that cures the most serious illnesses known to humans?

  15. Ange Waters says:

    "Repeal and replace" ~Donald Trump.

  16. private pyle says:

    Yes Mr U.S. border security man, I smoke gange…. it's what I do…
    10 seconds later vehicle is in thousands of pieces.
    Also. I trust my drug dealer more than I trust this scumbag.

  17. A. Soul says:

    Trudeau and his cohorts used pot legalization as an election promise and now they are dragging their feet; The liberals lie and break election promises as a matter of course; The delay is just so they can take on the profits; Government is only a polite way of describing organised crime;

  18. lospaisas original says:

    If you tell them they have to put you on a list. Will pop out your whole life as a pothead.

  19. Grant Johnston Johnston says:

    This so called drug war, is nothing short of crimes against humanity. Just imagine how meny people's lives have been destroyed, and are currently being destroyed. When you have a drinking problem, there is a large number of options for someone to get help .
    But if you're addicted to drugs , you're going to jail , and you're going to have a criminal record the rest of your life. This is wrong in so meny ways , and a much bigger Crime , then the so called crime . And even in the case of drug dealers . If someone is dealing drugs who's also has an addiction , again this is wrong . When someone who never did drugs is dealing , this of course is different , but unless it's dangerous , highly addictive , or laced with something , otherwise
    We're back to the criminality of the drug war itself . Politicians must stop violating human rights , and stop what absolutely amounts to criminal activity. But . It's a more disgusting organized Crime version of criminality which must stop . And in short order .
    The Constitution is the law of the land . And the current government has no problem violating the Constitution, as well as the individuals human rights, and mental well being. It's a authoritarian oppressive style , so called justice system.

  20. Judith Bisson says:

    Well said Bill, delay is not the answer. Just because some municipalities decided not to talk about pot when it was proposed (18 months ago) then maybe all these issues wouldn’t be in play.

  21. NoLeads Ent. says:


    you think they gave a Fk about the classic stereotypical teenager awaiting pot legalization for spite?
    its to help people deal with stress & medical issues. also, people, they don't have any left for. i see the metaphorical care o meter on its backside.
    world's smallest violin's.

  22. Jeff Bryan says:

    I got a pardon for my possession charge.  Will they pardon my pardon?

  23. Canadian Girl says:

    Legal or not, druggies are still losers

  24. Kip William says:

    People fail to realize that Bill Blair was the Toronto police chief that violated the rights of thousands when the Harper government had a G7 meeting in Ontario. So many innocent people, many that were not protesters were collectively detained, placed in cages & abused. He should be the last person on earth to be handling this Pot issue, insult to all Canadians & it sure reflects bad on Trudeau. Not much difference between organized crime & our current corrupt corporate government.

  25. Lone Wolf says:

    Why are people so eager to get high? I don't think smoking marijuana should be a jailable offence, but I think it's a stupid thing to do.

  26. Haseeb Khan says:

    Remember This Folks ⤵

    If The Black Market Is Cheaper, People Will Go There, Period!!💯

    So Make It Cheaper Than The Black Market & You Win The Game! 💯

  27. Nicholas Delaney says:

    We need to legalize first. Get it out of organized crime and make tweaks as we go. As long as we have the ability to detect DWI

  28. Chris Ashcroft says:

    Come September it will be "we don't want to rush this through for the holidays, we will look at it in the new year." Then the Conservatives get voted in….and the entire thing dies.

  29. Cory C says:

    Dislike if for the guest. Not the reporting.

  30. Eric Saucier says:

    I think all Canadians are tired of the bait and switch. Legalize pot like you were told… Yes told… Canadians were very vocal on the matter and this just proves how rediculous this is… It's been 3 years we've been waiting and we are all getting fed up with this

  31. Eric Saucier says:

    6 months will make a huge difference Canadians are tired of being treated like criminals!

  32. Michael O'Leary says:

    Legalized probly never they got to much invested in the illegal lol

  33. janette wamboldt says:

    What a disaster it's going to be when this plant becomes legal

  34. Brad Clark says:

    Keep it out of the hands of our children ya right. Just like alcohol and cigarettes that kids can't get ahold of. Alcohol and cigarettes was easy to get as a kid and they are legal. Prescription drugs are legal and kids get them. How is legalizing pot going to protect our kids?.

  35. The Bearded Canucks says:

    Just another lie Justin

  36. edwin gratto says:

    All of these statements of the dangers from the use of marijuana sounds to me like the climate change models that don't make any sense but they still trying to push the scam !!

  37. joe momma says:

    what a moron bill Blair

  38. joe momma says:

    who cares if u got a criminal record, u just can't go to the USA, no big loss

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