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‘Don’t go to World Cup or else’: UK media claims Russian hooligans are threatening to kill LGBT fans

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  1. Peter Edy Priyanto says:

    Don't go into U.K. because terrorists will kill you

  2. Mr Anderson says:

    Britains real mean sit at a pub drowning their life away and busy themselves fighting over a football team? Meanwhile your fooking country has been invaded and you let Tommy sit in jail!!!! Fight for your gotdamn country!

  3. Steel CAD says:

    Typical SUN Shit !

  4. Diana Riesen says:

    They prepare some provocations just to distroy the event. Russian spoke about this.

  5. Diana Riesen says:

    Is not the lgbt parade in sweden your are going too. Stay at home .

  6. ทวิช ทวิช says:

    Hard to believe UK media pussy

  7. W.H. Jamison II says:

    Kick the sheeple Brits a::s. Who gives a sh::t, if this bunch of old ladies stays home. Time for tea girls.

  8. S B says:

    Knew this was coming.

  9. Richard Goode says:

    A football match is a event as a RUSSIA why would a goverment send a horseman with sword to deal every time with a football crowd? in terms of a after a event may be a point to be not in certain places?

  10. Danny Bg says:

    the skinhead act so hard in football i would love to see them getting knock out by tsd

  11. Dragos Panescu says:

    Little Britain`s media is stupid and ignorant … fuck them…

  12. Bow Man says:

    And how do they know who is and who isn't?

  13. Anthony Raymond says:

    OMG who would believe it oh yes Americans I know I live there

  14. Kellie Everts says:

    Rupert merdoc plastered me on cover of his paper impalied…..he is a thug hooligan

  15. Kellie Everts says:

    and how he dished Winnie mandela in his papers out in south africa

  16. Kellie Everts says:

    his Sun newspaper is not reputable along with his negiive destructive monoploly

  17. john jonson says:


  18. Shawn Travels The World says:

    Kremlin Paid Propaganda

  19. Fruzzy says:

    If you're scared then don't be openly gay in Russia. While visiting a country you adapt to their culture. Simple.

  20. tensaidekopon says:

    Now next is Baba Yaga?

  21. greg zanow says:

    UK media hop they kill yous all

  22. dasautomega says:

    Someone wants the world cup in Russia to fail. Part of there sanctions on Russia.

  23. Витя Русский says:

    Oh my days this is not even funny anymore.It shows just how incredibly retarded and brainwashed British people really are.And the worse part is it is their own government who takes them all for complete imbeciles.I think they are very close to reach the top level of stupidity currently occupied by Americans.

  24. Ecchi Version Of Liquid says:

    That UK motherfucker looks like a serial killer, lol(ed)

  25. Oljunka Puvelkrag says:

    Russian Hooligans? The Brits sure know about hooliganism at football. They pioneered it. The brits were banned from some games because of their behaviour. This sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. Why doesn't Britain reign in their football louts and hooligans and learn to behave themselves. Gays and these transgenders would have been the target of British hooligans, just like Pakistani's were years ago. Remember how british thugs used to go on 'Paki bashes'.

  26. Витя Русский says:

    The funniest thing was about those hackers getting into your phone using WI-FI.Russian Intelligence will stop at nothing to gain personal details of some ugly ginger scouser named Steven who lives in the block of flats on a shitty council estate in Liverpool.

  27. про дед says:

    fakin russia

  28. Frankie Lee says:

    Obnoxious nuts who sabotage others believe they will go scott free.

  29. Russo Dario says:

    Ahhh… the comments under the pro-russia media channel's video

  30. God's Favorite Abdumutalov says:

    There is an old saying: “respect norms and values of a home you are about to be a guest at”. And, why Russians have to support men who smell other men’s asshole?…

    Do not try to make a propaganda of LGBT in Russia or in any other post Soviet Union countries, it is not Europe here, it is not West here, if you are an LGBT, it is better not to show your affection in our territories!

    Welcome to Russia, we welcome everybody, enjoy your stay!!!

  31. AugustanFinn says:

    RT do you guys read your comment section?
    Are you REALLY saying they won't face this over in Russia?

  32. Jim Miklas says:

    Ukraine Neo-Nazi's are preparing to invade Donbass when the soccer World Cup starts on June 14.

  33. harlan morrisson says:

    The direction the comment section is going, it might be a good idea if everyone would finish their pint and head home for a good night's sleep !

  34. princess li says:

    Well nothing new here they said they should be afraid of in Russia hooligans
    everybody knows that Russians are racists and have hooligans for many years police is fucked up everywhere you go except Japanese cop's they, they are pretty cool

  35. Charles Martel says:

    Its also unsafe (especially) for Muslims. I mean, Russia is the worst place to be a Muslim (after Myanmar or Israhell)

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