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Donald Trump’s first year as US president – A look back | DW News

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  1. Yeti Slinger says:

    He is the best

  2. Rita Ashton says:

    wow……such negativity in this reporting…..good grief….

  3. BDoug says:

    Glad to see all the jobs the Trump presidency is providing for Russian trolls given how poorly their economy is doing. Making trolling great again–Heckuva job, Trump.

  4. f. k. says:

    His "Muslim Ban" was upheld by the supreme Court

  5. Reehji says:

    Stock market went up 25% in his first year.
    The stock market jumped again for 5% since January.

    Trump is a great salesman. I don't always take what he says seriously. He knows how to win. No one even thought he would win the republican side, but he did…Please show me where it says the tax cut was largely disapproved by the american public? They can send their tax cut money back to the IRS to protest…

  6. fKuTooB ! says:

    This clip is horse shit.

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