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DOJ Caves To President Donald Trump-Backers | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Yve LA BELLA says:

    Clapper didn't say that, pendejo. He said there is evidence of the Russians favoring YOU for the presidency and helped YOU in stealing the elections from Hillary Clinton. In essence, you are an illegitimate president who got help from a foreign enemy. TRAITOR! Hillary won LEGALLY! Rump always looks like he's constipated when he blabbers.

  2. D Gee says:

    Jeb Bush: Trump will be a chaos President

  3. Carlos Jaramillo says:

    The reason for bipartisanship is because of the Nune's memo. If only the Republicans get information, they will definitely spin it.

  4. hopndon says:

    Ironic that ms13nbc is afraid some information might be leaked.

  5. hopndon says:

    What does it matter, how would it change the facts if a crime was committed. The are going to see it in discovery if they were indicted.

  6. mildred grossman says:

    Look at the basics, you are the bad things happening. Shut up you bag of wind! Go see a psychiatrist and
    have your chronic malignant narcissism treated and have the treatment that you should leave office
    because you cannot uphold the Constitution or have the mental capacity to lead a nation other than to
    create chaos along with your Republican donors who are a mirror of what you are, a fraud!

  7. Erincait Rue says:

    bad things like you in the oval office

  8. Francoise Loffler says:


  9. Anng G says:

    LOL !

  10. FUCKTHESYSTEM70 says:

    Take these cocksuckers out Trump

  11. Donald jr loetje says:

    This is indeed Liegate as I saw someone write

  12. lionel david says:

    Nunes n Howdy are Find Trump's waterboys … The swamp just got murkier w Sold Trump

  13. Julian Crooks says:

    Rule of law is dead, politicians get special treatment. The rest of us just get jail

  14. Paul Henri says:

    And like I said and I keep on saying the proof is in the pudding this is the fact that United States never really was a democracy for the main fact is these are laws that should have been on the books to begin with it shouldn't have been while it's just the norm the president isn't really supposed to do this I mean that statement is a crock of crap any other democracy have laws to prevent the sitting president or prime minister whatever country you belong to in a democracy from overstepping his authority cuz without Authority you are a dictatorship I cannot stress this enough there are professors who who studied democracies could probably verify exactly what I'm saying if you do not uphold the laws of your own Constitution you cannot call yourself a democracy. When you're arresting people for doing there inhale your bill rights as Citizens the protest by throwing them in jail isn't constitutional you're not upholding that constitutional law so you cannot call yourself a democracy.

  15. Purple Majesty says:

    What a liar Trump is, look at the documents, lot of bad things happened, everybody is wanting answers, nothing like it in the history of our country……like this drama takes the heat off of you.

  16. Pat and Hugh says:

    Liegate is speaking skygate. Need to get rid of his sorry butt.

  17. Pat and Hugh says:

    Hitler is trying new ways to stop special counsels investigation. Trump is another Hitler, trying to do away with the media, FBI, CIA, any investigative agency. Seeking to be in total charge of everything. Watch the snake.

  18. Pat and Hugh says:

    All of Hitler's circle will be reviewing all the documents regarding Russia. Roger Stone must also be helping the baby boy Hitler on what to say and do. After all Trump needs a lot off help can't think for himself.

  19. Pat and Hugh says:

    two other babies are reading all documents regarding Russia they will be crawling up to give Hitler all the information they have. Nunes and Gowdy.

  20. Mikael Holmgren says:

    Trump allways express himself as like he speaks for everyone ???! He speaks only for himself and the mislead!

  21. Laurie Cloonan says:

    Since the Senate has agreed that Russia did, in fact, influence the 2016 election to favor trump this is an unconstitutional presidency. We need a special election for president ASAP to replace the entire Trump administration. The GOP must also be held accountable for their blind support of this insane and unconstitutional presidency.

  22. Tim Robinson says:

    I'm surprised , really surprised , that someone hasn't yet taken out the gibbon with a bullet. I'm not condoning that kind of behaviour, but it has happened before , and he HAS stepped on a lot of decent peoples toes.

  23. Brian says:

    America is under attack!

  24. beethovensbeloved says:

    Trump does things his own way…. the crooked way. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  25. Richie Rich says:

    For those whose eyes are opened.

    The corporate soulless 1% traitorous pigs have dumb down the public

    so much that all they are now concerned with is, Reality TV & Reality Politics!

    Hey Gentiles, the garbage of man has taken over; it is their time. The greedy, filthy, soulless 1% pigs are part of the corporate scum that have stolen our country. Remember the words… Choose. Choose the form of the Destructor! Goats, don't you know who you are? You chose drumpf the orange orangutan. POS drumpf was given the keys to the bottomless pit and with them was allowed to drain the swamp. Which allowed the filth of man to climb up out of it, called citizens united. As your democracy is now dead, bow down to your Lords and Masters the 1%, citizens united.

    Is anyone still questioning who these traitors are? The corporate 1%ers' have always had control of your world. Now they are just stealing every last cent, before destroying your children, to make more money. Via paid lobbyist, "The 1%" was able to buy everyone, which allowed them to buy this traitorous congress. Influencing laws that allowed them to create "Citizen United." Then seemingly with little effort, helped by the soulless greedy Russian 1%. Also with their token Zuckerberg, FakeBook hacks, trolls and their owned bogus "news" fox; installed a puppet in The White House. The 1%' greedy traitorous pig Zuckerberg, self proclaimed "Citizen of the World;" created his endorphin and dopamine FAKEBOOK, to control and work the peasants of the world of every last drop of blood. Remember Gentiles, Evil is as evil does… Now nothing is going to change, until this time is fulfilled; it is your time.

    Always remember the Word, “All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one." This perverse corrupt man-made system will continue until the end, no matter what Mueller finds. This traitorous congress and their donor masters are laughing as they divide this country to steal everything they can from, "We The People." Understand that even if drumpf were removed, you'll still have the religious fanatic Pence who will complete the job! Especially if we are in Jerusalem, think about that one. Remember the Words… nothing is new all has come before and will come again. So this traitor drumpf, along with his traitorous congress will make sure by the end of 2018 we'll be at war; so you won't have to worry about any 2018 elections. Countless human livestock will be going off to war, a little here… China, I mean North Korea; maybe Megiddo pretty soon. Still we'll be able to reduce the excessive human livestock by billions. Plus, thanks to bone spurs none of the 1%ers' little piggies will have to be sacrificed, just the peasants. So if you want to come out of your box, watch these videos and understand.

    Your men of sin revealed.

    How Zuckerberg's Fakebook plays you.

    The reality of who you are, and your corporate masters.

    I see these donor owned complacent pigs smiling wide, as they spit in our face, speaking on TV. Alternative Facts, FakeNews, Please! This traitorous congress and drumpf 'installing' obedient court are part of that filth of man and are working with other soulless 1%'ers pigs to create their autocracy, which is puppeted by a drumpf in The White House. They will protect him at all cost. So bogus "Citizen United" is now "We The People;" and we peasants, well are just their human livestock. Get your children ready for war! The sad thing is, it is never enough.

  26. mstubelinski Tester says:

    I love the part, when he's trying to tell the lying mainstream media, that they are calling it (have to?) 'spygate'. If he want's his place in the common dictionary, he could stop talking right now. Future editions will have at least a foot note on "to trump".

  27. Jerry Olais says:

    Nothing happenned,promised,honestly,I promise people ,nothing.

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