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Does the Fate of the 1st Amendment Rest on Alex Jones? (TruNews)

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  1. Stacy S says:

    You hit the nail on the head….that's exactly the reason for the AJ make the conservative/Republican/Christian/right/etc…look like loons/degenerates/terrorists/unstable/etc….and remove all rights and freedoms and maybe even their lives…he serves his father the devil!!

  2. Stacy S says:

    He is an actor and by the looks of some of these comments: he has definitely caused many to lose their minds, their peace, their reasoning!!

  3. Jim's Corner says:

    I used to listen to Alex, but pushed him away because he's such a hot head. I again tried to listen to him just the other day, but after only a few minutes, when he suddenly entered into another rant, going from seemingly normal to a mentally unstable, red faced hot head at a moments notice,… and used God's name in vain in the ensuing rant, …I had heard enough. That's NOT how a Christian should conduct himself. Nothing justifies that.
    He comes across as a man who needs psychiatric help.

  4. Anthony Newman says:

    Oh…I get it professional jealousy? Well I guess you feel better. Why don't you tell us what really happened between you and Alex 15 20 years ago?

  5. Anthony Newman says:

    Rick and you 3 guys what you have done is pure evil… You don't watch you don't know… Do you have taken what others have said about him and used what they twisted and taken out of context. whatever happened between you 2 you need to put it in the past and forgive.

  6. Anthony Newman says:

    Now you have became fake news

  7. Arian A says:

    alex jones is just crazy and his crazy act is his logo.i think people just accepted him and his crazy act but we can't rule out the fact that he is maybe trying to make trump and his followers look bad

  8. Nikki Kelley says:

    They are wanting @alexjones to react so it'll split the Christian and non Christian!!!

  9. Jeff Fenske says:

    For those who think Alex Jones is a real Christian, consider this: Alex Jones has allegedly married “Jewish escort / yoga instructor Erika Wulff in Jan, 2017” • “Had been utilizing Erika Wulff’s escort services since at least early 2013” • While calling himself a ‘Christian’ and gatekeeping for Talmudic, anti-Christ Israel

  10. Greg H says:

    AJ is a Zionest gatekeeper just saying

  11. Leo Bascala says:

    I agree with the irish megaphone below. Rick is not familar with Alex's broadcast's. I have been listening to alex since 2005 and he has woken many people up to, Flouride in the water, Vaccines, Deep state, illuminati, masonry and the list goes on. Heres where it gets tricky. I dont support alex much anymore because he has turned sideways. Before trump, he would not suppprt any candidate for president except Ron and Rand Paul. I would be a trump supporter, i actually voted for him, until he bombed syria and i found out he wasnt a christian. Alex jumped on the trump bandwagon back in 2016 and that was a mistake. Its all alex talks about is trump. I also believe trump is a Mason and illuminati. I cant get behind that. Someone got to Alex… either money or threats. Or he maybe a plant. But alex has done some good. He is not perfect. In the end. Bible prophecy will be fullfilled. Remember Alex and trump are just stop gaps before the real evil takes over.. Either way, Jesus Christ is the only way to TRUE SALVATION. period

  12. Anthony Newman says:

    Your hit piece on Alex Jones may as well been a hit piece on president Trump…. And Against who God uses… Maybe God is tired of self righteous pious preachers that hide behind the cloth saying Will God told me to distance myself from Alex Jones…. Causing division instead of unity to go after the luciferians…. Instead you could of Help Restore him as a brother…. Alex Jones has done far more than what you have ever done to motivate the church the body of Christ patriots to move against the deep state luciferians…. Way I see it you fight against God and his plan…. What is it with you a little professional jealousy something happened a long time ago and you fell the grudge?

  13. David Salt says:

    Alex Jones loves America. This is more than most people in the media. You do not have to agree with Alex but he has the courage to call out injustice. While some of his claim are outlandish, much of what he says is right on the money, with this issue of corruption of government and the deep state.

  14. Celestial Piper says:

    I am pretty dissappointed in you guys…very sad


    That No Man Nor Being Deceives You
    For Only Devil's Desire Bloodshed
    As thee Age Of False Prophet's Lingers
    Know Them by Their True Fruits
    And know Them by Their True Deeds
    Thou Creator And Thou One True GOD
    Guide Us to Create And Not to Fall
    For Thy Lost Soul Of Man Still Lives On

  16. shinyvids K says:

    The more they censor speech the more people will want to know what they said and tends to amplify and spread the message. it's called the Streisland effect.

  17. sebastion777 says:

    Alex is a showman, inside I think his heart is in the right place. Kinda like Ted Nugent many don't like him but if you listen to what he is saying he is dead on the money. Truth hurts, truth against globalism well then that must be banned and believers of the truth well they must be mentally ill. There is an agenda its a sodomite satanic movement that is the left, and the politically correct crowd.

  18. El Ray says:

    CNN and the rest of the jackals will have new rules if Alex loses.

  19. Santucci Pontarelli says:

    Judge not. I think I'll unsubscribe you are a self righteous hypocrite that doesn't mean you're not a demon just because someone doesn't do things the way you think they should doesn't mean Alex is crazy You are crazy. God said we're all filthy rags. So get over your damn self 😡

  20. Cephas Dlamini says:

    BBC is fake news big time

  21. Joyce Brownlee says:

    Who decides what's Fake News? Folks should be able to choose whatever they see & define it upon one's own decision.

  22. Believe in Jesus Christ says:

    stay away from zionist psychopathic luciferian schills like Bill Jones.

  23. JONOVID says:

    1 Corinthians 1:12 sums it up its not Alex or Rick but Jesus we must ……..

  24. Swedish Marcus Viking says:

    AJ is a zionist gatekeeper….gives us a little bit of truth now and then…perfectly after his payers orders..
    He was good ones but the freemasons money made him flip…

  25. Robert Saltzman says:

    AJ's unedited evidence videos are at info wars dot com for anyone to see.

  26. raysschoko says:

    The zionists digging their own grave! They just dont know it yet! The same lawsuit will be used against fake news outlets in the future!

  27. george cushing says:

    If alex didnt yell& get genuinely mad. Id have to fall asleep 3 times , like i just did with your monotone show..
    Alex will fight the censorship you~ while you run &hope goolag doesnt zip your mouth shut. Nobody will know your even were there~ you should support him not run like a coward and hope deeptate lets you stay..

  28. trukxelf says:

    here's what's missing in this conversation: 1. It's not about "free speech", it's more a question of how we define the public square with this new public forum called the internetz. FB is private.
    2. Address the function and definition of Art in the conveyance of political ideologies; AJ is an artist; it's a free country and performance artists are free to propagate their craft in any area of public discourse.

  29. ikm64 says:

    One small step for YouTube , one giant leap for mankind………….Let reason prevail in the world

  30. Motolicious says:

    CIA/Facebook + media + corporate government influence + repeal of First Amendment + shadow government = Ministry of Truth

  31. DEVUNK88 says:

    Does the Fate of the 1st Amendment Rest on Alex Jones? It does NOW!! YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, AND APPLE HAVE FIRED THE FIRST SHOT

  32. Nes17 says:

    AJ is a truthers who reports the truth and what is going on in this world! He has been right about a lot of things. We need to pray for him

  33. Naimul Haq says:

    American voters learned their lesson in 2016 and learned how the media manipulates them. Facebook and You-Tube are up again now in 2018 mid-term and the voters are not getting fooled again. Fox and Alex are redundant. Russia, China, India, EU, ME are the new alliance while USA and Israel are the axis of evil.

  34. William Jones says:

    Even if you don’t agree with Jones you should be defending his free speech or you will be next. We have the right to hear what he has to say the same as you.

  35. busylifemeto says:


  36. Idriss says:

    YouTube banned Alex Jones for criticizing drag queens and Rick Wiles sides with the liberals and the mainstream media to demonize Alex Jones ?

  37. Enrique LaRoche says:

    Hope you will stop buying ads from Facebook until they stop censoring because I wont buy any product advertised on Facebook

  38. Brooke Warunsey says:

    OMG.WOW!!! Un-freaking-believable!!! Devow Alex Jones? My brother in Christ? You people should be ASHAMED of yourself JUDAS!! Father forgive them for they know not what they do!!! Alex Jones bears a heck of alot more fruit than you!! Evil people! How dare you gossip, slander and persecute a God fearing, freedom loving man. Shame on you "TruNews" shame on you.

  39. Carl Hargis says:

    What the HELL????????

  40. Carl Hargis says:

    Rick for a Person that is as Smart as you!!!!! You are talking some VERY VERY STUPID CRAP!!!!!!!! QUIT TALKING BAD ABOUT Alex Jones !!!!! He has Woke up more of these STUPID Christians the you will eaver do!!!!!! So What if he made some Mistakes in his early years !!!!!!!! DID YOU????????? When you worked for TBN and Paul & Jan CROUCH!!!!!!! 2 DEVIL from HELL!!!!!!!!! Give us all your Money we will give it HENN & WHITE!!!!!!! Remove the LOG from your OWN EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Lena Romero says:

    Rick, it's about Free Speech, not about Alex Jones .

  42. Charlie Girl says:

    I have been following your channel and learning so much from you, but now it is time that you learn from me. I have been a Christian since I was a child, I have witnessed other Christians and myself, persecuted for being summoned into court for any reason. A court system that has been unjust, and illegal ever since Jesus walked this earth. Our brothers and sisters in Christ need our prayers and support when facing this evil system. It is not up to us to question their faith, or accuse them guilty. If anything we should be asking what can we be praying for as you are being persecuted by the same evil system that put our Lord and Savior to death on the cross. Please remember, that it was the people that helped to make the decision to allow a murderer to walk free and Jesus, an innocent man died in his place. I'm hurt to see these actions across the internet when I have already witnessed it in Churches and throughout my community. 1 Corinthians 6: 1-20, Revelations 11: 1-2. True Christians "do not" mock their brother or sister in Christ. Most important we need to pray for them, not against them. If I didn't love you as my brothers in Christ then I wouldn't have called you out on your actions.

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