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DNC sues Trump campaign, Wikileaks, Russia over 2016 election

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  1. John Lalawethika says:

    Nothing but a desperate publicity stunt by the DNC rats.

  2. Normando Binkier says:

    This is going to be good for Seth Rich. FBI never looked at the dnc server. Tons of info about how dnc server was a leak and not a hack.

  3. Geryboy666 says:

    well I guess mueller couldn't find anything jump to plan z now….

  4. End Times says:

    What a farce, tit for tat. Shameless behaviour. What a Godless nation, no wonder America is self-imploding and the nation is on the brink of collapse

  5. Walter Palmer says:

    Translation ? The 2018 elections. Anything to win and at any cost. The end justifies the means.

  6. joeybear says:

    Do these leftist retards ever give it a fucking rest?

  7. Decide 2020 says:

    What evidence, the Comey memo?
    Funny this made local news! So in other words, democrats are still trying to discredit the president! It doesn't matter that they succeed in suing! The more important goal was to get the public who knows nothing to lose faith in trump. .seriously evil!

  8. joshua mitchell says:

    The DNC is still whining that they lost. Really Grow up

  9. James Smith says:

    I can't believe that Cavuto is still on the air.

  10. Edwin Vieira says:

    The DNC has forgotten the old adage "when you go to law you take a wolf by the ears". The defendants will have a right to thoroughgoing discovery against not only the DNC but also all potential witnesses whose testimony might be relevant to the issues raised. Does the DNC really want to have Hillary Clinton, Debbie Schultz, various FBI personnages, etc. compelled to testify under oath and provide documents relevant to the case?! Does the DNC really want to investigate what the "hack" of the DNC's computer actyally was?! So Judge N. is perhaps wrong that this litigation is "not going to go anywhere". It could go very far, indeed, but against the DNC.

  11. spliffsperlunk says:

    Bernie Sanders campaign and his donors should be the ones suing the DNC for rigging the Nominations right from the start.

  12. Eagle Whitefeather01 says:

    Everything the Dems are doing is leading closer to a civil war. I guess that's what they want. What a travesty of justice!

  13. Daniel Arries says:

    weather she won or not they will find a way to torment you. that's why I never vote, and even if I would, I would never vote for that idiot

  14. Ramiro Ramos says:


  15. William Stewart says:

    How do you spell "desperate"?……D-N-C

  16. William Stewart says:

    So, will the DNC and Hillary be turning over their servers NOW?

  17. Ramiro Ramos says:

    Russia is good American are good let's do business

  18. William Critchley says:

    Another bad move. All it will do is expose Seth, being killed and why. Then expose the Millions of illegal votes. Then expose all of them as Dominoes fall. They truly are not smart. In panic mode their irrational.

  19. William Stewart says:

    There will be dem hacks that will defend this as having actual merit…WATCH!!!!

  20. El Guano says:

    Does the DNC REALLY think they will WIN a vengeance lawsuit against God knows who? They need to increase their dose of Thorazine!

  21. j c says:

    Love to see the Ruskies bring a counter suit against the most corrupt organization on the planet !!!!!

  22. Wendy Alexander says:

    I don't watch Fox but couldn't resist. Theyrevnot suing Trump, only his campaign workers. They sued Nixon and won! They'll win this one to

  23. havoc092 says:

    Desperation and STUPID moves. Everything comes in now. Everything.

  24. Jonny C says:

    Lol you can make this sh*t up. I thought this was a joke, a parody, but the liberal party has gone full retard and beyond

  25. yvonne schindler says:

    DUMBOCRATS are Sociopaths who pretend to be Holier than Thou….all the while breaking the Law , because they feel they are entitled and ABOVE the Law (Killary and Comey, to name a few…). HANG EM HIGH!

  26. erick villagrana says:

    I say we Sue the DNC for Cheating Bernie Sanders and for using a Fake Dossier to rig an election 😂

  27. Interested says:

    A civil form of litigation is undertaken when it is obvious that criminal litigation has failed. There is no evidence, so the mode is being changed.

  28. Patricia Hammet says:

    Desperate people go for anything, regardless of how stupid it is, wonder just what they are afraid of?
    The DNC would never do anything wrong, would they?

  29. CAT says:

    Why not sue the DNC for using a National Committee to be used to gather funding for multiple candidates within their party, but only used to fund one candidate who was also the same person in charge of the committee and cheated the other candidate from a fair campaign? It is a disgrace what the Clinton campaign did to not just Bernie, but to the donors. The lawlessness is staggering. NO MORE CHEATING! Also a beneficiary of government dollars should never be allowed to donate any dollars to any political entity period! The thought that Planned Parenthood would donate to the democratic party with all the funds the just received in the omnibus bill is such an atrocity it is truly sick!NO MORE!

  30. 1 says:

    Hahahahaha This is BRILLIANT !!!! NOW its TIME…..FOR the Republicans to LAUNCH the EVIDENCE !!!!!!!

  31. Lyle Smith says:

    Yeah Now we finally get to see the DNC server inspected (discovery ya know) As well need to look into CNN and MSN 's in kind contribution given the way they covered the election

  32. Davonte McPherson says:

    Russian collusion…nada…zippo…zero!
    Russian meddling…nada…zippo…zero!
    Shithole countries…nada…zippo…zero!
    Stormy Daniels……..nada…zippo…zero!

    Hehehe…I smell butthurt big-time Ł.O.S.E.R.s' Plan D…I just love it how these freaking liberals are trying everything they can come up with…poor babies 😂

  33. Larry Betancourt says:

    is Sean Hannity on the list in the lawsuit he should be going to prison to be betrayed America he betrayed reporting he betrayed the Republican Party Donald Trump is a total idiot they are going to be investigated two thousand times worse than Watergate everybody in the list will evaporate and go to prison disgrace to America Donald Trump should be put in prison for the rest of his life now we're going to be saying president Sanders great

  34. Sandra Bell says:

    Oh, contrary! We are still interested! It is my feeling that our President doesn't have to answer shit until these asshole submit all records proving their point. Big question, I suppose, this will be paid for by us? Well, of course! As always, DNC, continues crippling their very own country. Make them pay out of their own pockets! That, alone, will tell us the truth! Will they do that? Hell, no! To me, this is another way to stop the goal of the American people! MAGA!

  35. Sandra Bell says:

    Fox, we want this bullshit nailed and put to rest! We don't care if we lock up every DNC rat, involved in this ludicrous shit!

  36. Peggy Williams says:

    Sick democrats. Another distraction. Scam to drag on for years because they lost the election. They will not win this one.

  37. playlist55 says:

    Reminds of a joke I heard once. You know what you call 10 lawyers laying at the bottom of New York Harbor?
    A good start!

  38. spirittammyk says:

    Bernie Sanders and the RNC should sue the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the MSM for giving Hillary the questions before debates, and for rigging the primaries against Sanders. And then, the families who lost loved ones over in Banghazi need to sue Obama and Hillary for allowing that atrocity to happen and for destroying evidence……. And then the police of America should personally sue Obama for creating open season on cops when he went on national air during the Trayvon Martin trial and pitted blacks against cops.

  39. Luke Rademan says:

    Most likely got some more false documents from there souce.why wait so long to come up with this rubbish……

  40. Mary Saw says:

    The Democraps are a toilet that just keeps flushing itself. So sick and demented. Put yourselves out of your misery. If you can't get along then leave AMERICA!!

  41. Sven David says:

    When was Tom Perez ever on the right side of anything ?

  42. Tim Moran says:

    D N C. does not compute

  43. Patrick Lee says:

    Yeah sure, the DNC is going to get Trump to testify under oath, just like Obama right? A sitting president will never testify under oath, unless it's an impeachment.

  44. Bob Hager says:

    Where is the evidence that Russia interfered in the election??

  45. Xellos Metallium says:

    who’s going to sue DNC for pizzagate?

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