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Director Rob Reiner On His New Film ‘LBJ’ And President Donald Trump Era | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Ryondo says:

    Do you think that guy actually listens to Wu-Tang?

  2. Mishelle Bookout says:

    Oh, thank GOODNESS Rob brought that up! I love you, Rob!

  3. Marc Jacobs says:

    Johnson??? You're kidding me? LBJ? The greatest crook-president the US ever had, and they had some…. He definitely was an ''accidental'' president. An ''accident'' had to happen for him to ''arise''…. Have a nice day! O yeah, Reiner's not always so applauded…

  4. Johnny A says:

    Mika and Joe made it to work after leaving their families, lol!

  5. Charles Davis says:

    U.S. PRESIDENT PSYCHOPATH?!: Purposely planned plunder+pillage. Positively producing predator politicians, physicians – preachers – pastors – pious pontiff popes+pedophile priests. Plaguing public people's planetary populations. Play prejudicial party politics, period.
    DIVINE DECREED DEVIL DAMNED DONALD TRUMP: Total Truth Teller?!= Doing an excellent job in the Executive Officers' Oval Office. Intentionally instigating – insidiously inspiring + invidiously increasing internalized insurrection. Intimidating individuals, indeed, indigenous inhabitants, inclusively Indigo-"Indians". Of South-Central-North Americas!!!

  6. Randy Potter says:

    Rob Reiner is a liberal fool. A disgrace to the Jewish community.

  7. richardc1975 says:

    Odd how Harrelson’s Dad was a hitman – strongly linked to the JFK murder, as was LBJ. Now he plays him

  8. Michael John says:

    LBJ would’ve barked down Trump, unlike Hilary whose focus groups said a woman shouldn’t raise her voice in attack because she might sound ‘shrill’.

  9. Michael John says:

    People are complex, LBJ was no different.

  10. William Drake says:

    That a wu tang sticker?

  11. manny mo says:

    The media will not let trump alone for one second, trump is in big trouble to take on the media. he will be leave office soon a very sick man.

  12. manny mo says:

    The media will not let trump alone for one second, trump is in big trouble to take on the media. he will be leave office soon a very sick man.

  13. audible67 says:

    Wu Tang mutherfuckers. Wu Tang.

  14. Scott says:

    you democrats sure "have them voting " don't you ?

  15. Scott says:

    "THE N_____r bill " disgusting !

  16. jimmy usmc says:

    Rob what happened with Corey Feldman, Corey Haim,its going to come out,don't compare president Trump to someone that has done what Weinstein has done

  17. kyle nicholson says:

    I don't thing Joe understood what Rob was getting at at all…

  18. Are See says:

    LBJ was a power politics Texan, a corrupt and despicable person who kept the Vietnam War going out of false pride. I have no use for the man and don't consider him worth a movie. Living thru those times, as I did, I was glad he chose not to run again. Unfortunately, Hubert Humphrey wasn't up to the task.

    And by the way, Presidents don't pass legislation. Congress does.

  19. Are See says:

    The War on Poverty turned out to create a permanent underclass that destroyed the families of a lot of poor folks.

  20. Nani R says:


  21. Deana Thomopson says:

    Trump did not admit to assaulting any women, he was talking about how easy women are when they want a powerful and rich man. They are out there. He was not talking about hiding in a alley waiting to prey on women. I am a woman and I can see that. Women cheat and talk just as Trump did. These guys are idiots.

  22. Randy Potter says:

    This movie is a piece of cinematic slop.

  23. Jonathan Lebo says:

    The repubs are gonna win in 2018 and 2020

  24. Nathan Mccarty says:

    I now know undoubtedly rob riener was a meat head very one knew LBJ couldn't stand JFK or bobby what a crock.

  25. l337pwnage says:

    Gonna take some serious propaganda to spin this into something positive. Not that many are likely watch this trash.

  26. jedi26 jedi26 says:

    Im a liberal and I will vote for trump in 2020!

  27. Ajay Pasricha says:

    It was a great movie

  28. jvfunn3000 says:

    WOODY HARRELSON NEEDS TO WIN AN ACADEMY AWARD FOR HIS PERFORMANCE AS LBJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. David Gartland says:

    Rob Riner is alleged to be the Chief pedophile in Hollywood.

  30. hud4094 says:

    Hahahaha just a democrat praising an ex kkk member president

  31. Randy Potter says:

    Another "El Floppo" from the king of all meatheads. Reiner's next movie won't even get a theatrical release. He's box office poison.

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