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Diamond and Silk take New York City – Do you feel like you’re WINNING? (on Fox News Live)

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  1. Kanwe Yest says:

    I LOVE the way Diamond and Silk thinks..

  2. Tear n Bump says:

    Im not tired of winning yet, but we do have 6 and a half years to go

  3. Tear n Bump says:

    We are living in the best of times, but for liberals, its the worst of times. God bless America and Donald Trump!

  4. Phil Robertson says:

    Ovation Eddie – I love those two women. At 4:34 "Media" 🤣
    That poor guy who couldn't give an answer. But that's so typical of those who hate Trump. Try to pin down "why?" and they have no answer. They watch just enough MSM to know they should hate him without realizing the brainwashing going on. Thats what MSM depends on.

  5. The Married Couple says:

    Eddie, great video! I could of used about one more hour of them on the street! Hope there is more to come!!!!

  6. Sanidhya Mamgain says:

    Well Chuck Norris has given a thumbs up, who am I to give a thumbs down

  7. SuperNature Wee says:

    They are AWESOME!!! D & S are SMART and THINK for THEMSELVES. God bless them! 😍

  8. Hydrogen One says:

    I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those two.

  9. Hydrogen One says:

    WINNING! ! !

  10. spicey66 says:

    This is great Eddie.Thanks!

  11. Kevin Tate says:

    These ladies are awesome. Something that they said that rings so true. A lot of people will nor say on camera that they voted for trump and support him today. Once his name comes up then it gets turned into something else. It's not fair but that is what's going on.

  12. CYBOPOD says:

    Like most Liberal Anti-Trump talking points… they don't hold water.. Trump 2020

  13. michael arth says:

    Aces Eddie 💪👊 indoctrinated Losers don't understand Winning.
    Left's sheeple collective chant and schill as directed, but can't form a single thought, message, or basic reason for any position on their own.

  14. V Dubs says:

    Say no to the welfare state and join the middle class, said no Democrat ever. Trump 2020!

  15. Grim Reefer says:

    lol…. No Charlie Sheen clips?

  16. aFatherOfMany says:

    Another great one from my brother😎😎😎😎😎. Great job with editing again Eddie…. the celebration scenes just make the icing on the cake

  17. Tea- Bagger says:

    Jeeeez !….these people are brainwashed to the MAX !!!….😂😂😂😂

  18. Adam Sonntag says:

    I love these women! Real Women

  19. Susan S says:

    NY votes your BLUES away!!

  20. The Star man says:

    No im tire seen black gangs in Chicago killing innocent children. Whos winning. 🐴

  21. Art Lady says:

    I love these women . Love their energy ! They are genuine!

  22. Bob Upndowns says:

    Amazed by how many people are brainwashed by media into thinking Trump is prejudiced. Blacks in the city are easily swayed, but thanks to D & S, the message is spreading. So is the money!!$$$

  23. John Kosmas says:

    Too fools

  24. Miok sundii tsak lewa mono says:

    Trump power keeps winning 😃

  25. David Peterson says:

    No offense Jesse but they make better roaming questionnaires than you. Keep them.

  26. orim298s says:

    Who is the bald headed security dude hanging around the two ladies at 1:02 ? Did they not say at the #NRAILA convention that they will be packing heat?

  27. Robert Phipps says:

    Everybody on the Trump train feels like we've been WINNING for the last year and a half while the Trump haters have been losing and whining the whole time!! Not tired of WINNING yet!! Go Trump go!!

  28. Snoo Kahana says:

    That's how we won and win!!!

  29. Ishtar yehokhanan says:

    People hate potus simply because they are told to do so…🐑🐑🐑

  30. joshua mitchell says:

    We love the ladies — we love Jesse — VOTE folks VOTE

  31. Jennings644 says:

    Every time I see a video like this where folk are asked questions, you can see that all of them are the same, THEY SIMPLY HATE TRUMP, they like what he's doing but hate the man himself. If that's the case, they should still vote for him, becuase he's the right man for the job and if they don't vote for him, do they realise that everything that he's achieved, will be undone in seconds the minute the Lib Dems take over…I agree that many folk love Trump but are too scared to say it out loud, so hopefully at the voting polls, they do the right thing and vote FOR TUMP!!!

  32. Miok sundii tsak lewa mono says:

    Trump power pro life pro peace

  33. Young Frankenstein says:

    It amazes me how many ignorant people out there just keep spewing garbage about him being racist, but when they're asked to back it up with any kind of facts they suddenly start stuttering and stammering, sidestepping and backpedaling with vague nonsense. Let me explain it to you ignorant, brainwashed nimrods… the only reason you don't like Trump is because you were told not to. The only reason you think Trump is racist is because you were programmed by the Dems to think it. The reason you can't some up with anything racist he's said is because he hasn't said it. Now, go get your crayons and write "Donald Trump Is Not Racist" a thousand times on your bedroom wall, you puppet.

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