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Dennis Rodman wants some credit for North Korea summit

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  1. Robert De Niro says:

    Trump… you are stupid if you think NK is serious about negotiations with the USA. It will be shown they played you as a fool. Kim’s ambitions and policies on being a nuclear power will not change. You are being played, I thought you were smarter than that. Obviously not. And you are still keeping Sessions around. Wake up,Donald.

  2. Cesar Sánchez says:

    That guy don't see something wrong everyday in the morning when he see his self in the mirror

  3. Michael Powell says:

    Yes, send it back

  4. rhaven50 says:

    Fox, low man

  5. Empathy Trail says:

    Meanwhile russia is looking at us in its cross hairs like….."isn't that cute, they think its over"

  6. stoner gamer says:

    Great information Fox News. Keep up the great work!👍

  7. Scan End says:

    I think what Gutfeld didn’t have the foresight or intelligence to understand at the time is that friendship softens someone’s stance better than a threat of violence or isolation which ultimately just reinforces their resolve. Whilst the USA was vilifying Rodman his offer of friendship with Kim Jong Un was making him realise that not every American is evil. So I think he’s played it well. And Gutfeld should actually look inward about other issues. In this case I think the hand of friendship that Rodman extended has certainly helped. Do I think Un is a despot still, absolutely but you can’t resolve situations like this with constant isolation. This has been the policy for decades now and hasn’t work. Even trump has tried extending the hand of friendship and it’s working.

  8. grand'ma says:

    I am quite old and this is the very first time I've heard of a long-time CIA operative to want credit for his work.

  9. Blue Sky says:


  10. Taekwon Yoo says:

    Shameful republicans! shameful Greg and that Australian redneck ! I tell you the undeniable fact : After all, denis rodman is pioneer of diplomacy to north Korea . Trump followed his path. Period. Denis is a joke but trump is Nobel peace prize ? You hypocirte fucking yankees ! Go to hell , yankees , all of you ! Your Clown president nominated himself to get Nobel peace prize . Then everybody gratified . Lol That’s more ridiculous and more shameless than Rodman’s orgy sex in funeral of billy graham . Fuck you disgusting every Americans that read this thread. GOD damn your proud clown president . Denis would ve been serious President that the trump joke. lol

  11. WA. SPENT says:

    He doesn’t deserve that much credit. They have asked him before to try and liaison between our two countries and he publicly stated he “didn’t want to get involved” and they “rarely talked about The United States”.

  12. sollen kwangiwo says:

    He has a point. Dennis Rodman did as much work as Donald Trump has done to ensure North Korea comes right. He must share the Nobel Peace Prize with Trump.

  13. J Jukeboy says:

    Mr. Rodman is not to be Credited. That credit goes to our President. President Trump deserves that credit !!!!

  14. Boondock Saint says:

    Dennis Rodman is a fucktard.

  15. Vlasta Molak says:

    The old saying: You are like the company you keep… This Dennis Rodman is a fool who likes publicity and little rocket man monster loves fools like him…

  16. Don't Bet on It says:

    Dennis Rodman deserves more credit than Trump.

  17. Janet_Doe says:

    I gotta give Fox news credit for this one, the headline certainly captures your attention instantly.

  18. assindiastignani says:

    Either way, if I were President Trump I would, I'd include Rodman's name in one statement or other, maybe even take a photo with him, give him some strokes, and then get on with business. Why needlessly make an enemy, when he could easily make a friend and ally?

  19. HERMAN HURD says:

    It's funny how these crakkkas thinks it's a big joke. Here's a prime example of white arrogance. It's no secret that the Kim regime don't give a fuck about white men or white SUPREMECACY. Dennis rodman had a great time every time he went, Otto warmbeir stolen a wall paper flag, and they fucked him til his soul cried rape! Now Trump wants to do what all old Crakkkas do, and that's take credit for the work of others. Scary crakkkas wouldn't even step one foot into N.Korea now all of sudden his schoolyard bully talk has swayed and tamed a nuclear dynasty????? If Dennis Rodman would've went over there and acted a fucking nigger fool, white people would be just fine with that, but since he actually did some ambassador work without the forked tongue white agenda, white people deem it necessary to discredit and belittle the man and his impressive records and stats. This fragile, soft, pathetic, white boy couldn't even walk one day in Dennis Rodman shoes whether they be some Jordans or some high heels. The nerve of this slimy bitch to

  20. P. Hamilton says:

    I didn't know Rodman threatened to destroy N Korea should they attack any ally of the US….Did he also meet with the Chinese government to discuss the future of NK ?… Give Rodman a Bronx cheer…and a NK flag to wave….that's all.

  21. Decatur Juugman says:

    Yeah he definitely deserves some credit!

  22. Kennie B says:


  23. Joseph May says:

    Wtf, ????

  24. mynameisgrade says:

    What exactly did he do..?

  25. Kyle Barnes says:

    Tyrus…. I laughed hard when u said don lemon meets with 'all u guys' that was truely funny lol 🙂

  26. Michelle Mandolf says:

    I'll give him kudo's for keeping door open. Not a big Rodman fan, I will say, after speaking to a limo driver in Las Vegas, was told Rodman was the most polite & kind celebrity he had ever met! Never have liked name calling.

  27. Da- Boss_8556 says:

    Damn that women is fucking Sexy.

  28. JASON'S WORLD says:

    He will get sprayed with biological weaponized zombierabiesflu!!!!

  29. 3rd bomb says:

    One of the ugliest men I've ever seen

  30. Michael McHugh says:

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Rodman goes over and Kim ramped up the nuclear program. Maybe Obama and Kerry should take credit also. Rodman came home with nobody, the nuclear program was full steam ahead, new missile continued to be tested and the threats continued. I don't know what he did but he failed.
    I stopped at the Ford dealer today. I think I should have credit for the F-150.

  31. Christopher Wilson says:

    Best moment at 1:04 when 3 commentators respond to 2014 Greg:
    Terry: "Geez!"
    Dr. Gorka: "Ouch!"
    Tyrus: "Damn!"

  32. Roosevelt f says:

    O lord 😂😂😂

  33. Master Kush says:

    Dennis piped Kim

  34. sonny shiner says:

    Fuck off ridman.suckin and pluggin kim lame fat gets you nothing!!! You disease ridden freak.

  35. Bee Dee Bee says:

    Rodman is cool, and if I really wanted to get into it I could explain why his trips to NK were extremely important. I am guiltier than most of ripping into leaders for their peoples actions.. but lets get real. Taking out Kim Jung Un would only further radicalize the North Korean people. Rodman and Trump are both individualists. I respect all individuals. I also respect people who have a sense of humor about themselves, so good job Gutfield.

  36. Paul Newman says:

    He's a drag queen

  37. naynay sploogle says:

    What is up with this guy and unicorns? XD

  38. Intrepid Sponge says:

    Rodman does not deserve credit, government officials tried to convince him to do something similar to this a few years ago but he declined because Kim was his friend.

  39. Bad Bob says:

    Another nutcase wants recognition. I can give this media hog recognition for supporting north koreas agenda against humanity rights now that works!

  40. real science says:

    What a useless show by unfunny fox morons!
    Amazing what these clowns think is entertaining!

  41. Eric Wong says:

    Dennis Rodman for Nobel Peace!!!!!!!
    No kidding lol

  42. Julian Velasco says:

    All he needs is to put a saddle on his back…then get kim jung on it butt ass naked then get ta bucking ya fuggin mustang lookin nigga

  43. Searchmeister says:

    Yet another party he won't be invited too.

  44. Granite Statesman says:

    Yes , he deserves some credit

  45. Jose Martin says:

    When an evil dictator that refuses to provide adequate housing, employment, or agriculture, decided he likes your elected leader. Than maybe you should question leadership

  46. Rosa Soto says:

    greg gutfield is a closet racist punk!!!

  47. neuro369 says:

    Kim J U it's fair to call him a violent dictator but if somebody said the "US regime" was a violent entity that does not follow international law or even their own law and supports oppressive states financially and militarily it would be an extremely limited view but also accurate so it looks odd to see people in the Americans take the moral highground when calling out the injustice of other countries but never own the bad things. If you feel pride when your nation does a great thing which it does a lot of there should also be shame when it unleashes hell on a populace and tortures people, or just be responsible for your own personal deeds. I only say this because watching like 5 American media videos in a row where there is some guy smiling and taking pleasure in calling Jim a crazy dictator pointing out all his crimes but failing to see any irony, unlike the people in NK you actually hold responsibility for choosing your leaders or enabling their actions also your right to say whatever you like is due to the protection of people who actually die for it try to be mature idc about Kim's feelings I just feel bad for the poor representation of the US it's media and politicians create.

  48. Mecdot says:

    Perhaps I am the only one who don't get this, USA wants North Korea to give away its Nuclear Weapons but USA has its own. Whose a bully here?

  49. Spear Jackhamer says:

    fox propaganda news

  50. Natalia Li says:

    Rodman did well. No kidding

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