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DEATH NOTE EXPOSED: The Illuminati Anime of the Generation (Lucifer “Light” Yagami & L “El”)

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  1. roducer Alarmi says:

    They made a 2 hour movie

  2. Meow It says:


  3. Trip W. Wire says:

    It is new-speak Ima Gay, I'm a gay, as in I am Gay

  4. Axo says:

    in the netflix movie there is multiple illuminati symbols

  5. Kristabella Klairessa Erlynella Fireheart says:

    There's no Illuminati in Japan. The Yokuza would obliterate the Illuminati. Kill yourself uneducated retard.

  6. Isabel K says:

    I just wanted a better ending 🙁

  7. Hristos of Bosnia says:

    you need to realize that you're in hell already, the matrix.

  8. Gothic TDK says:

    Wait wait wait wait wait wait……that scene was not "sexual" in any form or fashion. L was doing a "Christ-like" gesture. How much of a friend he is to Light despite his "Judas mentality" .

  9. Gothic TDK says:

    I liked the character L. He is weird and a genius with great crazy hair and pale skin. AND HE LOVES SWEETS JUST AS MUCH AS ME!! ??☕️I think he's hot!!!?

  10. sgm darkfire says:

    Death note is love. Death note is life

  11. yo yo Dogg! says:

    there is no mockery of your batshit insane beliefs within this series. While there are biblical references, nothing pertaining to this brilliant series is mocking your beliefs.

  12. Gloria 78 says:

    Excellent job!

  13. Samuel Oak says:

    Oh God did you get it wrong. From the beginning, we are made clear that Light has good intentions, but what he is doing is wrong, which can reflect in Satan being originaly an angel. L simbolizes God, and Satan, as an angel, was originally God's disciple, therefore the feet wash. The Yotsuba group, as well as Light's defeat, are meant to show Ohba's perspective that no man should be God, because that thirst for power corrupts human souls. You know, like Babel Tower IN THE BIBLE. Near represents God's son, the one who came to our world to save us, Christ in person. Mello, on the other hand, is a false prophet, maybe even the Antichrist. Someone who pretends to save humanity but uses methods easily deemed as evil. Misa can be seen as a Devil adorer, whereas Soichiro is seen as someone perfectly faithful in justice and the triumph of good vs evil. Matsuda, to end this, is an example of someone who doubts about what cult to follow but ultimately stands against the wrong way to do things.

    So yeah, you got it all wrong.

  14. The world is crazy and you know it says:

    The biblical symbolism with his name was more or less obvious, the way he poses on the manga covers like some angelic figure for example and his over-all character design do indicate similarities to the bible. In the end Death Note is universally adaptable 😀
    The fact that the plot makes you somehow root for the bad guy or that we're cynically laughing while Light is munching chips and killing people is pretty satanical, too. xD

  15. Randall Canada says:

    Light and L. Is shipped.kawaii

  16. ben Z says:

    I use to watch a lot of anime like a year ago and i was always carefree when watching them, meaning i wouldn't think about it being satanic and against god, that stuff didn't even pop into my head back then, my question is have i done grave sin by watching shows like dbz, hellsing, deathnote, kill la kill, full metal alchemist, shouwa genroku etc…. when i watch anime even if it presents me with non christian beliefs, i always ignored it and look at the story, char development and comedy, i never took the non christian beliefs seriously (and never believed in them). I always appreciated anime as a form of entertainment, because i found a lot of it to be creative and interesting, it's a shame now that i am being more and more self aware that a lot of the anime's i watched where satanic and i really want to know whether all anime is pure evil or just some of them, and if there is some christian friendly anime how will i be able to tell? also i am planning to watch Legend of Galactic heroes next because i heard it was the best anime ever made, is that one also against god? (i really hope its not…)

  17. faaacker says:

    lol gonz it's just an anime, Jesus doesn't care if you watch a show and like it, especially when the whole point is "DON'T BE LIKE LIGHT, HE'S A TERRIBLE PERSON" and in the show specifically they talk about how a death note user can't go to heaven or hell so they move away from Biblical implications right away, c'mon bro, be honest

  18. Rich Leo says:

    You gave away the ending. Now it's not worth watching anymore. But good job Gonz ??. I'm sure there are other good shows to watch.

  19. carmen the cactus tsundere girl says:

    i wanna rip out your face idiot

  20. HeyThis IsHappy says:

    Hahaha all this is true. I came same conclusion even before I saw this vid.

  21. agustin turasero says:


  22. Joyce Laurito says:


  23. landin petz says:

    Gonzo, we should talk. Love Dr. Mike's work btw. Thanks to the video you uploaded the other night I was able to watch the deplorables. There were many things that are recognized in the video that I have experienced. By the grace of God I wasn't allowed to be used in a coven however my family is deeply involved in one. And for whatever reason I was surrounded by all there members my entire life. I didn't realize it until I had eyes to see and ears to hear but there's no other way that I could have experienced the things that I've seen without that being the case. 8 years old with the Death Note. Many people don't understand a spiritual nature of this world. They see things with eyes of this world and that's why it doesn't make sense when we try and talk to them about it. Anyway, I have an incredible story and I'd like to share it with somebody. I've been trying to make a video to explain but something's been attacking me. So I will continue to reach out to people like you, and Richie from Boston, and KJ ozborne, and truthstreammedia, and whoever else that I think are truly doing the best they can to serve the god of Israel. Not the city-state the really is real. Anyway if you get some time get back with me. [email protected]

  24. Dhruv Patel says:

    Theres a show on Netflix (non anime). Quite interesting.

  25. David says:

    Try watching Trinity Blood. It's an inaccurate depiction, but it's the Catholic Church fighting vampires.

  26. Beautiful Disaster says:

    Complete rubbish. This stupidity is why people are getting fed up with religion. You need a straight jacket, not a youtube channel.

  27. Hiro Shima says:

    The chinese do not allow pictures of skeletons or bones, that's why it was banned. Even world of warcraft had to change their skeletons to tombstones upon character death for it to not be banned

  28. Rosalie Karadeulian says:

    the part where L washes the feet of Light! i didn't notice that when i watched the show back then but now that you mentioned it!

  29. HaN'vi says:

    I just watched the movie. I haven't seen the anime, but I noticed some very obvious Masonic symbolism. I'm a Freemason, so it was even more obvious. I got on here looking for people's ideas about it. My opinion is that it is a classic "good vs. evil" story presented as a strong biblical metaphor, not intended for children. The moral of the story is that playing God is bad, to put it simply. If anything it should be championed by Christians as it conveys the message that the power and status of God is unattainable even for Lucifer, and that the quest for such power will consume you with evil; a theme that is found throughout the bible and Christian dogma. I mention dogma because if my readers are well versed in the Holy Bible, no pun intended, he or she knows that there is no such entity named Lucifer nor scenario of an angel being cast out of heaven for ambitions of grandeur. Isaiah 14 is about as earthly king losing his great power and the people taking up a song to taunt him. The word Lucifer is Latin for the planet Venus, known as the light bearing morning star. It was used in the King James Bible and some bibles that were inspired by the KJV. The original Hebrew does not use a proper noun (a name) in that verse. The writer of the song being sung about the king of Babylon is likening him to the brightest "star" in the sky, much like the Manhattans singing " Honey you are my shining star." Think about this; that verse was written by a Jewish man, for Jewish people, in the Holy book of the Jewish religion, right? Judaism, the religion of Jewish people, outlined in the Jewish holy scriptures, has no concept of a "devil," a "Satan with a capital S," nor a "Lucifer." That name along with the stories about it and connections to the serpent in the garden, ha'satan (the adversary from the Book of Job) only exist in the realm of Christian dogma, i.e. stories about Christianity that were created at least 2000 years after the books of Genesis, Isaiah, and Job were written, and 1000 years after the New Testament was written. Therefore, the themes in this anime are based on non scriptural metaphors concerning the fight between good and evil. Even so, it clearly portrays playing God as a bad idea leading to one's demise. So why is it "illuminati?" Why is it "evil?"

  30. nsampone3 says:

    Some of this was interesting, like any interpretation video. But, like most interpretations of popular media, it's connections are tenuous. For every connection you can tie to a bible excerpt there's something as nonsensical as Lights last name backwards being kinda sorta like "I am gay." There are professional olympic gymnasts who can't bend, stretch, or reach that far. Same with trying to connect the Shinigami to biblical references. Maybe the bible was hinting at shinigami in excerpt blah blah blah….You tried to use the bible to explain away (or connect) aspects of an entirely different form of spirituality from another culture. Another reach.

    Lots of solid interesting points….but maybe do a shorter video and stick to the more supported points

  31. Naqeeb Ahsan says:

    yep its fitting

  32. Jesus Christ says:

    I mean…. How no one could see the reference of Light being an angel of Light trying to set himself up as a God by using the powers of Death AKA the Death Note, the sting of sin…. So on and so forth…. I just don't understand.

  33. Falsche Flagge says:

    Can it be that you take such things a Bit
    … too seriously?

  34. Rafael Ugarte says:

    The video is pretty cool… but we´ve got to acknowledge DN is just an anime. It clearly has nothing to do with the iluminaty (yes, clearly, XD). Mello… Near… they were the true 2nd L´s. They defeated Light. And even Light´s defeat doesn´t exactly mean all he said was wrong. He himself said something like "If Kira wins, he is justice. And if he doesn´t, he was evil".

    The anime is not about how Light represents some Devil´s or greater evil´s puppet and how he (Light) ends up helping this more evil one to rule at the end. It tries to tell that morality isn´t absolute. In fact, Light´s problem was he was "too moral" and believed too much that what he thought was totally right.

    As a former christian, I understand if the "morality isn´t absolute" thing is also a terribly bad thing to talk about/portray ´cause Christianity teaches (generally, at least) that YahWeh is absolutely moral. About that, my honest opinion is that your believe in absolute morality is exactly one of the things that make overall good people do wrong things just because they are christians. They do things like treating people like less, hating and treating homosexuals like they didn´t matter or like they were trash, and also ignoring good advice of great people that love them just because they aren´t christians too.

    I DON´T want to say EVERY CHRISTIAN is like that, but at least some (if not most) of them are, and I´m not ok with that :v BTW, sorry for changing the topic a bit, but this topic really gets me.

  35. Yung Slumber says:

    … Or maybe Kanji have many different meanings…

  36. James Morgan says:

    yeah but most people like L anyway

  37. Jamie Barnett says:

    I can't stand when you try to explain to people corrupt,evil things they are doing or things of society. They attack you saying who are you to judge only God can judge me, my answer is I have eyes to see & spiritual discernment with that we are to call out evils. Also I add that that Christ Yahweh has the final judgement but as Christians it's our path to point out wrongs in order to give others guidance that can lead to him.

  38. Jerry Mouse says:

    Literally just finished the anime, came straight here. Bro, you're SPOT on with everything.

  39. Verm Gin says:

    You are overthinking it….the story is quite simple

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