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‘Cryptohouse’ heated by bitcoin generation keeps miners toasty in Siberia

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  1. Don't Mind says:

    I made diss track for Jake Paul check from my channel

  2. The Nose Behind The Curtain says:

    RT has gone full retard! ROFL! That is a shed with a sink you morons!

  3. Jeepers Creepers says:

    Chibougamau, Quebec is the Biggest Gold and Copper mining town in Quebec , all my friends ended up becoming miners and risking their lives underground in cold smelly dusty wet mine, for me I stay toasty collecting Quebec Welfare and living back home with my mom, all she makes me do is bring in fire wood and keep the wood burning stove happy by putting wood on to it . Staying toasty and walking around the house only wearing my White Fruit of the Loom underpants is what I do best 🙂

  4. bornforbattle74 says:


  5. Vierotchka says:


  6. Return of Zeus says:

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  7. Compulsive Learner says:


  8. gerald West says:

    Of course it's just electrical heating but doing coin mining as well! Prob the best place to do it actually, somewhere super cold.

  9. tyronebiggums3 says:

    Spending energy to "mine" bitcons. What a joke.

  10. Sting fist says:


  11. Zhi Zhi says:

    All American made parts.
    America invading Russian sauna.

  12. GMH2016 holden says:

    I want one!!

  13. sino88 says:


  14. think4uourselves says:

    If bitcoin takes that much computing power that it can heat a home with the heat generated by the computer than bitcoin is doomed! a total fraud! the goverments love bitcoin becouse they can destroy the electronic storage wallets with a EMP or other devices!! Gold silver much more intelligent choice and safer too!!

  15. Here_We_Go_Again2 says:

    lol ….

  16. Anthony Wijaya says:

    Bitcoin sauna

  17. Ivan. Chernobyl. says:

    Having a heater in Russia qualifies for luxury house.

  18. truthseekers says:

    WTD? "bitcoin miners into private heating energy for the monthly cost of USD 430" MOVE and you won't have a heating bill.

  19. TopKleare says:

    nice xD

  20. Frolicking Lotus says:

    I would never want to live with that aweful noise going on in the background in my home. Pure hell for the senses.

  21. ВАУ ПОСЫЛКА says:

    Noise is very loud! Live in that home impossible.

  22. wclifton968 says:

    so the central heating is controlled by the bitcoin miner's heat output?

  23. Matty_Solja_Boii says:

    bruh theese fucking russians

  24. Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ says:

    What happens when the electricity in that part of the country goes down for a time… what then? What if it's worse and such a part of the country is one of the first on a large scale in recent history to be affected by a totally unexpected solar flare that fries all electronics? What happens to Bitcoin and other "Crypto-Currencies" then? They become Bit-fried. How will you buy anything when such currency only works when there's electricity? What happens if even worse happens and for the first time, an actual EMP hits such a part of the country? What then? At least Gold and Silver are elements on the atomic table that can't be destroyed, they exist no matter what happens, they don't stop existing as physical matter in the universe because they are actual pieces of physical matter. You can melt down Gold and Silver and it's still Gold and Silver. What about crypto-currencies? They only exist as an immaterial virtual asset, if they shut down the internet in your neck of the woods, who will accept 'bitcoin' etc when it's not a physical commodity? Sigh.. digital currency .. is the final stage of entering into ultimate financial slavery unseen ever before in history.

  25. VanillaGorilla says:

    He bought this system from the open market bitcoin host. Sounds and looks as if. Its tuned right and running perfect. Im fond of bitcoin. Hesitant to get crypto currency just yet.

  26. Jeffrey Buchalco says:

    use an electro-lyzer (solar-pv panels) negative-positive bifilar coils, battery storage and produce hho to burn in furnace! use science and technology to stay warm in Siberia! warming stations are a great idea! (

  27. Bezz80 says:

    To mine one bitcoin, takes the equivalent energy as 10 barrels of oil, which is about 300 gallons of various gasoline products and climbing as each new coin is mined. A scam mechanism for people who want a way out of the system to still be tied to the system, its a joke, they are pigs no different than the pigs running the world.

  28. Dragon Butt says:

    So essentially they're generating heat from Childporn.

  29. harveybirdmannequin says:

    Capitalism taken to a whole new level. Wasting time, energy, resources to basically crunch computer code all in the name of money. Not even tangible money either.

  30. KetoFit For Life says:

    Impractical. Yes, those machines do get very warm, but even with fluid cooling running through a big box in the middle of a Russian Winter… no. RT, just no. What is wrong with you guys lately? Are you bored? ISIS just wrecked a bunch of kids in New York City because leftist Americans are abysmally retarded. Report on that. The world needs to know about the liberal disease.

  31. bornforbattle74 says:

    A MOUNTAIN of evidence, Obama is the ANTICHRIST

    Rock solid proof

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