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Court Decision Could Lead to EPA Banning Water Fluoridation

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  1. BlueStar 712 says:


  2. Warning Signs says:

    sure, take to the corrupt court system for the corrupt judges to ignore the Rule of Law – what a joke

  3. The Searcher says:

    Best thing to come out of California in a looooong time! πŸ˜›

  4. Off Grid Junky says:

    I don't trust anything they say. they'll probably take out the fluoride and replace it with arsenic. nothing surprises me when it comes to our government.

  5. SpaceOrbison says:

    How who the fuck is going to pay for poisoning the fucking people for all these years?

  6. Mike Castrilli says:

    Maybe some force awakens….

  7. Terry Moore says:

    Not before time!

  8. Marie P. says:

    If they do ban water flouridation they'll just replace it something even more damaging.

  9. nikomon says:

    Wow about time ,,,,, what last nation on earth to ban fluoridation

  10. jupiter paeketo says:

    No fluoride in my water and fluoride free toothpaste. However for a few years as a child lived in the city and there was fluoride. For chlorine just let your water sit for 24 hrs it will evaporate, boil or carbon filter. Fluoride should be banned.

  11. David Porowski says:

    Sunshine purifies. This Nazi program may finally be Ending. Hurrah!!

    Like & Subscribe// Thanks for your video, God Bless You.

  12. Christopher Matthews says:

    I have been off of fluoride for over a year now and words do no justice for the change in awareness.
    Try it.
    Use distilled water to get the fluoride and the chem trails out!
    Many other natural de-tox.
    Best wishes to all.

  13. ms furball says:

    who needs fluoride through their whole system ? it's just for keeping your teeth from getting cavities, right ? fluoride treatments twice a year are okay for your teeth, but who needs to be drinking the stuff that goes through your whole body year around ???

  14. Sinjinbin 64 says:

    I only drink beer….

  15. Old Man says:

    I just found that my notification of your posts had been turned off. I am not happy about it. 😠😠😠😠

  16. Secret Lee says:

    Water fluoride from lead pipes, no mystery their!……….

  17. Getting up 4 Christ says:

    Even if they ban fluoride, what about all the toxins from chemtrails? That storm that just past in the east coast with days of wind and rain showed me something in my tap water i never seen before.
    Shining crystals as residue from tap water in my pur water filter. I did a video on it so people can see.
    Just look up water contamination on my channel.
    Whatever their spraying in the air is falling down into the water supply.
    Also headaches and stiff bones and joints that stopped after the storm.

  18. Vanilla Guerilla says:

    We should all be able to SUE the shxt out of them
    Class action suit

  19. check it therealheck says:

    Sweat get the class action lawsuits ready

  20. Oh deer says:

    It is about time.

  21. glittermama0203 says:

    I never met one person in my life that WANTS this crap in our water but we the public just don't matter. Over 60 years of this is proof the g'ment gets their way at all costs 😨 😡 😟 😠 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  22. KY11nobs says:

    Who are the dumb fucks who didn't like this video is what I want to know? Go poison yourselves, but don't drag us down with you dumbasses

  23. english biscuit13 says:

    you idiots you need Flouride ..I Hate and Loath you EPA Terrorists you do way more harm for America..Go Away

  24. Marishka Babushka says:

    Fluoridation began with the first nuke blast at white sands. Fluoride is used to break the covalent bond of radioactive materials from the carrier base for decontamination. They didn’t do it cause they care about ur teeth folks

  25. joe carrigan says:

    It's already banned, they add it in another form now

  26. SlingbladeJim says:

    Wouldn't that be something………..

  27. Andrew p says:

    It would be good. We're one of the last nations to continue to dump the toxic waste into our water supply

  28. John Bergeron says:

    The Germans gave the Jews fluoride to make them docile and easier to control but our government says they give it to us for our teeth

  29. Craziejane73 says:

    This could be really good news. <3

  30. Mark Holtz says:

    Hitler loved it to keep people calm going into the gas chambers, sodium fluoride is the main ingredient in rat poison, zanex, and a byproduct of fertilizer manufacturing. Makes you want to drink up don't it?

  31. Derek Boni says:

    Yet rain water is illegal to collect…something fishy going on here.

  32. hayesman76 says:

    IMHO banning fluoride (a waste product of aluminum production) will have the result of allowing people who’ve suffered chemical-induced passivity to start seeing reality again. This will have political ramifications β€” good ones!

  33. Josh Noss says:

    I don't think that they'll ban it… It should be banned yeah… But I doubt they'll give up water fluoridation.. it's too effective in dumbing people down

  34. Lynda Compton says:

    Fluoride is poison does nothing except mess with your pineal gland

  35. Red pilled patriot says:

    It’s about damn time! Assholes epa

  36. Clayton Doan says:

    Pray for that judge

  37. lynn h'urt says:

    another bought judge. Shameful !!!

  38. Daniel T says:

    it'd be amazing if this would actually happen but i doubt it. all these corps are making money selling fluoride free water to ppl. they'd take a hit. we know the epa is brought and paid for and corrupt as hell. as are a few courts. ne can hope for the best but i dunno. dare to dream

  39. Earth Vega says:

    Yasss! This subject is very important to me! I can't wait for Nazi tactics for population control to finally end! Clean, healthy, natural water is a right not a privilege!

  40. stopdemockery says:

    The highly corrosive chemical they add to our drinking water is FLUOROSILICIC ACID, a toxic waste from the smoke stacks of (now mostly Chinese) fertilizer plants. It contains about 23% sodium fluoride (a man-made rat poison), mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, barium and polonium. Most of these poisons are also carcinogens. The latter three are known radioactive carcinogens. Our leaders are intentionally poisoning Us and our children. Consuming anything made with fluoridated water is like playing Russian Roulette.

  41. DG deVreugd says:

    Why woould the EPA obstruct removing a totaly unnescesary addetive which shouldnt even be addad inthe first place, unless ofcourse the EPA is evil and corrupted?

  42. Cynthia A says:

    Finally! How about getting it out toothpaste and everthing else!

  43. Bison Days says:

    COULD !?

  44. Band Ana says:

    Bro, they used to literally give me flouride treatment…. Effff

  45. EnSabahNur says:

    Let's see what actually happens……….

  46. American Girl says:

    No one should ever drink tap water, especially children. The fluoride they dump in our water is the same chemical used in rat poisoning-it is not the fluoride dentists use. It lowers IQ as found in a Harvard study and affects memory.

  47. Muldeeer says:


  48. Curtis Santos says:

    Why even put fluoride in the water??? This is a nazi move!!!! Have we truly won the war between germany!!?? Fucking kites

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