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Corsi leaving Live Stream?

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  1. Robert Arnold says:

    What happened to your main channel

  2. LisaV That’s Me says:

    Something NOT right here? Alex Jones called Q fake today Dr. Corsi was profiting large off of Q.YET, he dropped everything when Alex Jones told him to “shut it down.” Why did he do that? Is he afraid Q will steal his audience? Bullshit I’m calling you OUT on this one. Alex Jones….I’ve always respected you. Most of the participants who have YouTube channels and talk about Q don’t get paid! Shame on you. 😡 What is REALLY going on here?

  3. Jeff Faria says:

    Try @PrayingMedic. You'll forget the slimeball Corsi even existed.

  4. Bonnie Bailey says:

    Is this Merris frim PSB

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