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Collapse of Freedom in Britain: The Sharia-Left Deports People with Right-Wing Views – Mark Collett

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  1. Spud Westhaver says:

    The Reptilian aliens who own the banks are having their political puppets engineer a Civil War to depopulate Europe and transfer European wealth into their control as the Rot childs will bankroll the native Europeans and the Sowdees will bankroll their proxies. The Rotters want 10s of millions to die and to increase their control.

  2. So No says:

    That's right, just sit and do nothing. Let your new masters come in and take over.

  3. showtime951 says:

    Absolutely criminal behavior, gross violation in the abuse of power, and the intentional infliction of emotional and physical distress by the police on this non-criminal traveler with full legal documentation, no alarming credible intel, and her having no history of terrorism.
    A message to the British government (whomever made this decision & those who carried it out). In your attempt to teach this young girl "a lesson" and get her in lock-step with new world view, you have achieved something far different…and much grander. You have awakened a sleeping dog!
    The world is now FULLY INFORMED as to what transpired, and why the desire for this baseless interrogation of a law-abiding traveler, simply choosing to spend her hard-earned money in England. I don't believe you know the level of backlash and loss of world distinction your choice to intimidate this young woman is about to deliver.
    We are behind you and the others, Ms. Southern.

  4. The World Is On Fire says:

    Mark Collette is right. We need to vote for an entirely different government. That is what I intend to do. Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Labour, Green party in fact, in Britain, the only parties I think can bring Britain out of this mess are UKIP or For Britain.
    I'll never vote for Conservatives, Lib Dems or Labour ever again because of their betrayal of the British people.
    I'm finished with them for good now.

  5. Young Tang says:

    The Londoners deserve whatever happens to them for being the stupid morons who voted for a Muslim to be their Mayor. Muslims are detrimental to peace and prosperity in the society. Don’t be surprised London is going to make history for the first Western society turning into a slum society.

  6. ROGUEGUNNER69 says:

    How dare this guy try to justify those racist cunts from britain first, take your BNP shit and fuck off out of this country if you don't like it. Why were these pricks not raising awareness of child abuse, because they don't give a shit if white people fuck kids they just want to spread their racist agenda because they are assholes and not crusaders for justice! David Duke was not allowed in the country, you mean the former grand wizard of the kkk, i wonder why? I'm on team people, not team white or team christian, lets get rid of all religion and take race out of this shit. Lets punish those who do wrong, not just hate on those who are different!

  7. ROGUEGUNNER69 says:

    'I'm drawn to a racially pure white society', Mark Collett's remarks from 2002. Fuck you if you support this guy, he is a racist cunt!

  8. Nat Aki says:

    Sheep……white girls…..a hole is a hole to these men. They don't see these girls as human. Feminists are to blame. They are more that willing to sacrifice girls to their goddess in the hope white men will be destroyed. Feminists are pure cancer. Solution….Large stakes and bigger fires. These witches need to burn.

  9. #AryaninExile #ArierinBallingschap Knight says:

    Heil Euch meine arische Geschwister!!!!

  10. 1,682,963 views says:

    The same thing happened in Spain in the 700s… they were caught unawares, and it took hundreds of years to win back their freedom

  11. Smufter16 says:

    Englandstan – see what happens when the population has no guns and no way to fight a traitorous globalist government. That includes all the "royals" whose silence makes them complicit.

  12. Marion Gran Bruheim says:

    If anyone “shouts abuse” to one of the Muslim grooming gangs – WHO THE HELHEIM CARES?

  13. bcfc18751 says:

    There are some people who tell you how it is and some who tell you how it REALLY IS!! You two have hit a nerve with many of us I believe and the political party to step into the void?? For Britain!! We need to get behind, yes, Ann Marie Walters. Get a good male oriented team of real men (and some women!) and get canvassing! It won't happen by itself! Great show lads!

  14. keith axon says:

    Yes we nationalists do need to unite under one and I mean one only instead of 15 Nationalists so-called nationalist partiys and groups into one entity Yes one nationalist party under one Nationalist Banner and then we can challenge the political establishment and by doing so take our country back via the ballot box I have said these words hundreds of times to the nationalist parties and groups and it is still falling on deaf ears

  15. hani karam says:

    Jada I love to kiss you from head to toes a billion times

  16. Dante Marotta says:

    Mark Collett is a true European Patriot and deserves the utmost respect for his work and it's people like him who are waking up countless Europeans every day

  17. Difk lg g6 Kennedy says:

    The uk ppl see this is all a ploy to serve the globalist agenda to work against the best interests of the uk ppl-a lot of treachery going on-

  18. Difk lg g6 Kennedy says:

    The reason treacherous teresa the islam appeezar is so incompitent is cause she is a globalist cuck-working against the ppl of the uk to destroy our sovereignty .

  19. Dave Dawson says:

    Mohammedan out! Rapists, murderers. Sick of these people. Go back to your motherlands.

  20. gaatutube says:

    How come the Queen and PM of England have absolutely NOTHING to say about all this ? Total silence (and worse .. brushing under the rug) on these issues. The situation is almost similar to that movie (The Puppet Masters) where alien slugs attach themselves to human spinal cords which allows them to be controlled completely. All the infected ones will act against anyone who is anti-alien.

  21. Pnume Kin says:

    As expected the muslims are making their move too soon.

  22. Michael Angelus says:

    Where's Jack the Ripper when you need him?

  23. Steve's Comedy says:

    They just want to breed out the white race,it's simple. There has to be white revolution –adolfhitler.com

  24. Hollywood says:

    Come in all yee muslim terrorists, and we will treat you like kings.
    But white christian conservatives, stay the fuck out.

  25. Paul Hoffmann says:

    Mark Collett is right about what to do. But are enough awake yet?

  26. John Charville says:


  27. Ray Sound says:

    Why does this basically only affect men, all over Europe.

    Why do I see so many homeless blue eyed males. Not blue eyed females.

  28. Souven Ir says:

    It isn't an exaggeration to say the future of the human species hinges on what's happening right now. What a time to be alive.

  29. Debi Kinman says:


  30. Richard Gallagher says:

    Briton disarmed them selves. islam will never take over USA, it will be war in streets. islam is pure pagan evil

  31. Richard Gallagher says:

    the hatred for white people from inferior cultures just proves that they are mad not being born white. more melonine = low IQ nobody wants to address this, found debate on you tube.

  32. Richard Gallagher says:

    OH I GET IT,mr nubia , you sound like you want black dick , you need to go somewhere else. are you wanna those WE WAZ KANGZ AND SHEEIIITTTT TYPE OF CUM GUZZLING FAG, THAT TRY TO TAKE EVERYBODY'S ELSE CULTURE . are you to ashamed to know that you culture and people never built anything bigger than a 2 story building, mud hut. name one thing you are proud of other than barak obama, since he is from kenya. got it BOY

  33. Richard Gallagher says:

    ANTI WHITE is just that. a simple hater who has a inferiority complex. jealous plane and simple.

  34. T West says:

    I don't want to get into trouble so I won't saying anything about the immigrant rape gangs or the Sharia take over of entire sections of Briton, I only want to go along to get along. Kissing Arab ass isn't nearly as bad as being called a racist.

  35. Al Ior says:

    Man, you nailed it but how can this really be stopped?

  36. Do you mind says:

    "Anti white" I take with a pinch of salt. Do you remember Greg Dyke described the BBC as "hideously white". I understand the sentiment and it's not I repeat NOT "anti white". How would I began to explain ? Some of us don't want a white homeland.

  37. The Amazing Liberal says:

    jesus that chick about 4 minutes in is hot as FUCK

  38. Night says:

    Please enlighten me didnt UK leave EU to get controll over you country again? And this is what you are doing you should be ashame of yourself allowing this things to happend. 🙁

  39. The Devil in Disguise says:

    Europe is FINISHED! Your Christian culture is no more. While you revisionists sit fixated on a computer, watching home made "BLAME THE JEWS" videos, Islam, your real enemy, has taken you by storm. Aryan World control is over. You descendants of MURDERING mobsters no longer dominate the world. And it is with the same cognitive dissonance which allows you to deny the Holocaust that enables the European repopulation by young radical Muslims. And save for the fun they have causing riots, murdering people and bringing about the total annihilation of Western society, do so without effort or confrontation! Within a generation, you oblivious, impotant, drunkards will be replaced by dumbed down mongrels. And your Women, ripe for raping, will provide the endless supply of needed fertile wombs. With singleness of purpose and no ties to your history, this unstoppable multitude of Soldiers for Allah will bring mass conversion to Islam and with it the spread Sharia Law! Then only a dumfounded voiceless white minority will remain to commiserate their loss. It is you spineless Neo- Nazi's who are responsible for the misery of this world and now the tables have turned. You, the real aggressors, are finally getting what you deserve! It's over- it's done. TO THE VICTOR GO THE SPOILS!

  40. Vt Carols says:

    Our demise has been ramped up since the beginning of the 20th century when women were first encouraged and later forced to work just to keep up with the bills. Constant advertising ensured that people kept on buying even when they had plenty, ensuring that we had to work even longer hours. This has led to them having less children which has led to the call to import millions of people to pay our pensions etc.
    Problem is that people need to work and earn enough money to pay taxes in order to pay for pensions, healthcare, education etc instead of which they are being paid more in benefits than our pensioners get, despite the fact that our pensioners have worked and paid taxes all their lives on the promise of getting a pension. In fact many newer arrivals get more in benefits than working Brits now that E EU workers have been brought in to replace British workers by accepting less pay, so our wages have reduced and we have been forced onto zero hours contracts or self employed status where you just hope from one week to the next that your employer will pay you at all
    I feel sorry for British people of Marks generation because they are being forced to witness our extinction and can do nothing about it. We have seen from the debacle over Brexit, that the people we elect and pay to lead us have an agenda to follow which is generated beyond our shores and it does not matter who we elect, our 'leaders' all have to follow that agenda

  41. jon kelly says:

    You "right-wing" thinkers need to be culled! "traditional European standards"? What a fucking joke! You talk about certain races taking over the UK, USA etc, which I agree on, to a point, but then go on to talk about gay, trans, and other minorities as "degenerate" beings that need to be dealt with??!
    It blows my bloody mind that you straight white "Europeans" are so butt hurt about all left wing agendas that you want to police every thing someone, who doesn't fit into your cookie cutter idea of "normal" and "traditional", as obscene and against morality!
    Why not just try and take back the country the way the Nazis tried to take over Europe 80 years ago! Morons!!

  42. Ken McLeod says:

    All anyone needs to know about Islam is the following: All Muslims are taught to emulate Muhammad their prophet.

    They consider Muhammad the PERFECT MAN.

    Therefore, if Muhammad did it or said it, it's okay for them to do the same. Again, trying to emulate who that think is the perfect man.

    Theses 4 things sum up who Muhammad was.

    1. Muhammad was A CHILD MOLESTER. He married his favorite wife Aishia when she was 6 years old. He had sex with her when she was 9 years old. Muhammad was in his 50's. Muhammad was a CHILD MOLESTER.

    2. Muhammad was A MASS MURDERER. Muhammad started over 60 battles against NON believers of Islam. After taking over the town or village, he would line up all the remaining men & boys who had pubic hair and BEHEAD THEM in from of their mothers and wives. They say sometimes it would take from dust till dawn and the stack of heads couldn't be seen over by a man sitting on his horse. Muhammad was a MASS MURDERER.

    3. Muhammad was A RAPIST. After beheading the men and boys, Muhammad would take the wives and mothers that HE thought were the prettiest and RAPE THEM. Muhammad was A RAPIST.

    4. Muhammad OWNED SEX SLAVES. Of the women he RAPED, he kept the very pretty ones as SEX SLAVES. Muhammad OWNED SEX SLAVES. Now there is MUCH MUCH MORE that I could list.

    But this is the TOP 4. Here is a website that gives a short list of what Sharia law brings. It's horrifying. http://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/sharia-law.html

    I truly believe MOST MUSLIMS don't even know this stuff about Muhammad. Why would I say that? Because WHAT PERSON in their right mind would think a piece of shit human like Muhammad is the PREFECT PERSON? Muhammad is more like the DEVIL than a prophet.

    And this is why if you speak badly about Muhammad YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO BE KILLED. That's right. For telling the

    TRUTH about Muhammad, they will kill me.

    NOW NOTE: None of this is my personal opinion. ALL OF THIS IS WRITTEN IN THEIR OWN BOOKS. Quran, Hadith, Sira, and Sharia books.

    That's right ALL OF THIS IS IN THEIR OWN BOOKS, but you're NOT suppose to speak about it.


    Lastly, don't just take my word for this. It's very easy to find ALL this information in their books. Islam is a sick cult and must be stopped from invading the U.S. Just look what they've done to the EU thus far. AND it's only getting worse. If things stay on course, studies have shown that London, Paris, Britain will be Muslim majorities by 2050. So you've been warned. Remember, knowledge is power. Research this for yourselves and get ready to fight to keep our culture and way of life.

  43. Pete de pad says:

    Of course those isis guys can come back and get everything they want. They fought for the British government. Don't you "support our troops"?

  44. Ryan 7 says:

    Civil war will come if we want it or not.

  45. Ricky Norvell says:

    Islam and the communist are now allied and the British government is at its core – a Soviet State. But in the end, the Islamist will also be jettison, once they no longer serve the interest of the party. Obama is an Islamic terrorist who furthered the interest of America's communist core, in order to further the Islamic agenda. Two devils embraced in evil, and both seek to destroy all that is good.

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