Fake News

CNN actually creates FAKE NEWS animation

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  1. Turbo Jones says:

    Fuk CNN

  2. Speak says:

    This looks more like the functionality of a sex machine.

  3. The Dragonfly says:

    CNN = communist collaborating network

  4. Oren says:

    When a non binary sjw cnn investigator grows up playing with barbey dolls instead of army men, this is what happens. my 2 yrs old kid recognizes an m4 extendable stock better than that retard

  5. mike12811 says:

    They actually put a grenade launcher on it ?

  6. Panzer Faust says:

    4X Acog, adjustable stock, GRENADE LAUNCHER, suppressor, Is this all on the ban list?

  7. Jose Lugo says:

    Why does that damn channel still have viewers is beyond me!

  8. Duncan D McGrath says:

    CNN…… impossibly stupid all the time .

  9. Voice OfReason says:

    Let's be real.. Do you really think CNN is speaking to the well informed? No. They speak to the people that watch CNN for credible information, and doesn't know any better.

  10. I aint Did nuffin says:

    Imagine my shock

  11. Tdons says:

    Free helicopter rides for the commie news network ?

  12. Wikardo Kado says:

    wtf did i just watch??! Ugh! 5 years ago they talked about bump stock, and it was stupid. Until now, again they talked stupid! Check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12xAlDZJ_Bk

  13. Geert Matthys says:

    They wanted a minigun animation but it wasn't believable enough, better add a grenade launcher ?

  14. Joey Gibbs says:

    Lol lol lol. ..just more bull shit from fake news..

  15. Sore Loser Liberal says:

    Lmfao, CNN seems to always amaze me with their ignorance and pure stupidity. Just when you think it can't get any worse, they pull this stunt..

  16. Exotic Butthurt says:

    Cnn is dumb as rocks

  17. wiserbud says:

    crap news network can't stop the fake news…it's their drug

  18. Renegade MS says:

    Heh, if CNN actually talk to REAL PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO USE A GUN, I'm pretty sure they'll be accurate. CNN, just talk to someone who used a bump stock before or who knows about guns! Damn, it's just that simple.

  19. John Wayne says:

    OMG this is fucked up!!

  20. Brandon Black says:

    they forgot to add in bayonet

  21. The Paradigm of Power says:

    Did a liberal perhaps make that animated cartoon???….HAHAHAAAA!!!…

  22. NC III% says:

    I'm laughing..

  23. GiftofChaosStudio says:

    Reminds me of the shake weight that made you look like you were jacking someone off

  24. David Morgan says:

    Please tell me this ain't true! I hate CNN! I'm starting to feel sorry for them!

  25. Alicia Banks says:


  26. sluggou812beotch says:

    Hmmmm I wonder what Napoleon Dynamite would say? Idiots!

  27. Ministry of WrongThink says:

    Don't think that it's merely an accident; CNN wants normies to see regular guns and think they're scarier than they really are.

  28. jim smith says:

    I carried that in Iraq minus the silencer

  29. Nemo Smith says:

    $100 says Don Lemon, Cuomo and Cooper collaborated to come up with this ultimate butt rammer.

  30. R1Bayside says:

    Of course they put a silencer and a grenade launcher on it. Suits their narrative.

  31. Isaac Sanchez says:

    If this is What they did wow people we have a comedian as a news organization on our hands

  32. YouMockMe says:

    I literally did the "Picard's Epic Double Facepalm"

  33. Chooch says:

    What a bunch of dumb asses, and of course they throw in a grenade launcher! FAKE NEWS!

  34. Facebook Facebook says:

    This is fake news.

  35. Little Slingy says:

    That's the Weinstein stock.

  36. Chris Rogers says:

    CNN also shows the rifle having a grenade launcher!!!??? what??? The damn rifle had a standard adjustable stock! no bump stock! wow! these liberals should have done their home work.

  37. Chris Rogers says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t add in lasers!

  38. DJT is PEPE - KEK be praised says:

    Ohh look at the big scary gun you guys. CNN viewers must be brain-dead.

  39. Red Carvette says:

    fox actually created fake news with their fake video of carp that wasn't their.

  40. juan karzo says:

    looks like Hillary's dildo.

  41. panjualede says:

    they even put a granade launcher and everything!!! imao

  42. larkiedeek says:

    Was that a tactical grenade launcher strapped to the bottom? Have these been banned yet?

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