Fake News

Clothesline Episode 84: Where are you in the fake news universe?

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  1. Kushal Chittam says:

    Do u know there are other anchors apart from fricking Arnab. I don't understand ur fascination with him.

  2. Madhu Sudan Karolia says:


  3. Manzar Ansari says:

    Welcome back ☺

  4. Mohan S says:

    Loved this. Sadly, after over five years NewsLaundry still has a very small reach. I like NewsLaundry so much more than The Wire or Scroll.

  5. Mohd Imran says:

    welcome back

  6. The Watch 👁️‍🗨️ says:

    welcome back love 😉

  7. The Watch 👁️‍🗨️ says:

    ho skta hai ma'am but except some times 😀 😀 😀 😀

  8. track north says:

    Yayyyy!!! Madhu Trehan is back… the only political commentator I take seriously!

  9. Oishani Ghosh says:

    Yayy. Finally!!

  10. Answer Digger says:

    why giving so much limelight to the political puppet

  11. NewAgeIndian says:

    News laundry as the name suggests, is the receiver of all the garbage and that's their standard. Hope you won't need to pay satyavijayi for defamation case that they have filed. In case you loose lick the spit like you always do.

  12. last soul says:

    we welcome back 😍

  13. Sanjay Kumar says:

    keep doing good job..

  14. santosh kumar says:

    Glad to see you again!!

  15. Vivek vaikkattil says:

    Once we switch off the internet/TV this menace is over.you are talking as Id it's a major problem. We have even bigger issue, to tackle.
    Petrol price rise/poverty/terrorism but just for few likes u guys u make videos like this

  16. Manish Yadav says:

    Excellent thought, thanks for making video on this topic. …one Big salute to you for showing right direction.

  17. Shahrukh Khan says:

    Yay. The love my life is back . I love you Madhu Trehan.

  18. Mohammed Faisal says:

    She's back!
    Younger and wittier❤️

  19. Mohit Gp says:

    netflix and porn

  20. Bheru Singh says:

    no more sarcasm on closeline just propaganda that's it .

  21. Mrityunjay Pandey says:

    So, are you the person 'D' who doesn't exist :p

  22. haqe ki baat says:

    Arnab the world's most big dalla of bjp.

  23. Anish Desai says:

    Glad to see you back!

  24. Attaullah Khan says:

    Nice ..

  25. Abhinav Kumar says:

    Wow! after a long time… i watched clotheline… मज़ा आ गया

  26. Last First says:

    Sweta Singh is nothing but a cringe factory.

  27. Fortune Media says:

    Great one.

  28. Abhishek Jaybhay says:

    News laundry must accept they have lost content!!!!

  29. ଭ୍ରୁଗୁରାଜ ପ୍ରଧାନ says:

    yaar kabhi to NDTV k bare me kuch bol diya karo… you're labelling yourself

  30. Asghar Hussain says:

    Everything is appreciated except comment on Ajay Devgan …he is not looser !!

  31. a.b. c.p says:

    could you add subtitles please?

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