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China’s push for diplomacy & Straight talk with Chinese Consul General in NY

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  1. David Ben-Abraham says:

    Much respect for China.

  2. Pavan Gupta says:

    When ever an individual consolidates so much power, the downfall is inevitable. There has never been a successful dictatorship ever in human history. China has been coddled by America, European Union and Japan for the past 75 years. Now the joke is on them. George W Bush, Barak Obama and now Donald Trump is busy pussy-footing the international bully. Russia is dying to join the club. Only Japan is finally waking up to the mess all the above have created. In 7 to 10 years China would be the biggest problem for the world and then controlling the fallout would cost the world trillions of dollars and enormous amount of blood and pain. Get ready to pay the price in not too distant a future.

  3. dawit s says:

    On the eve of China launching it's own oil futures at Shanghai exchanges, USA has declared China it's rivals and are preparing a trade war.

  4. Hai Bui says:

    China nên phản ứng lại với quyền con người của Mỹ, Mỹ đem quân tấn cong nhiều quốc gia trên thế giới dem lại hoang tàn cho dân ở các quôc gia này la nghèo đói. Mỹ cấm vận các quốc gia mà họ cho là đối nghịch mang lại nghèo đói và khó khăn cho những quốc gia trên.

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