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China’s Booming Pet Acupuncture Trend Spotlights Its Burgeoning Love For Animals | TIME

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  1. It's me, Joolz says:

    I can understand this practice, but those animals are so terrified. I hope that someday we can get more into their brains to understand them better.


    Wtf, acupuncture is a pseudoscience, its FAKE SCIENCE THATS SOUNDS AUTHENTIC, they’re basically sticking needles in their pets

  3. Igs says:

    That acupuncture is just to tenderize the meat for whats coming next

  4. mirror tape says:

    goddamn chinese people are stupid

  5. Bryan Pena says:

    I dont really understand acupuncture or its purpose. I tried it once and it wasnt for me. I was going to keep going for more treatment for my scoliosis but I gave it up. It was too far for me (38miles) to go to and to much a session $200 a visit was just too much for me when I felt no improvement after going twice.

  6. - Eth says:

    They are preparing them for dinner.

  7. Events Crypto says:

    @ 0:21, you can tell that the dog knows what's coming next…

  8. Events Crypto says:

    Back in my day, using your hand to pet your dog and cat made them happy

  9. Henry Zealot says:

    If your pet has a disease which is incurable by western medicine, I believe you will try every way even it is not entirely scientific proven. Since it actually worked on some cats and dogs, I don't see anything wrong. Chinese don't eat their pets and they treat pets as family members. Some comments are extremely rude and racist.

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